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I'm inclined to assume this is part of the ongoing shakedown of NATO nations whose support for the Ukraine regime is waffling now that they're running out of Ukrainian men to feed the meat grinder

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Most Likely: Flynn & Kash
Most Entertaining: Malik Obama & Fetterwoman
Most WTF: Saddam & OBL

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All I see is a pipeline being built from the ND oilfields to the heartland where we need it to power tractors, and woke libs are happy about it.

CO2 pipeline flowing S->N today, gas pipeline flowing N->S tomorrow?

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Okay but what's with the photo of new Little Mermaid?

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She was trying for the ultimate branch swing, but the boss was kind enough to let Chad put up with her bullshit the next 60 years.

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Perhaps he wasn't "hired" by anyone because he was working as a volunteer for a (foreign and/or domestic) government in exchange for turning a blind eye to his unconscionable yet fruitful endeavors in compromising influential people?

By way of plausible deniability...

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FAFO if you think PV has a future, dummies. James can rebuild, but PV can never regain our trust.

Maybe you can score a fluffer gig at CNN interviewing cat lady panels about badorangeman in 6 months or so once PV runs out of cash and closes shop.

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"Afraid of Death 253-71-69"
253-71-69 = 113
1+1 = 2 = Feb
Feb 3rd derailment confirmed

More: "Rocky Horror picture show Fri Sat 8pm". Derailment was Fri 8:55pm (close enough)

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