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I love how many of you still be live we can vote our way out of the bullshit happening in America right now.

Specially after what happened in 2020..... it's beyond stupid to me.

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Zero way they will let him back into the white house, it isn't even a question.

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Also, go look at the amount of oil that is used in the turbine... and what happens when those turbines leak everywhere.

Each turbine holds between 80-100 gallons of oil that must be replaced every year.

But hey, that's some clean energy right there.

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Hahahahaha, they aren't going to raid other presidents houses... I don't know how so many of you haven't figured this out yet.

If Trump was TRUELY an outsider like he claims, the will be dealt with like an outsider.

I mean like it or not, they are not going to allow him to run in 2024...

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lol... Soon guys.

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Yep. There is no common ground to be found with faggotry... period.

The reason we are in the situation we are right now is because we turned a blind eye to this shit for too long, at the time we knew they would eventually go after the kids, and we were right.

Stop giving faggots a pass on anything... even the "based" ones.

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Yeah I agree, I mean with Liz you know what you are getting... and it's a bunch of garbage.... so you have to get someone new in there, hopefully she will do a good job.

I just worry mostly because a lot of the seats like hers are SUUUUUPER ripe, so you put a democrat wolf in sheeps clothing in there, say a bunch of shit that they know will make us happy..... then they control both sides and win either way.

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Yep, tell the crowd exactly what they want to hear.... and they will cheer. That is for certain.

Doesn't mean she will do or follow through with any of it.

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We all know this shit wasn't over fries. A black baby momma and her son arguing with another black dude working at McDonalds..... We have seen these videos time and time again, they don't know how to deescalate a situation, proven more by the fact that the dude was outside on the sidewalk when he was shot.

Had he just asked them to leave, instead of most likely getting into an insult match with the mom and the son, over stupid fries, he would probably be alive, I'm sure a full video would tell this tale.

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idk man, I don't want to see anyone hurt by the "vaccine" but I warned them, I warned all of them.... most of them think I'm a crazy conspiracy nut.

Meanwhile my brother who is in the navy vaccinated and boosted had covid for 2 weeks and has lost some of his lung capacity.

I'm 10 years older, and have some comorbidities, I had covid for like 36 hours and it was gone, It was basically the flu for me.

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Voting is back on the table boys.

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This is what the feds do... from Ruby Ridge, to Waco, to Oklahoma city, Governer Witmer assassination....etc.

PAT-CON look it up.

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Yep, cutting the cord on all the NFL bullshit has made my life better, between August and January I basically lived for the weekends, to watch the Panthers basically get destroyed more times then not.

It's so nice not having to care anymore.

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