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Clearly the Hand of God is upon Pres. Trump.

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Try'em, Convict'em and Hang'em, see I fixed it.

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I was teasing a former Marine friend of mine by saying "The most dangerous weapon on earth is a Marine with a rifle" he quickly corrected me a said "The most dangerous weapon on earth was a Second Lieutenant with a map"!

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Because insurance companies aren't paying death benefits if you took an experimental drug?

by skytlrh
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The proper response to Colorado is for all the border states to inundate Colorado will illegal aliens by the thousands. It would be punishment for Colorado and a deterrent to any state wanting to remove Trump from the ballot.

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Hitler offered to export the Jews to England and America, FDR (Democrat) and Winston Churchill both refused. Look it up.

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I don't trust this guy with his rolled up sleeves, blue shirt and undone tie. He's an actor playing a role.

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