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Shitpost? This is 100% fact!

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Yup. Can't happen soon enough.

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I'd feel pretty good too if I knew I was going to destroy them!

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Yes and I like it...just adding a comment.

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Since a 5th gen information war is being waged against us, being silent means you are complicit.

You don't have to be the crazy uncle screaming like a lunatic; learn how to open people's minds subtly. Plant seeds from a seemingly neutral position and carefully water them.

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Love you Ye, but we are owed 4 more years of Trump first and foremost. We can talk after that.

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Keep it up, I'm going to do the same. It was a well-done documentary.

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Gotta scrub the data so they can act stupid when people start asking questions. “What deaths? The data doesn’t show anything statistically significant.”

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Not to mention she's about a 100 years old now...With no adrenochrome to keep her going, she won't last long enough to come back.

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Did anyone catch the comment about standing in the storm and the "my fellow Americans" right after it? Was that a subtle hint to anons?

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I don't know, but I'm shaking with anticipation. IS THIS THE YOU'LL FIND OUT MOMENT FOR THE PRESS? THE STORM IS UPON US?!

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Wow...only losers celebrate losing. You never hear the dems celebrating a loss. PATHETIC.

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Unreal and highly disappointing. He won. That’s weak.

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Zeldin isn't conceding, neither is Kari Lake. I'm hoping this is the moment we clean house. HOLD THE LINE!

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Yes...what a terrible disappointment. There are more anti-Hochul signs up in this state than I've ever seen in my life for any governor including Cuomo. The blatantly unconstitutional gun laws, terrible economy, incoming Chyna-vax for kids requirement for schools (we homeschool anyway), and many other issues have people raging mad.

I also don't believe Lea Webb, who was a train wreck during her time in Binghamton, somehow beat Rich David (who isn't ideal either).

One of the machines at my voting location malfunctioned in front of 20 plus people when I was there to vote. It wasn't registering, and was spitting ballots out the back onto the ground. The election workers did nothing as people complained so we all just used the other machine.

This has to stop.

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Maybe he wasn't a child molester after all???

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That's good to know, but please do not forget.

  1. The CDC has no authority to do that anyway
  2. Even if masks are effective and Chyna was the most deadly disease on the planet, no one has the authority to require them
  3. We The People have the ultimate authority no matter what
  4. We need to keep reminding people of the above 3; even if we prove it was political, they will come up with fake science next time to justify whatever they want to impose.
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Our company announced that our life insurance benefits are going up next year (it's annual enrollment time right now) because the company "paid out more than the policy took in" last year. Gee, I wonder why. Crickets...

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We are going to destroy the deep state on all fronts. Operators are standing by; bring it on!

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Since he's the true President, it's technically still considered Air Force One even though it's not official.

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The Q proofs have been undeniable for a long time...and they just keep coming!

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So now we're to believe that half white/half black people are going to identify only with the white side of themselves and turn into racists against their black side all of a sudden? Quite the flip-flop considering they spent the last forever programming "mixed" people to only identify with their black half. Everyone is being played; bigly. And no, I don't agree with identifying people by the color of their skin.

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