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Silicon Valley Bank is shut down by regulators in biggest bank failure since Global Financial Crisis


Is this shutdown a legit whitehat response to financial corruption that was uncovered or is it a blackhat effort to hide payments made to Silicon Valley for all their censorship work?

When our financial system starts to crumble, the FDIC does not have enough money to ensure all the banks. From what I read is they only have enough money to ensure 1% of all the bank deposits.

FDIC has $125 Billion in total.


The FDIC insures over $10 trillion of deposits in U.S. banks.


That equates to aprox 1%. If there is a collapse across all banking systems, 99% of the people will get screwed.

You have to wonder, are they shutting down specific banks first so the people at the top get their money out of the FDIC before the rest of us get screwed?

I have always believed this movie will not come to an end until the current financial system is destroyed. Ridding ourselves of the current money printers is crucial, the Federal Reserve. They are taxing us to death on money printed from thin air, sending our wealth back to the Rothchilds who then pay the globalists to enslave us.

We have heard lots of rumbling about a coming recession. I think it will be much worse than that. I have said in the past, the scare event could be people blocked from their money. If we go into a hyperinflationary event or there is a Dominoe collapse of all the banks, everyone will be awake at that point.

We have a lot of evidence coming out right now, how do you gain everyone's attention and say, "Hey look at this"? A financial collapse would certainly grab everyone attention, .....now lets show you the extent of the corruption.

Will SVB bank closure be the first Dominoe? Its coming but when?

Stay safe!!!