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Her XXXX sized double reinforced bomb hardened super stretch industrial grade bloomers -- aren't big or strong enough to hold the crazy.

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It may strain your penal capacity, but I predict the upcoming announcement of Lloyd Austin's untimely death. Ad that to your winning porn.

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Most people figured that out on election night if not before.

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Lindsey Graham is the lowest, and he's also a powerful US Senator. Trump knows all, and he's playing miss Lindsey. Let's see where this goes.

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Makes sense. Head ware should be off limits. It's sort of a dress code -- for posts. Thanks.

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Do you think she's smart enough to know only illegals will vote Dim? Naw..... Just a commie.

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Just like her sister, Malia was on Hunter's laptop. She's got a mole on the back of her left thigh, just below the pantie line. It matches lots of bikini pics. Here's my question -- why did Hunter get to do them both? Sounds ritualistic.

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Why not? They do our ballots -- already marked.

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Yup. Bottom left is an actor. All the rest are older shots of PedoJo.

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