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These people weren't even shot. These people were hit with shrapnel he was using improvised explosive devices.

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Lmao. When good men do nothing?! Lmao says the guy that didnt serve....What are you doing other than crying like a little bitch on the internet?

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Lol. I actually served, and you supported our military by doing what you little coward? Just stfu... You're little Ukraine will probably go back to Russia, but at the end of the day who cares, it's not worth WW3.

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You seem to care more then the rest of us. Go fly over to Ukraine and defend them instead of typing away on the internet. The US has its own problems at the moment, not the time to fight a superpower when this resident cucked our military, hell our own southern border is being invaded. Send troops there....

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Let him have Ukraine, the US isn't fit to fight a war at the moment. Maybe after we get rid of our poopypants in chief

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Let him have Ukraine. Not worth ww3

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Keep this in mind: All these mandates these truckers are fighting are over Omnicrom aka "the sniffles" these totalitarian governments are drunk with power. We will not win until every Vax pusher, every pro-masker and every global ID promoter is fired from office...

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Pissing off the normies by shutting down the superbowl isn't a good idea.

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What about accountability for those killed or hurt by the Vax mandates? All these politicians are still in power and will come back with harder mandates with the next variant.... this is not a win if all the Vax pushers are not replaced.

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Can't let up. These people will come back harder on us unless they are replaced. The only reason Boris relaxed the mandates is because a super would have reversed the mandates eventually anyway. Replace anyone and everyone pushing Vax mandates.

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Both my non-vaxxed kids had very mild cold symptoms for 1 day. Are the hospitalized children vaxxed?, are they in the hospital specifically for covid symptoms or vax side effects? They need to release all this information

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Having a traditional non-DNA altering vaccine should be available in the US. Look up Covaxin created in India, pretty much is dead covid virus injected into you causing your immune system to learn how to fight it. Same as the flu vaccine.

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The answer is yes, their goal was to destabilize and destroy once they got into power and they achieved it in record timing, so yes it was worth it.

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