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"he states he worked on with Q and wrote some of the Q- drops" and that's completely at odds with the "always have plausible deniability" mantra that Q has been operating under. Nope, doesn't pass the sniff test.

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Secure whatever is needed for your survival and that of your family.

Biden has promised a dark winter. We're headed to a recession. China is pulling tanks in its streets over people emptying their bank accounts.

I'm expecting a stock market crash. I don't want it, but I expect it.

I don't expect that to happen at the same time the "arrests" promised in the sidebar happen, but I expect those arrests to have the same effect. Countries dumping their $ back will tank its value and drive the world's economy down the drain.

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From the sidebar:


"Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc. etc., should not be participating in discussions." Q

It's a waiting game. I hope you took the self-evident measures that will save you when those happen, in the meantime.

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Be aware I'm not 100% on those being crypto logos. Cryptos come and go fast, and I haven't been interested in them for some time now.

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Anon boards aren't that sophisticated. They are rather byzantine in their designs, be it looks- or features-wise. You get an "alias" box you should probably leave empty, a "tripcode password" box, a "Text" box, a "Post" button, and a red cross button to close the "comment" subframe without posting, and sometimes additional details (like a flag drop-down menu on /pol/ that will show on your posts.)

I'm not that concerned about a single character signature lacking at the end of a post. Might raise an eyebrow, might be evidence of impersonation among others, but that's feeble evidence in the face of strong cryptographic authentication like a tripcode.

However due to Q being a high-profile "individual", due to his long absence, due to his style of actually putting "Q" at the end and it's missing in the last drop, well, even the tripcode should be doubted.

For all I know, someone broke the tripcode cryptographic security using a quantum computer, those things are very well-suited at breaking things that would take thousands of years for the best classical supercomputers. It's public knowledge those are not stable enough to achieve breaking things like RSA yet, or the banking system would have shut down already... Or are they?

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I don't know about that. Seems like the pyramid itself is built with crypto, seeing all the logos on the bricks. Looks like DeFi is also an "aggregator", which fits the bricks being "aggregated" in a pyramidal shape.

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He's not "totally based", he's just "common sense, no nonsense", but that's based on his own opinions on issues, like he's, you know, an individual, and I respect that.

He trashed abortion and borders alike. He pit religion and science against each other as only competing ideas. He also promotes the idea of "the 1%" being a symptom of "the system", instead of a normal consequence of free-market capitalism, consequence that either pays a lot in charity or taxes anyway (the top 1% earners funding 40% of the government budget btw) and can be regulated to avoid them taking over democracy through outspending everyone else on lobbying:

Let's talk about abortion, sorry, tell me how this works
Bacteria is life on Mars, but a heartbeat isn't life on Earth? Weird

From "People So Stupid" (yes I know, that's a common saying he hasn't invented)

I'ma give you all religion, let the righteous find the light
But I will also give you science to oppose the Word of Christ
And I'ma give you borders, they're imaginary lines
If you cross them, go to war and win when everybody dies
And I'ma give you money that you'll value more than life
And let the one percent have everything while you fight to survive

From "The System"

I disagree on the point he makes about borders, to me that's non sequitur. War and borders aren't related, there were wars before borders were a thing, and wars aren't predicated on borders nowadays, except maybe for China (vs. Honk Kong, Tibet, Taiwan). Wars can be fought over anything, really, not only borders.

Do I like his words overall? Yes, they do paint a rather clear picture of our current society, with what I consider to be a few blemish here and there. Do I agree with him? For the most part. He's still not totally based. Does he have some marketing genius? Yes. I mean, I'm a metalhead who'd rather not hear rap, and his rap caught my ears.

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harvested from a dead fetus

Sooooooooooooo... the fetus is not just a clump of cells but something alive? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!

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Congrats on your journey! And to many more days sober! Cheers! (But only with non-alcoholic beverages.)

I only ever drink on occasions. I do not keep alcohol because I'm easily tempted since I'm still living alone (subject to change in the near future hoipefully :D). I don't feel the need for alcohol. "Yet", I like to say. I don't even know what a hangover feels like. But if there's one thing I don't want, it's to be controlled by something else to the point I can't go on without it and it takes over.

