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This is my rant against those pushing the "Khazarian Mafia" narrative.

There's a group of patriots worldwide who are ready to hang the world's elites and their minions. Every day, more patriots join the fold, and every day we get more angry at this globalist group. These elites need no explanation, we already know who they are. But, for the sake of this post, I'll outline who they are in exact detail.

  • Most actors, who became famous by being given parts because elites have kompromat on them.

  • Most politicians, who were ushered in by dominion because they've been ordained to win (because elites who control dominion have kompromat on them).

  • Most leadership of large companies that have boards of directors (because the CIA infiltrated them and installed their own as directors).

  • All leadership of NGOs that are given public tax dollars, as a money-laundering operation, who are controlled via kompromat or ideology.

  • Most leadership of colleges which have been infiltrated by communists, brainwashing youth on behalf of elites.

  • Most leadership of healthcare, from administration to doctors, who are knowingly pushing worldwide depopulation goals of elites, controlled by threat to their livelihood if they don't comply.

There are probably tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of individuals who are involved in this massive group. What they share in common is being compelled to do the bidding of the globalist elite, either from kompromat (pictures of them having sex with children) or bribery.

These tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals are receiving their orders from somewhere. From face value what is knowable from observing the news, and from reading Q posts and all the research available out there, we pretty much know exactly who this top-rung of elitists are.

They are the Bilderbergs, including specific named individuals and families such as Rothschild, Soros, Vanderbilt, other banking families, the WEF, and the CFR. We don't speak much about the Saudis, because Trump/Q neutralized them early-on, but also the house of Saud, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and the Muslim brotherhood who funded and propped-up Obama.

Nothing above is surprising to anyone, or even controversial. At most, perhaps I didn't name someone you think should be listed, and for the most part I probably would agree with anyone you suggest ... the list isn't fully inclusive.

But for the most part, above is who we're up against. We know exactly who they are. There is no doubt, no confusion, no contention.

Then enter those pushing the Khazarian Mafia narrative.

Their main goal is to convince you that the people above either 1) are the same ethnic group, or 2) don't belong to that ethnic group so they aren't important.

But there's more.

They also are very fond of Naziism, and will go out of their way to tell you how Hitler was a good person and was only protecting his nation of Christians who were fighting against the evil Khazarian Mafia.

Who are the Khazarians, according to those who push this narrative? They can't decide. Some think they're Jews. Some think they hide among Jews, but aren't really Jews. Some think they're mostly Jews. Being vague is key, because if they insist they are all Jews then their posts get removed and they risk getting banned.

Those pushing the Khazarian Mafia narrative bring nothing to the table. They aren't pointing their fingers at unknown bad guys. They're re-branding the known bad guys, from the list above that we already know about to convince you that they are from some extremely vague ethnicity.


The end result of listening to the arguments of those pushing this narrative, over the span of nearly three years now, is that they are not interested in the bad things that elites have done. Bringing them to justice is not their goal. They have one goal, that is to convince you of the ethnicity of these bad guys, while being as vague about that ethnicity as they possibly can.

Those pushing this narrative would define Khazarians as such: "From the area of Ukraine". "Not Jews, but they look like Jews because they've labeled themselves as Jews, so all the bad sterotypes you think are Jews are actually Khazarians".

Now, keep in mind, you already know who all the bad guys are. Why would you need to be convinced they're from Ukraine? Why would you need to be convinced they look like Jews? How does this information help you bring the bad guys to justice?

It doesn't.

If there is evidence that someone engaged in child trafficking, then they go to jail or get hanged for child trafficking. Their ethnicity is irrelevant.

If someone laundered billions of dollars through an NGO back into their bank account, you already know who they are and can bring them to justice. Their ethnicity is irrelevant.

Out in the wild, if you start talking about muh "Khazarian Mafia", nobody knows what you're talking about. This brings me to one of the original threads back on Voat that I saw discussing the Khazarian Mafia a long time ago.


I have slowly been red pilling a few family members and a friend by telling them how worried I am about the "Khazarian Mafia." Of course they have no idea what Khazaria is but listen to all my stories of how horrible these people are... I simply say it's an ancient country near Russia... I never mention "jew." I am hoping once they are hooked and start to research further they will make the connection to the jews... seems to be working but will have to see.

People who use the term "Khazarian Mafia" would gladly be calling them all Jews if they thought they can get away with it. But they know they can't, that they'll get their posts deleted and probably get banned. So instead, they use "Khazarian" as a synonym for Jews.

I've noticed a thing or two about all the people who push the Khazarian Mafia narrative. They all seem to hate Trump. Just now, there is a pro-Khazaraian Mafia narrative post that is stickied:


Linking to this article:


Scroll down and look at the image with Trump in it:


An image of Trump with a 6-star brooch and an unflattering face.

Those who push the Khazarian Mafia narrative the hardest absolutely hate Trump. Because Trump has Khazarian (oops I mean Jewish) children. They hate Trump as much as your average democrat. Perhaps they are democrats?

The stickied article listed above makes all kinds of arguments that are pro-Hitler.

Hitler introduced a financial system that was free of usury and beneficial to the working class.

Hitler became a problem for the KM when he broke free and begin acting in the interests of the German people and the free people of the world

The gist of it is this: Hiter was good because Hitler was against the same people we're against.

Why am I posting this thread?

Because I am disgusted by Hitler and the Nazi party. They are the enemy. Read some Q posts, many are about how evil Naziism is and how they endured to this day through project paperclip. Soros was/is a Nazi. CNN's Anderson Cooper's Vanderbilt mother wore Nazi symbolism (search for the Q post yourself). Naziism and Communism are two sides of the same coin.

All the bad guys in Ukraine right now? Actual Nazis. Many want you to think they're "Khazarian" aka "Jews", but those Nazi troops hate Jews just as much as they do.

Hitler and Naziism are the two worst brands in history. Everyone in the US has been taught to hate Nazis from their youth. Imagine the average newcomer-to-Q landing on the front page and finding pro-Naziism rhetoric -- they would (rightly) be disgusted and leave, never to come back.

Like I said in the beginning, there is already a large group of patriots who hate everyone listed at the top of this post. Re-labeling that list as "Khazarians" and making people accept Naziism as a redpill in order to hold that list accountable is outrageous and ridiculous.

Enough with the Khazarian Mafiatardism around here. It serves no purpose other than to promote Naziism. It identifies nobody that hasn't already been identified. Hitler and Naziism sucks.