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And then what, though?

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Lol you still support Tucker?? Wtf.. he literally called trump a demonic force and said he hates him

Tucker will support and back Desantis. Mark my words

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I think it’s a conspiracy to get trump away from the presidency and bring in Desanctimanonious

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Anyone else notice how suddenly everybody is turning on trump? Fox News, daily wire, Candace Owens. Go look at r/conservative on Reddit. Every single post and comment Is Anti trump

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Yup, that’s a conspiracy in itself. Get a bunch of people to start thinking literally everything is a conspiracy, and eventually you can’t see the trees for the forest or whatever the fuck the saying is

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Way to spread fake news

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You’re literally believing in fake news and you’re acting completley retarded. Do you know how hard it would be to pull that off with so many people in on it.

It’s insane you think that is more likely than the government just killing them

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Lol do you realize how retarded that is? You’re saying all the children were in on it, all the parents, all the friends, all the paramedics, all the police, all the hospital workers, everybody was in on it?

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This doesn’t make sense. Since when do cops need to radio in request to shoot someone before they do so? This wasn’t a hostage situation at the time or anything like that. The guy was fleeing from the cops after having murdered someone, people are shot by police like that all the time without radioing in for permission

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Yeah probably because of people like you mockingly saying that nobody has died from Covid. You really can’t understand that thought process? You’re being stupid

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So the post said no politician died of Covid and then someone points one out that did and we just say he was killed? With no evidence?

And why would they kill him? You’re being dumb and making true conspiracies look fake by doing so

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Lmao ok dude, you’re absolutely delusional and whining like a little snowflake

You gave me a jre, I said ok and gave you one also, and you started crying like a baby

You’re a weirdo. You’re emotional like a woman from all the hormones in your meat

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Lmao a maze? Just eat enough calories with protein fat and carbs, it’s not hard.

If you eat only chicken you are going to serious deficiencies. And if you eat at a caloric deficiency you are going to feel like shit

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