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I was vaccinated. I have high functioning autism. I think I am sterile. Not my first wife nor my current wife; none of my girfriends have ever been pregnant. I appear to be utterly incapable of producing an heir.

My family line will end with me.

I am a failure as a man in every respect.

I made sinful mistakes with sexual immorality. I was a selfish stupid child.

Giving my heart and life to Jesus was the only good thing ever. I am so thankful to be born again.

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I don't think we can come to an agreement.

  • Soddom was named for the practice of Sodomy. This is where we derive the modern name for sodomy from. God destroyed it by fire and one can go there today and pull the balls of sulfur (brimstone) out of the soil, alongside charred human bones. Those making a practice of this are espousing a heretical viewpoint to make the Bible fit the lifestyle. When one does this, they turn away from God. Their god now lives in their loins. The same as an alchoholic saying they drank wine. The wine was diluted 3 to 10x with water. Wine was for sanitation; preservation. Their God is in the cup. The same with a glutton; God is in their belly.

God cannot be mocked; put in a box; or made to conform. We are the clay; he is the potter. If there be any wisdom in us; we best conform or to destruction we may go.

  • The person they wanted their way with was a male appearing angel of the Lord; not Lot's daughters...

  • The same angel who some hours later destroyed both of these places.

  • Levitical law doesn't only set the law for the Jews; in both Exodus and Leviticus the Ten commandments are stated. It also reveals God's attitude toward sin. God does not change. Much of the law applies to Christians, where Christ has replaced the penalty and reproach with justification by faith. Jesus demonstrates this by stopping a stoning; that those people who think themselves holy were sinful. A holy people justified and held up by the Lord executed judgements that were intended to keep his people holy. Sin does not stop being sin becuase Jesus replaces the punishment with grace.

Jesus says he did not come to abolish the law but to fufill it.

  • I misquoted Matt 19: 3 - 11. Jesus supports the position that for some it's acceptable not to marry. He was questioned by the Pharisees about divorce; The question is asked in response to that statement about divorce by the pharisee; now by the standing by apostles to which God the Son replies.

This IMO should be the aim for those who have this your particular suffering in life. Abstaining is hard to do. I am an adulterer many times over. I made many mistakes. I am trying not to make them anymore.

  • Paul was bathed in the Holy Spirit and a practicer of the law from his youth. He was directly contacted by Jesus and trained up as a missonary; filled with the Holy Spirit; divinely inspired; consistent and without error in his literary works, the episles to each church. God would not have moved the early Churches to include them otherwise. This is universally agreed upon. Paul was not wrong regarding the law nor God's feelings on the matter. Homosexuality is sinful. As is much of what heterosexual couples do.

  • All scripture is profitable for instruction and reproof. 1st Corithinians 14:34 refers to the leadership positions in church as well as unruly behavior by loud questioners in the Church in Corinth. I am a proponent of this; that women should not be in pastoral roles; ot signifies a refusal to submit to the authority of God. As aman must submit to Christ; so too should a woman submit to her husband, God said in response to her failure in the Garden of Eden, that a woman would be. ...and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

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I base my opinion on Romans 11.

We were grafted in through grace. God chose them for a reason; hatred can graft you out.

God's will must be done; not ours. Home isn't here; it's in heaven.

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You're insinuating that Satanic influence has led me to my position...

Particularly; Satan has decieved all. 'Do thou what thou wilt' means to discard God's commandments and live a life as the individual sees fit.

But it also forced me to seek my own relationship with God rather than trust those who claim to know him.

A relationship with God can only come through Christ Jesus, the Son. The emnity of God upon all sinners is only mitigated through Christ Jesus the Son; a perfect, blemishless sacrifice, a sacrifice that mirrors the shedding of innocent blood in the days of the law and prophets, which were fufilled by Christ; not abolished; to include Levitical laws. The Bible teaches that abstinence; to abstain is better than to take a wife. There is an option; but it means that sexual intercourse with other than a wife; is to be abstained from.

You know what God told me, once I had enough faith to listen? That he doesn't care about homosexuality. He expects us to love one another and to respect each others' agency, and to act in accordance with those values.

Friend; I want to talk caution here. We all have to be careful not to re-fashion God into what we want him to be for our purposes. Otherwise we must ask; Did we find God; or what we were looking for? What seems right to you; A God who exhorts self control, or validation and permissivity? It doesn't make sense that the clay could dictate to the potter. I don't think there is a soul alive who hasn't made this mistake. Christians are guilty of this all the same.

