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Thank you for sharing these links about Racine, Wisconsin.

It is very appreciated.

We have spent more time on Twitter and Telegram lately, but it's good to see The Truth being shared still here on WIN.

Only together with Jesus Christ and The Truth is the Root exposed, the Agenda revealed and the Mark of the Beast denied.

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Did everyone forget how soft Tucker Carlson was with Kanye West and Elon Musk? Or how Tucker ignored the real story about Kyle Rittenhouse and what happened in Kenosha and Racine? Or how he gave a pass to his family friend Hunter Biden? Or how he never dug into the rigged election and the role Racine, Wisconsin played?

Or how he never discussed the 8th Wonder of the World in Racine, Wisconsin? Or how he never exposed the dark secrets of Paul Ryan and why Paul Ryan really resigned from public office?

Does Tucker know why Joe Biden made the “highly unusual move” in Racine, Wisconsin in the 2020 primary election?

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The irony of your name is not lost.

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All of the global elite know the significance of Racine.

One Word exposes everything. It is what they fear most.

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Where is the “most affordable housing market” in the U.S. and world? Why?

It is Racine, Wisconsin.



Who has been purchasing the land and housing?

The Truth about Racine has been shared since the beginning.

The connections to Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Bank have been shared since the beginning.

Racine is the Root that connects every branch of the Agenda. Why?

Expose the Root.

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We have discussed Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Bank for many years. Why?

Is Peter Thiel one of the “good” guys? What is the purpose of VC? Ashton Kutcher knows.

Who is purchasing land and homes throughout the nation?

How is wealth created, transferred and laundered?

What are Elon and others working toward?

Is the current financial situation “sustainable” and what do the elites behind the banking system really want?

What are the IMF and BIS?

How do they control industries? How do they control communities?

Are big tech and big banks “too big to fail,” and how do they destroy and control those who threaten their networks?

What are the various forms of enslavement? What is the formula used?

Will everyone own nothing and be happy?

Who controls Racine, Wisconsin and why? Who controls the banks and community foundation in Racine?

Why will no media dare expose Racine, despite its extreme connections to rigged elections, Zuckerberg, SBF’s mom, Obama Foundation, CTCL, COVID, vaccines, Zika, Ukraine, race wars and riots, sustainability and Agenda 21, smart cities, community policing, propaganda, censorship, education, Art in Embassies and of course the secret societies that everyone knows still function behind the curtain?

Racine, Wisconsin is the Root that connects every branch of the Agenda.

by BQnita
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What is the real purpose of Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Bank?

Who has been discussing them for years?

How do they control industries and communities? Who picks winners and losers? How are tech companies and oligopolies accountable and able to operate without profitability? How are big banks able to operate beyond their assets? Who funds the bailouts? What is centralized digital currency? Why are people in Chicago being paid to do nothing? Why are people in Racine, Wisconsin being paid for their vaccines and boosters? What did the lockdowns provide? What did the COVID payments provide?

This is closely orchestrated.

Same with the J6 exposure. Same with the Ukraine escalation.

Why are they still pushing COVID vaccines?

Why did nothing happen regarding the elections?

What have insiders known for years? What really happened in 2008?

What is the Freemason motto?

What business did Sam Johnson claim he should have focused on and why?

Why will no media dare touch the story of Racine, including its connections with Silicon Valley Community Foundation and Bank?

Who did Bill Biggerstaff meet with during his time in Racine, Wisconsin?

What foundation controls Racine?

Who controls the the largest privately held, family-owned financial services company in Wisconsin?

Who controls Tech Prize in Racine, Wisconsin?


What is the role of Foxconn Industrial Internet? What is Wisconn Valley?

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Paul Ryan did not resign from public office to spend time with family.

Will Tucker ever expose the Root and model district used to rig the elections?

He mentioned the “club” they all belong to, but wouldn’t go into any detail.

He surely knows about Racine.

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Anyone can pay for a degree.

He follows orders.

Who gives him the orders?

How much has he worked since his big promotion?

Has he been successful?

Who is in charge of the billion dollar referendum?

Who has benefited from the referendum?

How were district employees used to control elections and recounts?

What happened through COVID?

What roles does his wife play?

What groups are they affiliated with?

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