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Just stop...you're very transparent in what you're trying to do here.

True MAGA supporters will not be swayed by this because they know how this all works. The fake news, RINO's and D's have been trying to set up POTUS Trump for the last 6 years.

We've all seen it many times before.

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I'm thinking this, too.

It seems as though with the Balenciaga story, people were starting to "wake up" and now there are so many distractions with Kanye, that people are losing their FOCUS.

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Thanks for the history of where the term originated.

It' more of a personal matter for me because I find they have very little "liberal" views and they are all about conforming to one type of thought.

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And I'm sure she will never correlate the shots she's taken with any of her symptoms.

My brother and I had this conversation earlier today...how the people who have taken them just block it all out and can never fathom the institutions such as the CDC, FDA or other government agencies would ever deceive them about the safety of the "vaccines".

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Best to refer to them as the Left...if they were truly "liberal", they wouldn't be offended by everything.

It's such a misnomer because these people are all about control.

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Oh yes, I remember the orange flavored aspirin.

I don't think I've ever had sliced beetroot as a kid, but like beets now.

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Yes...out for a few days from school and then everything was fine.

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Do you actually think this is feasible...that an unpopular person such as Cheney could be elected speaker?? Didn't she lose her race by double digits and her name is being brought up for this?

It's so off the wall...

I can see why POTUS Trump's name is brought up, but no reason to bring up Cheney's name.

Not sure what to make of MTG talking about this?

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Is this from when they were in the White House or current at Mar-a-Lago?

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This was a good compilation from the 2016 campaign...brought back many good memories from that time.

Thanks for posting.

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Yes, it must have meaning.

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If this is true, it is the same day that Kennedy was shot in Dallas in 1963.

(If true) Interesting coincidence.

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On the board of Fox News...this tells you everything, especially why Fox is covering the same stories, the same way as CNN and MSNBC,

They have a few Trump supporters, but overall not the same type of coverage they had a few years ago when Ailes was in charge.

I don't watch it (since November of 2020), but my parents do sometimes and from what they say, it definitely seems as though they are skewing more left and now the fact that they are controlled opposition is more out in the open.

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