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The cane goes in the opposite hand of the injured leg. That's how you swing your arm when you're bipedal. Hollywood gets it wrong all the time too.

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That's about how many Chinese spies are living in the USA. Go figure.

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My son had a waitress tell him he had to double up his gaiter. He politely asked her, "what is two times zero"? When she replied "zero", he just doubled it up and said thank you. I am rather proud of my nine year old for dropping little red pills.

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They need more knife control in Japan!

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Winning! He got the school board to make the right decision. He will have his choice of continuing to operate or retire as the outpouring of support will be immense and patients like surgeons who are leaders.

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I was one because he was opposition to HRC. I crossed and stayed because I saw what real opposition was. Still registered as dem to fuck with them in primaries. Never turning my back on DJT!

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It's how you swing your arms when you walk, opposite the leg. Better balance.

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He's going to go on the rock that's just out of the picture to the right.

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They said the ending won't be for everyone. And I don't like this part one bit. Norm will be sorely missed.

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Shills. Remember they are trying to destroy from within.

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Epstein. It already happened. And it would show "future direction".

by Restore
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I have no doubt that he will end up there. The rock on the right will be perfect for his hair. The waiting is killing me.

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