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No one is arguing against breast milk. It's the best for baby. No one is arguing against educating women about the benefits of breast milk.

Some women just can't due to their circumstances. Either their own health prevents them from being able to breastfeed, baby's health prevents nursing, and/or the family financial situation. Paying for human breast milk is going to be way more expensive than formula.

Before formula existed, the option for these mothers was to let baby starve and die.

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and im not talking about the rare few that can't produce

Thank you for including this. There's a lot of hate out there recently for women who just couldn't breastfeed and needed to supplement.

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Infant mortality rate is much lower now than in years past. But many babies are born premature and unable to nurse, because they're too small and weak. Decades ago these babies would just die. Now they can survive and thrive, and part of that is formula.

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Part of it is that neonatal medicine has advanced. Babies that would die before reaching full term can now survive and thrive in NICU. But a premature baby often cannot nurse on his own, because he's too small and weak. In that instance formula saves his life.

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I'm sure that happens, but there are also a lot of women who had to undergo caesarean and/or have premature NICU babies. A premature baby often doesn't have a mouth large enough to breastfeed and they often don't have the baby-fat to go a prolonged period of time without nursing. In that situation, mom has to pump which is no substitute for an infant, and often milk supply dries up. What should she do then? Let baby starve to death? Hire a wet nurse? Formula is often the answer, and it's often a very emotionally difficult decision for a woman to come to terms that she is unable to breastfeed.

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There's a lot of women who cannot breastfeed due to no fault of their own. It's insensitive to assume women are using formula because they're lazy.

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If cows were not used as a source of food, there'd be a lot fewer cows.

This is also the only reason the global chicken population is greater in number than the global human population.

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The biggest problem is that the American people need to draw closer to God. Then and only then will all kinds of wickedness decrease.

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If your card supports tap & pay (also called contactless), it will have a little symbol that looks like a WiFi symbol rotated 90 degrees.

Here's information about the technology from Visa, but it's the same with all payment networks https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/contactless-payments/contactless-payments.html

If your card doesn't support tap & pay, you might be able to call the card issuer and ask for a card that supports it.

If all else fails, use the chip on the card. It's the same technology but wired instead of wireless, although there is more risk of someone skimming your magstripe.

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use the tap feature

This ☝️

A lot of people are all "Oh no! My card number will be wirelessly transmitted!" But it's all encrypted and tokenized for that one transaction, so it doesn't matter if any 3rd party receives that wireless transmission, because it cannot feasibly be used to create new transactions.

But if you swipe your card, that reveals your card number and can be used to generate new transactions.

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Each state now gets to choose its own rules on abortion.

Blue states will see no change.

Red states will ban abortion.

Several in-between states will swing back and forth on it.

Anyone who wants an abortion can probably travel to a blue state.

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If there us a place in the Bible where it implicity explicitly states killing is ok. I really want to read it.

Did you read any of the verses linked in the article?

God gave mankind the authority to carry out capital punishment for the most evil crimes. That's confirmed actually from Genesis all the way through Romans in the New Testament.

There are 2 types of condemnation. There's condemnation here on the Earth by human governments when people commit crimes. But there's also eternal condemnation for sinners, which by the way is every person. The Gospel message is that while we are all sinners, if we confess our sins, ask for forgiveness, accept Jesus' death on the cross as payment for our sins, and believe in His resurrection from the grave then God forgives us and spares us from eternity in hell and instead we get to join Him in heaven.

Now the murderer sitting on death row may accept Jesus, or he may not, and that determines his eternal destiny. In either case he still receives capital punishment here on Earth by the government, and God finds no fault in the government for carrying it out. That's justice.

You can't have a theology that's all love and no wrath. In that case, anyone can live however they please and there's no penalties. Likewise, you can't have a theology that's all wrath and no love, because then you end up like the Pharisees with their hundreds of rules for living and no grace. There has to be a balance, because God shows a balance between the two. But in that balance, God is clear and unwavering: capital punishment is just and appropriate for the most evil crimes.

If you want a real-world example of why we need the death penalty look at Anders Breivik in Norway https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anders_Behring_Breivik He detonated a van in Oslo killing 8 people and then dressed like a police officer to take a ferry to an island where there was a camp for liberal youth where he spent over an hour gunning down 69 kids. 319 people were injured. Some of the kids actually ran toward him thinking he was a police officer there to help them. He was given Norway's maximum sentence of 21 years in prison with the possibility of parole after 10 years. This man killed 77 people because he didn't like their politics, and his actions affected the lives of all of his victims' friends and family. He has shown no remorse for what he has done. And while he did not get paroled after 10 years, he will be a free man around the age of 55 to live out the rest of his life.

I believe men such as this should receive the death penalty, and it would be acceptable to God. But Norway abolished that punishment.

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Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy all call for capital punishment for various crimes including murder, rape, kidnapping, and adultery.


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This jus proves that they're all assholes

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Find Jesus fren. Go to a conservative church that actually cares about people and has a bunch of activities. Hopefully you can find a mentor who will keep you accountable.

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Abortion is a private, medical issue that should be kept between patient and doctors.,.. The government should never be involved in personal medical issues,.. PERIOD!

False. The Declaration of Independence states that the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are bestowed upon all mankind by their creator, and it is government's role to protect these rights.

The government has a responsibility to protect the right of all people to life, including unborn children, which are the most vulnerable group of people.

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If you don't know him yet, get to know him.

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The underlying issue is that the government should never have gotten involved with the student loan business. They should be like any other unsecured loan, and they should be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Whether the school backs the loans or a private bank doesn't make much difference.

What makes the most difference is that the cost of the loan (the interest rate) will go up. That means more students will not be able to afford college, which is a short term pain, but it also means the schools won't get the crazy level of funding. The schools would then have to compete for students, and a major area of competition will be cost. How do colleges cut down on costs? Eliminate all of the bullshit. Eliminate the beaurocrats, the college-provided health and mental health centers, the sports that aren't self funded, the college-owned dorms and food halls, etc. Privatize that shit so students can pay for that a la carte, or not.

Eventually bullshit gone, tuition costs drop, and the taxpayers are no longer involved.

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