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That is a tall order but I will keep my eyes open. Practically all pastors are compromised. So much so I refuse to let one preach to me from the "jew" bibles.

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They are over running SoCal. Multiplying like rats. Japanese and Koreans have fewer numbers but seem to be a different breed of cat. I left a job for a Chinese man and he laughed at me when I was telling him what was going on. So I left for the next job and it was another Asian. I thought oh brother here we go again but this dude was a Korean man, absolutely awake.

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That is the original Joe Biden and you can tell by the eyes. The one today is an actor.

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Q team said disinformation was necessary, another words, we tell lies at times.

Take everything from Q team and their departments with a grain of salt. Trust but verify. Deducing things based on "adding up". Sometimes it is meant to confuse the swamp.

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Well not only that but after that incident a friend bought her one of those electronic scales that talks. The first time she used it, it said ..."Just one person at a time please".

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But we're not fighting fascists. We are precisely fighting Edomite Judeo Communists. There's not one dictator but an entire group of them, who's god is Satan.. They are practically like the Borg in Star Trek Next Generation.

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They're not paying that kind of interest now but it could happen like back in the Reagan days. I will agree these swindlers need to be rounded up and incarcerated on an Island.

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Ok I've seen the movie Quiet Place. When you go outside take your shoes off and walk barefooted or those creatures will hear you. :)

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We need a recession and we need high interest rates. Find a good online savings account and earn a good income. I want to see 10-15% return in a savings account. At $100,000 around $850 a month without dealing with tenants.

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Anti-Semite was drummed up by these evil bastards. I will criticize any Judeo dirt bag any time any day and ten times on Sunday.

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