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I read that it works similarly to an at-home pregnancy test. Results in about 30 minutes.

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Oh my gosh, I totally agree. When I first started lurking here, I was blown away by the thought provoking posts and the ability of some to decipher Q posts and establish a relationship to things happening IRL. I don't spend as much time here now for the exact reasons you've expressed. Where are the real anons now?

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The tests I ordered are antigen tests, not PCR tests. Let's see what actually gets delivered.

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People have been conditioned to believe they need a test to find out whether they're sick. I'm on day 8 and it's kicked my butt, but it'll run its course like every other virus. I wish I had a dollar for every person that asked if I got tested 🙄

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You are fully entitled to feel the way you feel and to take all the time you need to grieve. Your son graced the earth only for a short while but I bet he taught those around him something huge about love and sacrifice. He is now pain-free, living whole with God. And that's something to celebrate. God bless your family.

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I wondered too if this is what is meant by "military is the only way". Interpretation is always tricky.

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"We are not descended from fearful men"

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At some point, we need to stop asking medical "professionals" for their opinion about our health.

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I am living your same life. Both my parents, all my siblings, their spouses and several nieces and a nephew or two are all vaxxed. I have SO MUCH information I could share but they all made it clear about a year ago that they thought I was selfish and that not getting the vax means I don't care if I got my elderly parents sick. They will never let go of it now because they won't be able to admit they were and are wrong. Your family is in my prayers.

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Yes, this! My husband and daughter both got exemption requests approved using that tactic. Also remind them that you have an expectation to not be bound by a work requirement that alters your genetics permanently, preventing you from going back to normal during off work hours.

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