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Am I the only one who couldn't watch H.R. Pufnstuf because something creeped you out? I would leave friends' homes if they insisted on watching it.

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Snorkeling with Tom Hanks and company. I'm sure no kids were hurt in the making of this story . . .

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Adults shouldn't choose either! Remember when Mark Dice did a video offering a free silver bar and no one would take it?

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Not her account. Her name is spelled wrong (should be Dianne with 2 n's)

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Here's the rest of the tweet:
And they already have something in their possession that Nancy Pelosi and Democrats didn't have when they impeached President Donald J. Trump in the House TWICE:

real documentary evidence of illegal foreign bribery and influence peddling.

They let the evidence build FIRST FOR MONTHS and then started their impeachment inquiry. They're doing the opposite of the Democrats, where you start your impeachment hearings based on fake hidden evidence you only show in the House basement where the media and the cameras are not allowed to be present.

This is far from the Star Chamber the Democrats were running when they impeached Trump twice.

This is being televised so the entire country can see it.

Just a week and a half ago in the Ken Paxton impeachment trial in Texas we all saw what happens when you impeach someone with no evidence and then hold a televised senate trial to remove them from office: it all falls apart on you.

There is a growing pile of evidence against the Biden Crime Family. If Articles of Impeachment end up being drafted - and its looking to me as if several will be - and even one of these Articles of Impeachment passes the House floor vote, we're gonna end up with a televised Senate trial where Joe Biden's fate will hang in the balance.

That's gonna make for some AWFULLY FANTASTIC TV as a country where around 70% of the people want this corrupt asshole GONE.

Sure, RIGHT NOW Fake News is ignoring the impeachment hearings. Only Fox News covered the first day of the impeachment inquiry. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN all ignored it.

But like I said, Comer and Jordan will move this forward. The committee is gonna vote to proceed. Articles of Impeachment will be drafted, and then House floor debate and votes on those Articles will begin happening.

At some point in this process, the Fake News is going to FORCED against their will to begin covering it, and its going to cause some cognitive dissonance for their brainwashed audience when they discover Biden is already HALFWAY THROUGH THE PROCESS OF BEING IMPEACHED before the media bothered to begin covering it and showing it to them.

Certainly by the time any Senate trial would begin, with Joe Biden facing removal from office based on some pretty damn solid evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, the national public square will be intensely focused on this.

It is being done properly. It is being done according to the law. It is being done right. Even Democrats shrieking all day yesterday that this present impeachment inquiry was started 'illegally' because there was no vote on the House floor authorizing it is of no avail.

Do you know why?

Because back in 2019, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi launched the first impeachment of Trump without holding a floor vote to authorize it. When Republicans challenged Pelosi on that and said the impeachment inquiry was being done illegally, guess what happened next?

When the GOP filed suit in federal court to stop the impeachment inquiry because no House floor vote was held to authorize it, US Federal court judge BERYL HOWELL ruled in Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats' favor.

It became established due to Howell's legal judgement that you CAN start an impeachment inquiry against a sitting President without having a vote on the House floor to start it.


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Basically the very annoying voice says that we're in trouble and need to wake up.

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The National Socialists "persecuted" and "oppressed" alphabet people.
I believe the famous book burnings were books promoting homosexuality

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That poor girl! I'm grateful that she has a father who cares enough to risk jail to protect her. May God bless him and keep him and Sophie safe.

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Since she was on TV for years prior to her entry into politics, I'm sure she has it down to a science :)

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Billy Crystal quote when he was on SNL parodying Fernando Lamas(?). Same as "You look mahvelous!"

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My brain focused on "everything breaks down at one time or another, just look at Crooked Joe Biden. You need redundancy, you need TWO ENGINES! "
I took that part to mean that because Biden breaks down , there are two of him.

Maybe the "Hear" in relation to the jet is did anyone hear the plane as it supposedly went down?

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Yes but would any of us allow ourselves to be hospitalized with COVID? We know what they will do: remdesivir, midazolam, and ventilators.

They had to backtrack on Ivermectin because we were managing to get it regardless of what the FDA said.

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But you have to be hospitalized:
"Hydroxychloroquine may also be used to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) in certain hospitalized patients."

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"Paul Prediger"
He seriously changed his last name to "Preacher"? Dude really has a religious complex! So he went from Grosskreutz (big cross) to Prediger (preacher)?
My apologies to our German friends if I am translating incorrectly. I wasn't the best student in Deutsch als Fremdsprache,

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