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After knowing what this really means, it's so fucking obvious and scary.

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The scarcest fucking thing to me is the fact that we have NO IDEA what the fuck are inside of these things, and people are just lining up to get them.

Want to participate in society....? Better take this shot filled with god knows what.... ugh

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Here in Korea they just go likes lambs to the slaughter... everyone is getting vaxed, next to nobody is asking questions, 99.9% of people wear masks, put them on their 3 month old babies....

I thought once they started pushing the vax here their would be some type of push back, but it's seen as a status symbol here if you are vaccinated. The person at my local 7/11 asked me which brand I had, he was so proud to tell me his.

I mean it's a losing battle here, I'll just have to fly under the radar.

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Oh I know, I fully expect Korea to be taken over by China when shit goes south.... I'll run an underground insurgency while I'm working in the iphone factories.... :P

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Yep. I'm a diabetic and I can 100% say they don't treat anything. I was fat as fuck about 5 years ago and through all the fucking meds and shots and bullshit, none of it worked, they just up the meds, more shots, more units. None of them told me to stop putting food in my food hole and hit a fucking gym a few times a week.

Well I stopped putting food in my food hole and I walk 6 miles a day and I'm down 100 pounds and almost off all of my meds, meanwhile my doctor is still telling me fasting is dangerous.... and trying to put me on new meds to suppress my appetite.

Although the one plus is here in Korea the meds are CHEAP AS FUCK. I pay about 20 bucks for a doctor visit and meds, where in America I was paying hundreds, really shows what we could do if we had closed borders and a society that wasn't trying to live off of government hand outs.

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Yep, he use to be SUPER open minded to, I remember he share with me this LONG conspiracy video about Egypt and sun gods and how it controls everything and how the Federal reserve is bad, I forget the name of the video, but it was like 2 hours long, so at the time, he was more aware of this shit then I was.

He literally said to me bout the vaccine, the government wouldn't do anything to harm the troops intentionally....lol

Oh he also took me and our mom off his security clearance contacts... lol

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Yeah, I just decided I'm not going to talk with him about it. I mean he lives in Japan, I live in Korea, I refused to get vaxxed... so the way it's going now I really doubt I will get to see him any time soon, if ever.... which is so fucked considering he's only an hour flight away.

But you are right... :/ sad times

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I just ordered a bunch and got it delivered here in South Korea. I heard about it on Crowder a month or so ago.

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Sorry to hear about that :/ It's truly crazy times we are living in. My brother is vaxxed and he thinks I'm crazy for not getting it.

I live in Korea and everyone here is getting vaxxed, they aren't even questioning it, it's like a status symbol to them. There is suck a hive mind here that they will probably be a 90% vaxxed if there is enough to go around in 6 months or so... when then I imagine vaccine passports are coming.

I take my son to the park, he's 1.5 years old and all the kids at the park have masks, so me protecting my son from this garbage means my son has to stare at dead eyed kids... when I know the question is coming when he can talk...."Dad, why is everyone wearing a mask but me.....?" I see fucking infants who are less then 3 months old with masks on their faces.

I'd move back to the states, but I feel like honestly it's more fucked there then it will be here at the moment.

idk, something has gotta give soon on all of this shit.

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Yep... I mean I would never yell at my brother or cut communications, because my dad and his brother were like that, they didn't talk for years and years. But when I told my brother about the vaccine killing people he was just like, well you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.... it really pissed me off.

it's just really fascinating to me honest the level at which he is brainwashed and if I had to guess it mostly coworkers at his job... he only hears our side from me and our mom, but he is convinced we are crazy.

I did tell him, eventually, when they are taking away rights, they will get to something you care about and when that happens, it will most likely be too late to do anything about.

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My brother is in the Navy and I play online video games with him and his Navy buddies, they ALL got the shot months and months ago. My brother jumped at the chance, now he's team vax all the way, thinks I'm crazy for not getting it. He actually told me if we live in a society, we need to be accountable to other people inside that society, if that means take a vaccine for the good of everyone...

2 years ago I was EXTREEMLY close to getting him red pilled and voting for Trump, but now this is how far he has backslid on this shit.

Love my bro, but his thinking on everything is just so ass backwards now he just in general doesn't get it at all. I would describe my brother as probably the quintessential normy.... he just has no clue at all really.

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The longer this goes with out something positive happening for us and America in general, the more I think it was just something created to placate us into inaction... and really if that is the case then it's been too late to do anything for years and years if they are that far ahead.

The biggest positive in my life has been finding my way back to some understanding of God and Christianity.... after being a pretty hardcore atheist, I'm still not 100% on board... but I'm getting there... specially seeing all that is happening in the world right now.

I do think an awakening is happening.... but it will be up to the people, us to make anything come from it. The masses will never wake up to this as long as there is tic toc and grub hub... it's a lost cause.

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lol voting, I'm not voting in 2024

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At this point, when they figure this all out, we will be well into Kamala Harris 1st term after another stolen election.

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Difference is 3 of those pictures are of communists.

One of those was someone fighting communism.

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I mean it took democrats about a 3 months to throw 6 people in jail and run a scam impeachment, while only controlling 1 branch of government.

ZERO way anyone goes to jail with democrats controlling all parts of government.

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Yeah i've watched like 10 videos now, refreshing to see someone rap about truth, instead of money and hoes

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