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Reminds me of the time I read the story of George Washington and the cherry tree to my 6 year old.... needless to say Halloween came around and he would only be George Washington. Up here in Canada the teacher was pissed! She went as far as reporting me to cps..................

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Atm and debit are apparently down across Canada as well.

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Can use data recovery software on any hard drive to get deleted files back so long as they have not been over written. I've done this for friends and family who have accidentally formatted a hard drive with family photos on it. You can delete and format all you want, but its still there until it is overwritten.

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I'm married to a filipina, I guess that makes us a "interracial couple". However we both feel the same about murdering the innocent. These woke retards do not speak for me or my household. Get fucked Shelby

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That my friend, is called a shiticane ;)

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Last election I was given a pencil to vote with, had a pen on me and told the guy. Said if I used a pen than my vote wouldn't be counted.

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