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To be fair, he had a sling, which almost turns the rock into a bullet (can't get the same speed, but still fatal for headshots). So David basically brought a gun to a knife fight 🤷‍♂️

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Eh, this is just making the mandatory registration an automatic registration.

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The Florida electors cannot vote for both Trump and Rubio, they can only vote for one.

If the election comes down to a single state, this would split the ticket.

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He's essentially a dictator

He cancelled elections so that he could stay in power. Ukraine no longer has a democratic form of government

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Voting Trump at the top of the ballot, and MAGA down the rest of the ballot

I don't care if I have to write him in.

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Unlike coinage, bills do not actually print the year they were created on them. They print the series number, which is a year, but that series can be reprinted for several years. So that 1969 bill in the video was probably first printed in 1969 but was still printed each year with that date on it until the 1977 redesign.

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House Republicans are most likely to act in the interest of Patriots when they know what they pass will never make it through the Senate nor get the President's signature. 😞

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the connection to #3 is non-existent


Despite all of the flaws in modern elections, it is still impossible to determine which voter voted for which candidate, unless it's 100% for a single candidate, in which case you know how all voters voted. But so long as one person voted for the other candidate, you cannot know which voter that was.

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