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Those that were indoctrinated into getting along and not judging and tolerance and then COMMUNISM over keeping the commandments and standing up for truth, faith, family, individual responsibility...

You are describing me before I woke up.

well yes they stopped thinking and assumed that would absolve them of responsibility. It will be a tough lesson when they're forced to look at their handiwork honestly.

Absolutely accurate. I am mortified at how slippery the slope actually was. I am deeply saddened that I was a part of that. That I went along with it.

The thing the liberals scream is that slippery slope is a logical fallacy, while they appeal to authority (another logical fallacy) what liberals and progressives fail to tell you when they scream about slippery slope, is that they (the authoritarians using appeal to authority) are the ones forcefully pushing this dogmatic bullshit on the masses.

The slippery slope wouldn't be near as slippery if there weren't thousands of hate fueled Godless atheist pieces of garbage dead set on destroying western and by extension, Christian values in the home, and in every institution of our nation.

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Taft the bastard instituted the Federal Income tax. You wonder why he's dead last.

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Teach your children about Lord Jesus, this is the best thing you can do.

Teach them that Jesus lived, verified by multiple independent chroniclers of eld, in multiple countries.

Teach them about who he is, his character, why he died, and who he offended of the day.

Pray like crazy: I'm praying for your kids and man am I happy to see you found a MAGA gal.

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You're describing "DEMORALIZATION"

It doesn't mean what people think it means. It has not hing to do with morale, but morality.

It means stripping the morality away from a person. If you are demoralized, you will follow what your handlers tell you.

Yuri Bezemenov warned us in the 1970s and 1980s: He was a KGB Soviet defector:

Short video that wraps up his comments: