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Government like ours is the reason for the 2A

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Why do I feel like she was a spy. This is getting mind bending.

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My question to you, shill, is, how does it feel to know that nothing can stop what is coming? What do you gain with shilling around? Whatever it is you are gaining, you even wonder if it will be worth it once commies are exposed? Good luck.

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"17 intelligence agencies". Given the theme and the "random" number of intelligence agencies involved, this should be treated as comms. The gazzete needs to be looked at closer.

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This dude is missing the point. The inherent fact that you are fighting for freedom, means you are not safe. If it stops trending in Australia, that means that they rather be safe than free. Which begs the question? Were aussies ever fighting for freedom? Are we?

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Thats good fren, but notice non of those stages pretend to be the whitehouse.

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If you can find the link, you can help this thread.

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Shit is back. Does an outage means everything is out.

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Well fuck. I thought this would mean something big was happening.

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Honest question. I thought the audit was revealed. What do you mean?

by Quelle
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Must be scared of what is coming out.

by Quelle
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Thanks for trying fren.

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What if red october is in reference to the US being broke, end of fiscal year. Numbers are not in black, but in red.

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