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Please post (with links, if possible) any good podcast websites that tackle current events, historical facts that used to be conspiracies (ie 911 theories), interviews that are a “must listen”, or even just suggestions on who you follow and does a good job with any of the above. I want redpillers, or even those who don’t realize they are redpilling. Anything about The Great Awakening, not a bunch of doom and gloom. Must be easy enough to follow along by just listening and not watching. Evangelists and prophets are fine too, as long as they have a history of being right and their prophecies are coming true and are relevant to today. (For example, I love Pastor Hank Kunneman but I don’t think he does a podcast). I’ll even listen to something more lighthearted (like homesteading ideas and hacks), if you know of any of those that are enjoyable. Thanks all!