He also showed me how the traditional Christian view of the Bible is incorrect on the topic, being based off of mistranslations...

Again, I question that this is God, and not a god fashioned by the world and it's prince. A convincing simulacrum. This is not the God I know and serve. God does not deny himself. The synoptic Gospels festure this prominently. This is an argument made by the pharisees. Levitical 18-22 law (Leviticus) and Romans 1:24-27 in the new testament state the position. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of translations of the Bible, ancient manuscripts, dead sea scrolls, early greek alike. We can both find sources of people who believe the world is flat; and because the believe; no proof will change their minds. This is an intentional twisting of the word to suite the idol. I used to visit prostitutes; I would see strippers. I took anyone to bed who would have me. I'm not different. God condemns in no uncertain terms; what I was doing. I'm not better than you. The word of God in the Law, is reiterated in the New Testament. God does not testify against himself. Tell me that Romans 1:24 to 1:29 does not leap off the page regarding this practice. Paul directly condemned that while filled with the Holy Spirit in direct context to early practitioners trying to do so.

and out-of-context interpretations.

I have cited Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:24-27 plainly state their case; in full context; against many hundreds of years of knowledge; probably hundreds of not thousands of individual translators, Biblical scholars, and even Rabbinical priests.

We can go into that if you like, and I can show you exactly how each passage cited from scripture is incorrectly applied. Suffice to say, after millennia being passed through the hands of men, both honest and deceitful, the original truths have not survived unscathed in the arbitrary compilation that we today call the Bible.

It's clear to me that God is against the practice. I won't debate that. We can disagree; this is all I can offer you. I won't condemn you. I was the same on the heterosexual side; perhaps even worse in many regards. I wish you the best and will be praying for you. God is in control to protect, annoint, and preserve his word. I think this is a replacement of the truth with an idol. Satan is a liar and a trickster. God isn't asleep; he's in control. This is your opportunity on this earth; choosing him or choosing as satan did; to elevate yourself to that position. This isn't your home. We're passing through. This is the litmus test. What will we do here. Will we deny ourselves and pick up our cross; bearing it daily, or will we endulge?

To say that "the Bible has never been wrong"

God is incapable of being wrong; it it is the word of God; it is correct. It has many dozens of fufilled prophecies to cite, and unfolding prophecies this moment from Ezekiel 36-38 happening now.

After 20 years of trying to see it your way, I have identified every flaw in your thinking, because they used to be flaws in my thinking.

My understanding is based on discernment in this matter. God cannot stand against himself, nor would he. Jesus tells the pharisees a parable about a divided house when he is accused of being an agent of beelzebub. What should my estimation be; that God stands against himself; all annointed by his calling are agents of deciept, and most uncharacteristically, that he being God cannot or will not safeguard his word? He condemns that act in the final book of the Bible, Revelations and promises retribution for it. Your estimation is that God does not safeguard his work.

Why then would God bother writing it? It's clear that it wasn't mean for the levites alone; it's clear all of Israel condemened the practice; it's clear all Levitical law applied to all the Jews, and it's clear that the apostle Paul re-iterated that it applied to gentiles as well. It's not legal per the law and the prophets nor for Christians. I still believe you can repent; but if you live a life where the idol is before Christ; will he tell one to depart, for he never knew him? This is a question between God and the soul who asks it; but important to ask.

"Sexual deviancy...You have rightly mentioned heterosexual deviancy; if you want to address declining birthrates, you ought to be focusing on that rather than turning gays into the scapegoat for heterosexual misbehavior

I tried to prominently include that in the comments, in good faith. It's cited as the first, and featured previous to that statement with that consideration. 1 in 5 of Gen Z refer to themselves as LGBTQIA+. Those numbers are changing, fast.

...were to fool a woman into being my beard, marry her, and have kids with her, that would be a supreme act of cruelty.

Celibacy, platonic relationships, service to the body of Christ, to the bride. Lord Jesus said that abstaining was better than than taking a wife.

Are YOU displaying God's love by leaving me trapped in that choice? Or are you choosing your traditional dogmas over God's commandment to love your neighbor?

I am unequivocably choosing to side with God. Loving your neighbor does not mean "agreeing with what they want to do or validating their choices". I have not condemned you. I will condemn the practice; but God is the only righteous judge. God will judge; not me. If you choose to identify your position this way; you have to understand I have no control over the way you percieve me. I can dislike a sin but love a sinner. It's only hard when emnity and pride are in the way.