"Drugs are part of our world, like food and pleasures. The secret is to not fall into abusive usage. Living without them is a strength of spirit and a mark of respect. Living with them necessitates vigilance and self-restriction, to not harm oneself or worse, others." - Kriss from French YT channel "Minute Papillon", video is called "La Drogue 2, le retour d'acide" (Drugs 2, the Acid Flashback), about the effects of various drugs from pot to the harder drugs, of which I feel alcohol is also a kind of drug.

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I don't like the wording. Difference between people with evil ideas and evil people with ideas.

I'm an enemy of Communism. Of evil ideas. I'm an opponent of Communists. People with evil ideas. People I can reason with.

I don't consider them enemies. I don't fight against them to make them disappear. I steer against them to rally them to my ideas. And if I can't, I at least try to rally onlookers to my ideas by showing the insanity of my opponents' ideas.

Doing so preserves the first of the four boxes of liberty, the soap box.

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French lab Alvityl produces the daily-intake, 28-days-lasting box of C-D-Zinc-Grapefruit seeds extract pills I take, simply labeled "Immunité". It's labeled as a supplement. I don't know if you can import it though.

The nutrition facts read:

  • Grapefruit seeds extract, 55mg (25mg of bioflavonoids)
  • Zinc, 10mg (100% of Reference Nutritional Value, or RNV)
  • Vitamin C, 120mg (150% of RNV)
  • Vitamin D, 1000 UI (25µg) (500% of RNV)
  • No titanium dioxide, no food coloring

Also the mention "Do not take for more than 8 consecutive weeks."

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Pure blood here! Although clearly overweight. I take a cocktail pill of Vit. C and D, Zinc and grapefruit seeds extract daily. I've caught the rona mid-May. Just had a pharyngitis, took me 10 days to fully clear it (although the 7-day auto-test took its sweet time to turn positive), I'm through it now and I have no remaining issue.

Not coerced. Not obedient.

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To add to u/annamaga 's first link, the article describes "kek" as a Korean onomatopoeia and barely mentions then completely dismisses the World of Warcraft origin.

World of Warcraft sees two factions warring against each other: the Alliance and the Horde. It turns out that when one faction speaks a language not understood by other characters, a destructive word scrambler is used such that each faction knows a character said something but the original words can't be deciphered for the faction it wasn't meant for. All Alliance-aligned characters can speak the "Common" language, all Horde-aligned characters can speak the "Orcish" language, in contrast to race-specific languages within each faction.

Thus, the word "lol" spoken in the Orcish language can be read as "kek" by the Alliance-aligned characters. Sometimes the inverse operation is possible, and this is the case here: the word "kek" spoken in the Common language is read back as "lol" by the Horde-aligned characters, leading to the popularization of the use of the word "kek" by players, then bleeding out of the game and into adjacent cultures.

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A 4chan slang. The original is NatSoc, for National Socialist.

4chan being very crude with its wording, the use of racial slurs is commonplace there. The racial slur as the first syllabus is used here to denigrate the wannabe NatSoc who did all the things described in the greentext.

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Welcome to the system, everyone’s a victim
Doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, it hates you all
Here inside the system, violence is a symptom
Fighting for what’s right, but somehow everyone is wrong

  • Tom Macdonald, "The system".

The system is like an industrial machine on which everyone is chained, and trying to unchain yourself and do things different makes everyone give you weird looks and reject you. Keeping on or getting back to the chains is your choice. If you unchaining yourself works, more chained people will soon follow.

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I just watched it, many thanks fren!

Indeed, those ballots look fishy af and I would never trust them to be counted correctly. For the record, I haven't received such a ballot package in the mail.

As for the content of the video, in essence the guy said "first one... This ballot, nothing. This one, torn. Second one... This one, all good, this one, torn at the same place. Two out of two. Third one... If I can open it... I'll go slowly... This ballot is ok, this one, torn too." (I'm going off of memory after watching it once so apologies for the mistakes.)

