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It's more complicated than that I'm sure. My geuss is that Zelensky detected (or is close to defecting) over to Russia's side. I think Zelensky is appalled by NATO's lack of serious support. Now with Trump and Putin I don't think there's an alliance so much as they just have the same momentary objectives. Russia is trying to get rid of the judeo-bolshevists that collapsed the Russian government back in WWI. That same group of judeo-bolshevists are also operating in the US and Trump is attempting to prevent them from controlling America.

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The DS is attempting to gain control of the situation by using a weather weapon to push climate change.

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Agreed. Ireland needs to adopt more nationalist policies or they will end up like France. The Irish Celts will not last at the current rate of globalization. Ireland and Greece/Mediterranean Europeans both. There is very little time before these Europeans disappear.

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Texas has the Rangers so why not I guess. You know this kind of thing isn't that precedented. Historically border territories, frontiers or "marshes" as they're known usually have their own defense forces specialized in protecting that regions borders. The Scots had the border reivers, The Seleucids had the Klerochoi who were military settlers paid in land for service on the border. The Sassanian Persians had the Herzog who as a general given special control of the the militias in the region bordering Islamic Arabia. It's not an unheard of thing. I would insist that the "militia" so to speak in beholden to the governorship and not the governor himself. Florida is techinically a border state. On top of this it is a drug smuggling hot bed and those criminal enterprises do not only happen in cities and so force specializing in reducing transnational crime is not a bad idea.

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We make 70% of our demand of lithium domestically so most likely the prices are going to top out pretty fast. Still a 6% jump in price is enough to lower production numbers.

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It's probably a mix of both. Trump and the Patriots probably let the people they knew would commit crimes in office commit those crime so they would have evidence. My guess is that the DS got wind of what was going on and then tried to weasel a new set of operatives into key positions. I think it's like any other operation, partially planned, partially improvised and with some gains and losses.

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There are so many of these on my street and in my town. All gave some and some gave all.

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I actually think about it in terms of geography. I'm an avid fan of strategy games and city builders and have militaries and architecture that I think will be what America will look like in the future. I'll map it out and post it.

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Rule 1 of strategic planning. Always assume your enemy has you where they want you. This is something we have failed to understand consistently. I have a guy I work with insist that there wasn't any way they'll take our weapons because we have them right now. I explained to him that violence is the last stage of war and that most of the war is decided by the pre-war and the set up as well as the maneuvers in the field and not so much the weapons. For example the Raid of Târgoviște was successful because Vlad knew he stood no chance against the Turks in open conflict and so he attacked their camp at night. I then proceeded to explain to him about how cutting off the water supply to Rome allowed Belisarius to take the city from the Lombards. Fighting happens where strategy and tactics fail. There is a difference between strategy and tactics. Strategy is your plan to achieve over all objectives. Tactics are the movements related to the strategy. Only when you fail in these will fighting happen.

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Good catch anon. Local patriots should organize against these types of groups. Stone wall them at every turn. Actually what we need to do is figure out what each group in the "radical contact list" does and then develop strategies against them. For example if a group advocates for defunding police then call them out at city council meetings or let the local police know.

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Yeah. I don't like this judge. This whole thing is messed up. They decided yesterday that the charges were "too salacious to bring into the public". I don't like it. Either she'll get off or they'll put her away and the public will not know for what reasons. Then the co-conspirators will probably walk free while she rots in a cell.

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I don't even care. I want a show trial and I want public executions. The person is obviously a fucking degenerate.

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This is a cool statement though because it might make people actually look up and research the degenerates that Kyle shot.

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I guess this would need to be authenticated and verified. /pol/ would eat this shit up in a fat minute. If they identify it then it may be legit. 50/50 on that though. Take shit in there with a grain of salt. Mainstream news media won't do it and so /pol/ maybe an option. Really it should go to a judge now that they've released it publicly.

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Is it just me or is America becoming a perverse soap opera?

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Lets see how sick this shit gets. 10 bucks says someone had sex with a dog and AOC got mayonnaise hair from the DNC heads.

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Absolutely. Nothing like a chaser of elicit sex after displays of wanton violence. Amirite? Kek!

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