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Forgot to add: Chiefs win VS 49er's...

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Didn't even know this was going on....a very good thing indeed if we can clear our water of any unnatural additives.

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Dave @X22 has been saying this for at least a year, probably much longer.

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They're trying to gain our sympathy by watering things down. "Trump's a bad guy, but his supporters might not be." No, Trump's a great guy, and we fully support him. He might be describing some of the people who don't care for Trump, but vote for him in the end for reasons stated, but not the overwhelming majority of us. There's a psychological term for what they did in the clip...maybe reverse psychology, maybe something a little more complex. I don't buy it...these guys aren't suddenly our friends.

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Let's open up the floodgates against all other businesses that did the same. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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There's only one guy who's name we know for sure ain't legitimately on any of these lists...

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He was going to suspend the 7.65% FICA tax if he was elected in 2020. I’ll never forget that promise. I was so excited to get a huge raise.

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Far right pedo panic? You mean to tell me that Vice is not on the same page as everyone else that pedos get the rope? Huh….

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This inflation is killer, but looking on the bright side - maybe this will force people to stop eating that GMO garbage.

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Haven’t looked into it, but I bet they do. Wayfair has had some very expensive furniture named after missing children. eBay and Amazon may have back doors …there was a good documentary I wish I could find that showed a back door on a French lingerie site that opened up a hidden part of the site with kids on it. I bet it’s wider and deeper than we can imagine.

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Seems like every one of these major sites that seemed to pop up out of nowhere and be popular have this sort of activity going on. It all makes sense now...

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Quite sad actually. Strange how any gun death is a call to ban all guns, but millions of drug deaths, eh! Double standard if I’ve ever seen one.

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Wow, how has this been missed? I've never noticed him say it before.

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You can opt out through religious exemption which we did. The hospitals don't let you know though they just do it. According to my state's law, parental consent isn't required. Total joke.

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This video is crap. Although I hate EVs, I can tell you for a fact Ford is not “shutting down EV production lines.” They aren’t selling well, but to say that they’re shutting down just isn’t true.

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