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Gotta admit the climate change one got a chuckle out of me.

Wait, this ain't the Bee..

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Now this is something I see as a worthwhile boom.

Nothing may happen immediately after but this is a sure sign of the "official" narrative collapsing at its roots.

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You're conflating institutions failing their roles with a supposed plan that includes letting 5 year olds being injected with god-knows-what.

This supposed "plan" either sucks, is fake, or failed in execution and I can't honestly tell which outcome is the worst.

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Tell that to the 5 year old who had the misfortune to be born under the wings of well-meaning but ignorant parents.

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Going by speculation it's also possible they resigned because the DS now feels confident enough to replace the public sock puppets with their direct cronies.

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If only you got your jab then grandma's jab would have worked!

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Yes but were there any unvaxxed in 2020??

Hah! Checkmate!

-WaPo probably.

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They got the best mead in town.

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or stop pretending that you've got them.

And it's not just about 'having the answers', but the identity and motives of Q is brought to question as well.

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This is what I'm feeling as well.

Either give a straight answer or stop pretending that you've got them.

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Eye, so I guess Rosenbaum got a 'clinically mild' bullet eh?

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To clarify, my comment is not aimed at the plan itself but towards the attitude of some anons.

I'm not gonna bash the plan based on this post because.

  1. The OP itself is speculation

  2. Us not knowing the exact details of "the plan" is a given. (Which poses issues in other situations but that is a different topic)

BUT the OP also presents a frightening possibility for this scamdemic and tossing out bits of certain drops or concepts is not a valid response to concerns when it can be easily refuted with a slight adjustment of perspective. Hence the almost copy-paste of the original comment.

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So the move and countermove includes letting the Cabal kill off nearly 30% of the gullible and unhealthy?


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This isn't even my final form!!1!!!1

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No that's the problem.

They felt the heat a long time ago but were in denial.

Now that they can actually see the flames they can't deny it anymore but still resist because they were told that it is "safe inside"

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To be fair, Singapore's curve was flattened.... to the Y-axis

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Damn, late to the punch. I wanted to post that!

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*Ahem, SYSTEMIC racist climate change. Get with the program dude.

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Is this what they refer to as the 'unspeakable horrors' in Lovecraftian stories?

Cause that's what I'm feeling looking at that picture. A complete void of understanding nor comprehension of what I'm looking at.

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To negate some of my dooming here's a couple points to consider.

It's still going to take time to get a significant number of kids jabbed let alone all kids with the pushback that is going to ensue.

Though that still doesn't give us much time since they only need to get enoughs kids jabbed to mingle in with the unjabbed.

Which is why I believe tangible action is needed opposed to "preparing" for the arrival of a messianic army.

And when I say action I don't mean glowie-con action but the take action against schoolboard or truckdriver beats swampmonster type of actions.

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Starting to think the constant tick-toks were for us.

Once they get the kids, what future is left to save?

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