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And I'm your shadow. Learning to ride a horse might be more exciting than her dreams of walking.

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I keep thinking of "Ultra Magnus" from the Transformers....

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My Jewish response: No thank you.

We don't need a BIG Israel. A small one is enough.

Israel in Hebrew is Yisrael.

Yisrael begins with a Yud.

A yud is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

It's about the size of an apostrophe.

The message is not to be a big shot.

Having world empires is not what Israel was about.

Let alone reprobate Eruv Rav like Zelensky, who would only boast about being Jewish when it's convenient.

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Who knew the guys at GTA knew the FBI so well even back then?

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Knock on door from FIB?

Ha ha ha. Why, to give him a medal and promise of protection?

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It's very much so.

Look, I've heard the Jews blamed for everything. The old joke is some will call the Jews Communists, others Capitalists. Control this, control that.

My favorite argument against those that say Communism = Judaism is to say Judaism has an antidote to Communism right in the Ten Commandments. "Thou shalt not covet" is antithetical to Communism, because without envy and coveting, Communism cannot exist. It's a whole ideology to justify envy.

The New World Order? I don't have as good a silver bullet, except Judaism generally wants to live by its own laws, in its ancestral homeland (Israel) and how the rest of the world lives is their concern. No where does it say Jews are to rule or dominate other religions. Ironically, I believe you can make a case that Islam does. But not Judaism.

But again, that's the ideology. There are individual Jews who are plenty power mad, greedy, or any other extension of bad traits. There's a joke that when there's a violent criminal on TV who just got arrested the black community holds their breath and says: "Please, don't have it be a black guy again." Jews have a bit when it's a white collar criminal. "So and so was arrested for embezzling $10 million from his stockholders. His name is --" And we're like "Please, not another Jewish guy..."

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Well, there are nice people and assholes in every culture. Jews tend to be insular, mostly from the centuries. It's a strength and it's a weakness.

I'm sorry if I get a little vindictive on some topics, particularly the attacks on the Talmud. I've been there before and it was particularly vicious and a lot of other contexts were not appealed. It's a very large volume, thousands of pages, very dense, and people pick out a few verses to fixate on, and then refuse any other type of context, and then condemn the whole work, and the whole people, based on that.

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I got to say, that just isn't true. It's ... kind of surprising to me that you got upset when I mentioned the Christian idea of only those that accept Jesus get to heaven while the rest of the world goes to hell. You took issue with that. And I'm like fine. I'm Jewish, you're Christian, you may know more details or interpretations of that than me. Fair enough.

But then you want to turn it around and tell me how /my/ religion operates, what /we/ value and talk about and act on? No. It just is not like how you describe.

Go to a Jewish website with Rabbis talking theology. There are some lectures that involve Talmud. Some the Mishnah. But none has more than the Torah. There are weekly Torah sections called Parshas, discussed every week in synagogue. The idea that all that was tossed aside in favor of the Kaballah and Zohar is just nonsense.

Besides of which, the Kaballah and Zohar are very specialized studies. It's the mystical tradition of Judaism, and not many, by tradition, are even allowed to study them. (The tradition was before you study the Kaballah you have to be a man of at least 40 years of age, you know the Torah and Talmud backwards and forwards, you have be married and a father of children, and then you can be invited to learn. Or as this nutty age has it, a crazy woman like Madonna with lots of money).

That's not something that involves the rank and file.

And the Jewish globalists -- Soros or Zuckerburg -- they aren't Talmud scholars or Torah scholars. Soros hates Judaism, Israel, and sent other Jews to their deaths. They're not some kind of secret society of Kabalah scholars.

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Well, all I can say is that Judaism does not endorse rape, whether of adults or children. You can get that by the Torah itself, no need to dive into the Talmud. And no one wants to replace the constitution with Halakah. Shariah law? Maybe. Communism and Wokism? Definitely. But not Halakah. Even Israel isn't ruled by Halakah. (Though the ultra orthodox do vote their own values, like anyone can and should)

Have a good one.

