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Check out what theytube is shoving in the face of anyone dumb enough to still use them. Open and hover the demonic eyes upper left corner.

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Is this really due to the policies in Idaho or WA DC? The Idaho Gov told the WA Governor to go f himself and his breaching of the Snake River Dams. So the snake (Inslee) in WA went to DC and found an agency to accomplish what his handlers told him to do. I always thought the Idaho Gov was one of the few good ones in the Western US?

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It's called "the pause", "...and it was necessary."

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A great service was made today by a great patriot exposing just how corrupt our legal system has become. The ground has been laid for said patriot to begin the correction.

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Society no longer tries to "avoid the near occasion of sin" - instead society seeks and embraces it.

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You'd almost think there was an election count going on in that courtroom.

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