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You're absolutely correct.

The sad part is once everything goes to shit, it becomes much harder to fix.

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Eh, I still think they're trying to paint conservatives as monsters trying to overthrow the democratic process. The normies eat that shit up.

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My bet is there's nothing of interest there.

I mean maybe they'll see some of Trump's business associates and be able to harass them. But I doubt there's anything in there that Trump would be embarrassed about.

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Just play hockey and organize hockey games and related events.

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Those are rookie numbers!

You've got to pump those numbers up!

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The only group of people that reproduces via recruitment (aka grooming).

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Isn't there some kernel of good in there though?

The birth certificate let's us know a new person was born. Surely there is some good in knowing that. My mind goes to the worst case scenario where there are some parents who would objectively abuse and/or neglect their children, and the state should step in to protect the rights of the children. Without the record that a child exists, those welfare checks wouldn't happen.

Likewise with social security numbers and tax administration. We can make a good number of arguments for how taxation should or should not occur, but I think society is more fair when all of the rules are applied equally to everyone.

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This comes up every so often here, and honestly I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Maybe I've just been plugged into the matrix for too long that my eyes hurt because I've never used them before.

This article, and others, claim that getting a birth certificate creates a new corporation because the child's name is all uppercase. But a birth certificate is useful to function in modern society. It can be used to open a bank account, get a social security card, a driver's license, a passport and so on. I'm having a hard time seeing how a child without a birth certificate can participate in modern society. Without the birth certificate, it seems impossible for the child to prove US Citizenship, and being unable to prove US Citizenship means the child cannot get a job. Now I know that social security is a voluntary system, at least parents get to choose if the child is issued a card and number, but without the number employers have to withhold something like 28% of all your income, and then I don't know how you would file a tax return to get that money back.

Are we to say that the child without a birth certificate and without a social security card is free? Free to do what? Inherit their family's land, grow their own food, ride a horse wherever they go, and make their own clothes? I'm being a little facetious, but really I don't see how the child could take advantage of the conveniences of modern society without the birth certificate.

Likewise, in this article it's claimed that someone can claim they are a state national and are therefore able to avoid paying income tax. But I've yet to see any articles denoting the steps one must take to go from a normie to a state national. And what are the consequences of taking such steps? Is it now impossible to get your full income from a regular job because employers are required to withhold 28%? Well to me that sounds like a pretty bad trade-off vs the normie tax code. (As an aside, I think income tax is terrible, but should be remedied through the political process.)

I guess I'm just not getting it. If someone could help me understand it, I'd very much appreciate the comments. Thanks!

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u/paradoxAUS is Elon Musk

It's the only way to get that photo with 1 vote

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There are 2 teams:

  1. DNC & GOP
  2. MAGA

GOP doesn't care if GOP wins or DNC wins. They're the same team. They just want to prevent a MAGA win.

Only vote MAGA!

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This looks more like a software glitch to me than actual election fraud. This website doesn't appear to be official results.

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Holy Shit!

I'm over here getting blue balls waiting for the first arrest, and this pede is thinking about what we do when they all get arrested.

Let's start with the first one, and see how it goes.

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Each country should defend itself. The USA should not be subsidizing the defense of any foreign nation.

Peace comes from economic cooperation through trade.

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