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There's a bit of irony in your post.

You're saying that I am misrepresenting Christianity and the idea that those who don't accept Jesus go to Hell, and that there is more to that then I put.

Fair enough.

So why is it too difficult to be on the other side of the coin, that you might have misconceptions related to the Talmud? If I represented false ideas of Christianity, is it possible you can have false ideas of Judaism, or indeed the Talmud?

There is actually lot of things contested in the translations of the Talmud. I had some interesting conversations with a scholar who went into the history of the Talmud and its editions, which is worth putting into a discussion.

There are some distinctions in Hallacha -- Jewish law -- between Jews and gentiles. It may sound odd, but you might consider that America -- or any nation -- would have different laws applicable to, say, citizens and foreigners.

Some time ago I was discussing someone who was taking a similar position to you, and comparing his arguments with the authority I mentioned. He was very filled with rage -- he did not care about counter arguments but called me many insulting names.

One of the positions he took was "why does the Talmud promote the marriage of young children?"

The authority, when I asked him and showed him the passage, laughed and said that this hater of the Talmud, if he read three pages further, would have found a passage that said the best thing to do is to marry a girl when she's of the age of majority and has a voice in who she would like to marry -- the opposite of his claim.

Why two apparently contradictory passages in the Talmud?

Well, in the ancient world, it wasn't uncommon to betroth children in arranged marriages. It seems odd to us, but it was more common in those times.

Also, there's the question on Talmudic passages on why girls who are molested at a young age count as virgins. The answer to that is because if a molested girl was no longer a virgin, that damaged her prospects for getting married at a later age. Instead, it is considered not the same, so she's allowed to grow up and get married as per normal, and get on with her life.

These are the kind of questions the Talmud deals with. It will sound strange when plucked devoid of context. "What? Why would it say a molested girl counts as a virgin? Are they saying it's okay?" No, it's not saying that at all; it's saying that should not count against her concerning her eligibility for marriage.

These are the kind of misconceptions that prop up in these conversations.

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If the United States was enforcing the seven laws of Noah on the populace, you may notice they are doing a terrible job. Outlawed sexual immorality? The Rainbow Jihad is one of the most powerful groups in America today. Do not deny or blaspheme G-d? Most entertainers and politicians do. So if you're concerned about the United States enforcing the laws of Noah on the population, I think that's quite unfounded. Whatever the globalist menace is that threatens us, it is not about to impose any sort of religious fundamentalism, unless you mean the fundamentalism of the new religion of "Woke."

So if there's any political stuff going on about the laws of Noah, it's probably the standard ceremonial crap for one demographic or another.... a "such and such" history month. Because, like I said, no one with eyes can believe that we're living under any form of the Noahide laws.

The Talmud is another story entirely. There's a lot of lies spread about it, but at its root it is a difficult book to read as Rabbis discuss the limits of the law, incorporating both the written and oral traditions. The naive reader reads some of the extreme decisions and interprets that as being commonplace, rather than realizing that they are examining the limits of the law, not it's everyday application.

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What action am I defending? I defended no action.

I agree-- if, as a Christian, you already follow the Noahide laws, then you're already among the righteous as far as Judaism is concerned.

Nor have I met any Chabadist or Talmud-educated Jew who tried to force me to follow them. They can encourage, suggest, give ideas for baby steps to observance, but never have they -- or I -- advocated forcing anyone to follow these laws of Halacha.

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Too bad. You might learn something.

Like it or not, there are people who hate Jews. It's even recorded in an old book you might have read, called the Bible.

Again, the Noahide laws are not to be enforced on non-Jews. I've never heard of that kind of direct application from any source. It's to be followed by those that want to become more righteous and closer to G-d. Just like Jews never forced you to eat kosher.

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I don't know what that guy is on -- there are people who hate Jews who come up with fantastic stories.