I have no doubt avenues for cheating exist between the polling station and the system aggregating the results. I don't know how much is controlled on that end by The People.

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I am left wondering what some of these people looked like before being fed the destructive indoctrination. It saddens me seeing them in this state of decay.

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I'd like to see that video. I'm interested in what that person had to say.

Regarding what you pieced together from the video.

A ballot needs to be pristine, folded to fit in the envelope, and that can be done with one fold. A tear, a pen mark, a misprint, those all have a high chance of counting as invalid votes. Rigging in this way may be possible, I've seen a ballot on Facebook with printer marks at the bottom, as if it had been cut wrong, but in effect? The place I went to vote in this election had stacks of ballots, one for each candidate (there were 12 IIRC?), and none of my ballots looked like it's been tampered with. Keep in mind, those are paper ballots with only the names of candidates on them. There's little-to-no way a mark such as a "small tear at the bottom" that wasn't noticed by the voter, would be noticed by the public employees counting and the civil onlookers checking the counting during the count. The count needs to be fast to announce the results on time, and too many ballots somehow marked this way would raise suspicions.

There's no intrinsic security on the ballot itself, like I've seen on US ballots. This is done so every ballot is equal, no ballot can be traced back to the voter. The ballots are deposited in large secure voting boxes. Voters come and go as they please at the polling places, there's little room for errors should officials try to stuff the boxes. The number of ballots must match the number of signatures on the record. The data of each polling place is public record and can be easily audited.

We are taught very early as kids how to respect the ballots and the voting process. Highschools use the same 2-turn absolute majority system to elect the class reps, we are explicitly told to only write a name down, to not doodle, to not write-strike-write again, to not dirty the ballot, etc... We are shown all the ballots during the count, and those with errors are mercilessly discarded as invalid. When you recognize your ballot (handwriting) and it's discarded because you messed up, you don't mess up twice.

FYI, two ballots in the same envelope also counts as invalid.

For the record, I checked my ballots in all the elections I voted in to make certain they couldn't be discarded as invalid votes.

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Voting is much more direct in France. It is a 2-turn popular vote with paper ballots, checked against voter ID, with signature on a paper register after casting the ballot. This means there's no in-between like an electoral college with a special meeting to hand the votes, and the ballots are handled very swiftly, under scrutiny, with no room for "shipments" of ballots appearing out of nowhere. AFAIK we don't have a mail-in voting system, except for French nationals in foreign countries.

At worst we have a delegation system making a single person able to cast two votes, one for the voter and one for an absentee. This system is also under heavy scrutiny, needing a request to the local "Mairie" for a delegation, and only the designated person by the absentee can vote for the absentee. That usually means a breach of the vote secrecy from the absentee's perspective, and it involves trust the designated person will vote according to the wish of the absentee.

At 7 PM sharp on election day (local hour) the results were announced.

This is why she conceded: we kinda trust our election system, even if it's imperfect. Since Frenchmen at large (not me) don't have this value of being part of the "checks and balances" on government with no equivalent of the 2A to speak of, voting is our only outlet to effect change. Our representatives don't fear the people, and the people has no issue with not threatening those in power. Violence is pure, unadulterated evil, mkay? Such a great principle... in a utopia. People are basically pacified.

I fear the day a revelation happens in which the people are proven bluntly that their votes never mattered, but I'll gladly welcome it, for I'd rather be told the bitter truth than go on living a honeyed lie.

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The Mélenchon voters went ~50% for Macron, ~25% for Le Pen. Those people were going "Macron! Resignation!" and the next day voted for him... Apolitical voters are the worst.

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They can't help their cause one bit because the only way they know to help their cause is by throwing tantrums, because they've not been said "no" enough, and the little amount they were said "no", they threw tantrums and got their ways, so they hope to get their ways in the only way they know.

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Ah yes, a very probably anti-gun leftist heckler brought a gun to attack the orator with. Ok, that's a water gun. (No, that doesn't make it ok, you can put chloride acid in those and it will be ok, but it will aggress eyes and skin and corrode fabric.)

God I love the irony.

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Make that Burger Queer.

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You're telling me I'm not the one giving the tip?!

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