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Nat silver predicts Trump has a 66 percent chance of winning leaving Biden with 33% Chance

  1. What are the odds of that?
  2. What exactly does it mean?
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I thought it was either JFK junior, Flynn or Elon

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Hasn’t totally fixed 1.0 algo. Conservatives are getting the hammer at the moment. Including cat turd. My stats are down 50% across the board.

At least we are not banned.

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This is a wakeup call. Not a Huge Jack Poso fan but he gets it rights a lot of the time. Trump Jr. Gen Flynn and JD Vance have reviewed the book with a forward by Bannon.

The reality is we have been watching a slow motion communist revolution since Obama, with Muslim Commie Brennan leading the CIA

No coincidence the muzz and commies are marching together now.

Our military bases are getting breeched daily by newcomers testing the perimeter.

Patriots are going to jail while criminal illegals walk free.

When the black swan hits and chaos erupts what is your plan?

Communism isn’t a philosophy it’s a tactic to achieve a globohomo one world order.

Toni the ex CIA whistleblower who tracks bad actors as a contractor noticed CCP checking out power substations in SOCAL last year.

He advised Lisa the GenX lady that chaos would begin in the big cities - the recent bonfire mentioned LA, NYC, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago, and a few other cities. The actions would be similar to what we are seeing in Gaza. Hell on earth, esp for women and children.

It may be time to organize IRL to stand against something our government is inviting in the front door.

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Negative they are a pretext for the socialist revolution

Listen to x-22 today

It starts with intifada and ends with the restructuring of America

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Didn’t Q say somewhere this ends with a comedian?

Refresh my memory I can’t find the post.

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If evidence is gone, maybe the bad guys strings are cut and they’ll be good.

Seems plausible. They used blackmale to force them into works of darkness.

Strings cut. No leverage.

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If it’s biblical, today is Holy Monday when Jesus throws the table over on the money changers

Would be epic if real events tracked this Holy week

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Great post above

evidence supporting this mod rule is an article that lumps med beds with JFK conspiracy theories.

Deep state can and will smear to discredit.


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Severe climate change is part of the NWO plan

The way make sever climate change is with climate weapons which include haarp and the death ray

Check out the vid


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Do flat earth please.

All Bane’s are not equal.

1 Death Ray Bane should be with 1000 Flat Earth 1 is plausible the other ridiculous

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Taking this a step further..

With Trump who rollled out and bragged about the Covid Jab…

I didn’t take it mainly because of message boards like this VOAT back in the day and POAL and even 4 & 8 Ch.

Why didn’t Anons fall for it despite Trumps singular misstep?

I remember Q posted the twisted sister video we are not gonna take it and took that to heart.

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If a Republican is introducing this they are compromised rinos

Better to let Biden wreck the party and America fully securing the W for Trump

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World's elite at World Economic Forum under fire for displaying "satanic" Walthamstow Tapestry by artist Grayson Perry. Critics interpret themes of corporations, abortion, and population control, with comparisons to controversial Denver airport murals. Concerns raised about globalist goals.


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Fake Diamonds Trump talked about

Blackmale is worthless if you have deep fakes

Everybody is off the hook now

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