I listed the Noahide laws for you, the seven laws of Noah. Here's what it means.

Muslims believe that only people who believe in Allah AND that Mohammad is his messenger, have a shot at paradise.

Christians (correct me if I'm wrong) tend to hold the position that ONLY those who accept Jesus as lord and savior get their sins cleansed to enter heaven. The rest go to Hell.

Both of these faiths are pretty hostile to outsiders from this particular view. The tribesman from a remote jungle who never heard of Jesus goes to Hell, even if there was no method for him to learn of the Christian message due to geography.

Judaism doesn't do that.

There is a path for the righteous whether they be Jew or Gentile.

The seven laws of Noah are applicable for all human beings. A non-Jew who follows them is considered to be among the righteous.

Jews actually have a harder time, with the 613 commandments of the Torah.

The Jews get 613. The Gentiles get 7.

This is why Rabbis traditionally discourage converts. A gentile who wants to become Jewish is supposed to be turned away three times. "It's easier as a gentile, just follow the seven laws of Noah and you'll be judged among the righteous. There is no need to make things harder by adding 606 commandments to your allotment."

Only if he comes a third time do you take him seriously as a potential convert.

Again, I'll list them for you. You don't need a website that tells you this is some super-secret recipe for Jewish conquest of the world.

  1. Do not Deny G-d.
  2. Do not Blaspheme G-d.
  3. Do not Murder.
  4. Do not engage in sexual immorality. (Incest, Adultery, homosexuality)
  5. Do not Steal
  6. Do not eat from a limb torn from a living animal.
  7. Establish courts of justice.

That's it.

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Is there something objectionable within the Noahide laws? There are only seven of them, and I figure none are particularly controversial. (Don't profane G-d, don't curse G-d, don't murder, don't eat from a limb torn from a living animal, don't steal, don't commit sexual immorality, and establish courts of justice).

There's a lot of back and forth between the Ultra Orthodox in Israel and the more secular Jews. It's a conflict that may not be as dramatic as the Sunni and Shia or Catholic and Protestant, but there's some resentment to those who think the Orthodox collect welfare checks without serving in the army, versus the orthodox who believe they're maintaining Israel's spiritual health. (Though I think they have more in their defense that doesn't his the airwaves that often, though I'm not well-versed enough in the issues to make the case for them.)

So I looked up the names you cited. Granted, I'm just glancing at the wikipedia entries, but here's what it seems to indicate: Felix Sater is a mobster, but his entry said nothing about his religious affiliations, Chabad, Lubavichter, or otherwise. So I'm not sure how he's more representative than Bugsy Siegal, Meyer Lansky, or other members of the Jewish Mafia. Berel Lazar seems fairly influential within the Russian Jewish community and is on good relations with Putin. But other than that, what's the controversy? In fact, it seems the Deep State is not happy with Putin these days, since they got a lot of assets tied up in Ukraine. Where Zelensky is Jewish (though not a particularly good one) and Zelensky's "heroes" who are fighting Russia have Nazi ideologies. Probably a real life representation of the tug-o-war meme, if you know what I mean.

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I don't know about Schneerson at all (and I know a few things). From what I gather the Jewish Deep State members tend to be the atheistic ones.... the Soros types who don't consider themselves Jewish at all and happily betray fellow Jews to their enemies.

My current Chabad Rabbi (Can't say if he's a Lubavitcher or not) is from Canada. A few months ago he went home to visit his parents for a weekend. When he came back I asked him how Canada was.

He said: "It's a giant prison camp now."

Good guy.

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Look, I'd be delighted if Obergefell got overturned. Same sex marriage mocks the institution, and it overturned dozens of elections by a 5-4 vote.

But I don't know ANY conservatives who have any interest in preventing interracial marriage. That's part of their boogyman demonization.

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You know what's funny? Tell me if this is like churches or not...

