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Taking this a step further..

With Trump who rollled out and bragged about the Covid Jab…

I didn’t take it mainly because of message boards like this VOAT back in the day and POAL and even 4 & 8 Ch.

Why didn’t Anons fall for it despite Trumps singular misstep?

I remember Q posted the twisted sister video we are not gonna take it and took that to heart.

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If a Republican is introducing this they are compromised rinos

Better to let Biden wreck the party and America fully securing the W for Trump

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World's elite at World Economic Forum under fire for displaying "satanic" Walthamstow Tapestry by artist Grayson Perry. Critics interpret themes of corporations, abortion, and population control, with comparisons to controversial Denver airport murals. Concerns raised about globalist goals.


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Fake Diamonds Trump talked about

Blackmale is worthless if you have deep fakes

Everybody is off the hook now

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Agree with number one

#2 not so much

They don’t care that she worships Satan what could be more controversial than that?

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It is black history month.. Haiti disclosure will flip tbe black community

No better time than now

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This was actually a carbon copy of MLK thinking

Don’t for a moment believe he (big Mike) has a unique idea

MLK warned that integration was leading a negro into a burning house.

Pure plagiarism

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He hosted a great space till 3 am last night

Gloves are off he is coming for them

Krazensteins at the top of the list as well as 770 Chabad

by winn
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Can’t get in the archive captcha is messed up


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Post 3881 (2/24/2020).

Listen carefully. Think: re: why [no] arrests (justice) yet? What if (almost) every critical position [sr] within the US GOV apparatus was infiltrated? WHAT MUST BE DONE FIRST? THE SWAMP RUNS DEEP. +Sleepers Backgrounds are important. Muslim Brotherhood List of 'in the news now [names]' w/ known ties to ISLAM? THIS IS NOT ANOTHER 4-YEAR ELECTION. [assumptions correct - package well rec [known]] Q

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Dave on X-22 has been saying this for a year, every night

Here is a movie trailer about her run for presidency. 3 mins

She copied Obama’s platform it’s happening

Load up the Big Mike memes cause if Trump loses it’s BBC time


And the website:


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Cool meme but not reposting anything that gives tds libs any ideas

We don’t post Jesus memes either

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When Obama wrote that he didn’t say beautiful woman, he said beautiful “person”

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2 more big deltas linked to potential news posting x link below!!

  1. 50 cent pushing out the migration crisis to his 30 million followers (5 year delta drop referencing GEORGE SOROS and another drop reference news and side by side posts with news — 50 cent is showing a news clip on fax this is confirmed in my book!)

https://x.com/jakecan72/status/1746454342042095902?s=46 Scroll up for story

  1. Dom with massive elite pedo disclosure Monday? Drops on post when Q acknowledged he would give the public moar than initially planned 20/80 > 40/60

If dom and Matt Wallace do it Monday - Q PLAN IS IN FULL Implementation


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Side topic— this better be the year We can’t be here in 20 year doing 20 year deltas.

Is there any confirmation in the drops that this is the year?

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Nothing better than a good cat fight

Felines have a way with words

The Liz Crokin Meghan Mcstain spat tops the year

Looking forward to moar

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Thanks for bringing attention to this paytriot

Does anybody know who is running the Disinfo?

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They like their forefathers that seceded the union are confederates

We need them to own that label

Call them confederates

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Could be Trump doing the sting..

By purposefully writing that in a Supreme Court case

If he in fact has the playbook and knows their moves

Is relinquishing his immunity in advance to give himself a day in court

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Oh crap..

Saw a decode on this

Remember in Obama’s movie leave the world behind

There was a scene showing an solar eclipse

Then at the end in the doomsday bunker a computer showed the date


Which is the date of the next solar eclipse

Right before elections

Above a solar eclipse is depicted

Same date as above

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He was talking about general Flynn’s background on twitter and Kim Jung Un

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