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Well, Ron DeSantis has actually put forth MAGA agenda through his actions in Florida. Whereas, Lin Wood has…posted cryptic words for years. I’ll keep my chips on the person who is getting shit done, rather than the person who is endlessly stirring shit up. Lin Wood should gtf on board. DeSantis is a revelation.

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Yes. Out of the blue, my gynecologist put signs up that she is permanently closing her office! I’m scheduled to have surgery with her next week and was like WTF. She said I’ll be able to have my six week follow up but then she closes in August. Now I’m wondering if I should just cancel and find another but everything is all set with insurance etc. I’m not sure what to do

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You are so talented!!! God bless you

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One of my favorites… so need this. Thank you. Amen

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Canadians really should be proud! I hope we Americans follow that lead. God speed patriots

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This is freaking hilarious and spot on

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Just have to say Fren that your post title is one of the funniest damn things I have read on this site. Top kek

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