I do not give a blessing unto that end. I do not agree that any sexual immorality is healthy or good; and I certainly disagree with what you said; but I don't hate you. God does not change when human beings change their minds. I have to choose between God or man. It would be easy to choose man's praise; but it's empty. When I stand before God; he is who I have to have pleased. I am unashamed of that choice.

I wish you all the best. Take care.

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Brother, I still don't think you see where those ideas came from, and who is best served by them.

The difference comes down to what you want, vs what I want. I want a functional society, that doesn't have any sexual deviancy, heterosexual, homosexual, or other. You advocate for a society free to 'do what thou will'

I am looking at the marxist at the top, yes. He conditions these communities to play the victim and then they look the otherway while he uses a number of trojan horses who are 'victims' too to popularize more degeneracy.

Beyond a vote for satanism wrapped in 'progress' what else is gained?

Sexual deviancy is the #1 cause of declining birthrates, which necessitate importing more people. You introduce pornography to set the mind on flesh, you strip people of the need for monogamous relationships that cause children to be born, you give them birth control, you normalize sexual exploration. How many women waste their best years for rearing Children in sexual exploration? Why do you think they promote women in college? Women used to have half a dozen children, regularly. The number has fallen to less than one in the west. How'd this happen? Heterosexual deviancy, a number of other men and women are led away into homosexual deviancy, and now, transexuality.

You reduce the population of fit males, and willing women. Birthrate plummets. An increasing number go into deviancy, hetero and homosexual deviancy, while an ever decreasing amount remain in tradition.

So we know this destroys a society. We know this is a net negative for society, creates widespread STD infestations, Transex misery accounts for 40% suicidality rates (all people who could have been saved by the love of Christ). Lowers the birthrate, causes medical issue that wouldn't exist, complicates language, creates strife.

None of that is good for a people, never mind the missing link between those people, a shared value system.

I would be lying if I didn't say that the flesh nature in me wants to have as much sex as possible with as many women as possible, and look at all the porn. It isn't healthy. I have to have control. If someone tells me that it's healthy, while knowing full well that it's not healthy, it's still my life. Thank God for Christ Jesus who through faith has delivered me. Sex is always a choice. Attraction may not be, but acting is always a choice.

Follow me here:

I led a heterosexual lifestyle of unprotected sex with dozens of women when I was young, I picked up an STD, and luckily for me after sometime, it went away. This was a high risk lifestyle, and it's a lifestyle God repeatedly condemned. Why am I telling you this. I want you to know that I don't see myself as different. God condemns homosexuality I believe thrice (Leviticus, II Tim, Romans) maybe more times IIRC, but I cannot count how many times he condemns adultery. It's constant.

Let's contrast that against homosexual behavior:

Gay men who reported having a long term partner, civil union or otherwise reported many hundreds of partners. A number of gay men report incontinence after repeated encounters, meaning they need diapers because of anal sex. This isn't healthy. Hundreds of partners, some as many as thousands of partners, along with high risk behaviors that leave individuals riddled with STDs. This isn't healthy. That's why they called and classified it as a "high risk homosexual lifestyle", unprotected sex with hundreds of partners is not healthy by any means.

Both are sinners; both are sinful. Why should I, or better yet, why should we as a society normalize this, at all? We know it's bad for civilization, we know it's bad for our Children, we know it's bad for men, and women. Sexual deviancy at all, has no place in a functional society. We should end both hetero and homosexual deviancy, outright, forthwith.

Marriage is the model between Christ and man, played out between man and woman. This is why Christians are against calling them marriages. I remain unashamed that this is the upright path. Jesus is God the Son; and the rules laid forth are righteous.

"Do what thou wilt" Is Satan's unholy commandment to humanity. When you do what you will; you create your doom. God was always right. He always knew what he was doing when he told us what not to do. We destroy ourselves through our arrogant ways, we thought we were wise, but were fools all along.

God told us so. We're at fault for being led away as a nation and people. He knows all because he exists at every point in time an sees all.

The Bible hasn't ever been wrong once.

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I don't disagree this is the way it was marketed. I disagree that equality was ever the goal. Let me explain myself.

The slippery slope is slippery becuase there is always a marxist at the top pushing. They have a goal that has nothing to do with equality. Equality, equity; they are just tools to gain acceptance.