Some years ago I went back to my childhood synagogue. It was reform when I was a kid. They moved to a new building across town. MUCH bigger. Much nicer looking. And it had a woman Rabbi. Who was an absolute leftist kook. Freaking gripes about how little Walmart pays its employees.... during Yom Kippur.

Since then I spend more time at Chabad than the more "mainstream" synagogues. Chabad operates in these tiny spaces. A few rooms off of a strip mall. Half the time the service is at the Rabbi's house. Very conservative mindset, far more interested in what the Torah says than the news on the vine. And they do it in tiny spaces.

Makes me think of the High Sparrow in Game of Thrones who couldn't stand the huge, fancy church in the square of the capital, and preferred the tiny building below it, cramped, cheap, made of stone and faith.

Are churches the same way?

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I read this in Kennedy's book on Fauci. Even he said it was a theory -- but an important one and there may be some "there, there."

I knew of people who died of AIDS from blood transfusions, so how does this explain that?

And on the other hand, there were the "buyer's club" of gay men buying medicines from Mexico that actually did help with AIDS symptoms... because Fauci blocked all treatments except AZT (sound familiar?). There was even a movie on this subject.

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So you totally avoid my question.

Even the word "Semite" is a relatively recent invention.

Yes, Arabs and Jews are both Semites. That does not make them interchangeable.

Frenchmen and Germans are both Caucasian, European nations. That does not make them interchangeable, nor does it mean they get to freely occupy each other's territory.

And I imagine English and Irish are of a similar genetic stock as well. I guess that's why they always got along swimmingly.

Judaism is a belief structure shared by a common group of people. YET, you can still join that group if you wish. Just like you can be from Africa or Asia and make your way to England or America, take the oath, and become a lawful member just like everyone else.

EVEN if one is descended from a Khazarian convert rather than the tribe of Judah, one is still a Jew. Ruth was the first convert, and from her line comes King David, and from his line will come the Messiah.

So saying: "Hey, you're not of Semitic stock!" Doesn't matter. They accepted the spiritual inheritance, and get to be part of the nation.

This "You have to be a Semite in the land of Semites." Well, you made that up. You can use that argument, I suppose. Then a lot of countries are in trouble. The United States must be returned in full to the Native Americans. Anyone white in South Africa had better leave now. And so forth.

At least Jews are the descendants of an actual kingdom that was in the last of Eretz Yisrael for hundreds of years. Most Americans don't even have that.

And what rights to the Muslism have? You make it sound like they won convert through persuasion and logic. Not so. Jihad. Invasion and give the local population a choice to "Convert or Die." Or if you were a monotheist "Convert, Die, or live under our Jim Crow system."

Is that your moral method of acquiring territory?

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Trying to decide if you're serious enough to respond to.

If you want to say every place in the world changed sides by force of arms, fair enough. The Jews won against Islam, so now it's theirs.

If you want to say some people have an ancestral attachment to the land, then Jews have that.

I often wonder ....

Mecca is the city Muslims pray to.

Suppose Mecca was conquered by China. They killed a lot of Muslims, threw many out, and destroyed much of the city, including the Kaaba. Demolished it into a pile of rubble.

Let's say China holds onto Mecca for 500 years.

Then China loses its grip on Mecca, losing it to a country that doesn't even exist yet. Let's called it Toobies to pick a word out of thin air.

So the nation of Tooby shows up, drives out the Chinese, and then takes over Mecca. The Toobys hold Mecca, we'll say 200 years.

Some Muslims show up after having been disposed. For 700 years they held the dream of getting back to their holy city. The get a bunch of themselves together, and drive out the Toobys, reclaiming Mecca.

Now the Toobys say: "Hey! What are you Muslims doing? That is our ancestral homeland! We've been there 200 years, you thieves!"

Would the Muslims care?

Or would they say: "Fuck you, this was our central religious point for thousands of years, heck we had it before you were even on the map! And we're home now, so fuck off!"

Which is pretty much what Jews get to say now that they returned to Jerusalem.

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