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Taking a dirt nap in Cuba.

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And after all these years I thought people were innocent until proven guilty. I guess we need to change it to innocent if demonitized by Youtube for allegations.

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" Strength and Honor!"

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Roger Goodell's mission in life is to destroy the NFL like the good Demon he is.

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Fortunately there is nothing of value in Austin.

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I've seen stories of thirty four quadrillion dollars in value. That's fifteen zeros!

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Allegedly, there is a tunnel that runs from the Vatican to Jerusalem that is sixty feet wide and forty feet tall. That's where the gold was stored.

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Every 100 bars of gold weigh 2,700 lbs. If you're moving fourteen quadrillion dollars of gold you ain't doing it in minivans.

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I'll take "In Handcuffs" for $500...

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I've wondered about that. I'm holding out hope that Satan, being the deceiver, will not "honor" his deal and betray his promise to the fools that follow him.

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Screw "Secret Courtrooms" I want to see the demons squirm as the testify, I want to see the blood rush from their faces as their sentences are handed out and most of all I want to see these Demons HANG as that noose snaps their necks.

They've killed millions of us and we deserve nothing less!

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As Daffy Duck used to say in the old wartime Warner Bros. Cartoon " Those Nazis are Nutsy!".

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I got excited the last time they did this to no avail. I'll get excited again when they start building the gallows on the lawn.

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I think her touch on Mc Connell's hand was a trigger for a post hypnotic suggestion. God only knows what or why he was "triggered".

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