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Someone took this image and made it anti-vaxx (such as replacing 'I trust my own immune system' with some sheep-ish phrases).

Does anyone happen to have that meme/cartoon?

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This is a tactic they seem to use when not enough people have complied.

Keep trying to trick people into thinking the deadline is soon, so, a few fold and get it out of fear.

If that doesn't thin the hold-outs enough, postpone, and try again a month or two later. Keep repeating tactic.

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Same thing with my grandfather. Had his driver's license taken away, as a result.

As I understand it COVID-jab treatments, like Ivermectin, are effective because they work against the spike proteins generated as a result of the jab.

But memory issues, I would suspect these are less directly about the spike proteins, and more-so to do with prions.

There's a recent post here which I've begun reading but haven't got through yet. Perhaps there's something in there which will help you with understanding the 'why', so that you can start addressing 'how to treat' better.



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It was part of the original MSM narrative as a drug that might work for COVID (and it's expensive, of course).

Turns out, it performs slightly worse than not taking anything at all for COVID. Source: Dr. Richard Fleming.

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There are ten different themes/backgrounds. Ranging from light to dark.

To change themes, see here, second image.

For a preview of each theme, see Question #2 here of the FAQs.

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Much of this information I found here on Great Awakening.

I haven't vetted the material myself (no need yet), though, I've sent it to a number of friends/family who could use it. Told them it's a good place to start digging & verify for themselves.

See the various comments within that thread for some thoughts on what is true/untrue.

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Thank you RoofTopTendie, you're appreciated as well!

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Is the reason you won’t speak up, because you know that you just don’t know enough, and don’t want to get beat and humiliated in a public debate?

The former.

Prior to these COVID jabs, I didn't really have any doubts about vaccines. As long as there was sufficient safety testing, which I assumed there was (while also believing it could have been much less safe during the earliest vaccines).

Now, I wouldn't take another one again, without seriously digging into the anti-vaxx claims first before making the decision. Maybe some have a worse risk/benefit ratio than others, for example. Are any worth the risk? I simply don't know at this point. What is clear to me though is that these mRNA jabs are bad news.

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Hey MD,

No, I hadn't seen it. Been far less active on Great Awakening the past 1.5-2 months or so (i.e., check it once or twice a day at most, whereas I used to scan literally all of the new thread titles everyday before).

Thank you for sharing it with me. I'll take a look tomorrow evening sometime and get back to you soon.

Without having seen it, I can say this: I'm aware of the jab-prion connection, and at one point had learned about the mechanism that causes it (which I've since forgotten the details of). I was unaware of the COVID-prion connection, though, it probably would make sense if the mechanism involves the spike protein.

My best geuss, without having looked into it, is even if you could have the prion issue from COVID (without the jab), the jabbed folks would have a much bigger problem with it, given that their bodies would continuously produce spike proteins (and thus creating the conditions for the other issues, if I recall correctly).

Dr. Richard Fleming quickly goes over the prion-creation mechanism in this video. It's a long video, the first two thirds have a lot of interesting content in it though (the last third are 'action steps' to take to fight the jab madness). His work is definitely worth the watch if you want to learn more about the medical mechanics of COVID, more-or-less in laymen's terms.

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If the searches don't turn up enough, and this thread isn't as fruitful as you hope, my next step if I were you would be to search other communities as well (e.g., Pats, KIA2, etc.).

Then , maybe try some searches on right wing media outlets, probably starting with ones which are more COVID centric.

A long list of them are here:


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My pleasure.

Took me months here to figure that out, by accident.

Just try different keywords (one at a time), various spellings of them, common mis-spellings, spaces in words which ought not to have spacings (or vice versa ... an example being "great awakening" vs. "greatawakening"), and so forth.

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I don't have the resources you request on hand.

But I do have a suggestion of how to better utilize the search function here.

First go to communities.win, from there go to Great Awakening (rather than directly to great awakening.win). Then search. This will work much better when flipping through to pages 2, 3, 4, and so forth.

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Thank you.

An alternative I've used in the past is https://gofile.io/ , though, it isn't quite as easy/quick to use as catbox was.

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It's a website where you can easily upload files (up to 200 MB), which then pops out a link, for you to share.

It was/is commonly used here on Great Awakening, as well as, some of the other WIN communities.

They had a donation request on the front page, with their monthly costs. For months, they had been operating at a loss of a few hundred dollars/month. That might explain it going down (if this is permanent).

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It would be nice to see the full clip.

My best guess is that this is not the "expert"/hack trying to attack the jabbed, directly anyways.

Yes, she did say that the jabbed "have to be careful around the un-jabbed, because they could still give it to the un-jabbed". So, that keeps the fear higher in the jabbed (i.e., the ones who have drunk the kool-aid will not want to visit their un-jabbed grandmas anymore, out of fear of "killing grandma" again).

The way I see this getting spun in the near future is "the only way to 'protect' everyone is the jab everyone, including the children".

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