The uniparty is filled with people whom have committed crimes against the children of God.

They know this is a bridge too far for everyone; and that people will rise up and put them to death for this.

This is why the Epstien flight logs are sealed. This is why they hate Trump. Trump is not a part of the cabal. This is why pride's marketing was always about promoting further acceptance of deviant behavior; never about promoting equality. You can always see the end game of marxism by looking at past implementations. The agitators are simply shot when they become useless.

A great preacher once said: "What we will tolerate; the next generation will embrace." We are seeing the first reaches for pedophile acceptance in academia, right now. Generation Z is learning narratives like "it's not their fault" in college; at this very moment.

So this moves us to why? Some of this is speculation; some of this is true. This is my perspective on this:

The 1% are the traffickers, the abusers, the satanic blood drinkers. Satan is in power in this world at the moment; and he has had secret societies, people he placed ruling, corrupted, and decieved and blackmailed people in power for a very long time.

I think Epstien was an entrapper and entertainer. A malevolent gatekeeper for the cult of satan. He took innocent people and filthied their hands. He took good people and sullied them there; and after that; he was able to control them, by way of making them complicit.

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Agree wholeheartedly. I think the point was to destroy the reproductive health of westen population centers. They want to replace us with morr obedient slaves who will accept to live as slaves.

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I think it is wise to skip the vaccine. I was not awakened until after my wife and I took the vaccine.

My wife came to Christ after she was vaccinated. So I think this is not possible. God cannot be defeated; and I was saved before. I cannot be plucked from his hand.

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I'm still refreshing now to figure it out. To borrow a phrase from the east: I didn't read the air.

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The flesh is not the soul. God made both the flesh and the soul. I'd use caution if it were me, if actively thinking about de-humanizing the vaccinated. I know that I have logs in my eyes; so I can't cast judgement, but I'd like to remark, that I hope to see more discernment based judging and less censorious judgement when talking about people who got the vaccine.

Your DNA/RNA have been damaged and mutated by all kinds of environmental factors, this is why cancer is so common.

Discernment comes from the Holy Spirit. Solid or good judgements that you make without animosity, without motivation to condemn, or exclude, except in cases of the body of Christ, where repeated sin in those who attend the church has to be addressed, for the sake of purity and leading lives closer to Christ.

I struggle with this one too. Here's how I'm telling the difference. If my feelings are motivated in it, if it makes me feel superior or lofty, it's not the upright kind. If it's based on practicality, with due consideration that they too are my brothers, and are to be loved as I would love myself, this is probably discernment. We can ask the Holy Spirit to be with us in discernment.

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Pride was never ever about that, this was just the tagline. Evil comes disguised as good. Obama told us he was a family man, that he was against war, presented himself as principled; moral. This was all a veener. He decived an entire nation.

I don't take anything the media is for as virtuous anymore; they've proven themselves to be a veneer on the rotten political complex. It's like water logged wood that sags under it's own weight, twisted and groaning to support the infrastructure of lies. You can see the warped dimensions when you examine the motivation just beneath the surface.

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My wife who had both just came to Christ last November. We will be, God willing, celebrating her first year as a Christian since. Hallelujah! To God be the glory! She was vaccinated and wore the mask, her work required it to keep her job. What do you estimate of her salvation?

I myself was an immature Christian, who returned after many years of apostasy as well; I tell you honestly, that I was a backslider at times, but I got very serious about God, as God took the bad things out of my life. God took away bad influences, and he moved on my heart to start going to Church. I can tell you, I took the shot. I wore the mask for a few months. What do you say of my salvation? We didn't know what we know now.

Neither one of us were the stereotypical libs calling for concentration camps, my wife was apolitical, and I was a moderate. We're both conservative these days; having come to understand more of the Bible, and that the democrats are all liars.

Jesus Christ is the one who will tell us whether or not he knew us.

I woke up in 2020 to find that the political party I supported had become a Child Sex trafficking evil horror. I found out that Donald Trump didn't do a thing wrong, that the people I held up as an authority were part of a evil cabal.

I woke up to find out my conventions and thoughts about Jesus's tolerance weren't rooted in Biblical truth, but in "Secular conventions" or blasphemy he would have hated. So I changed my mind.

That's what it means to repent. To have a change of mind.

If you think I stand against Christ; I'll tell you where he found me, where I was, weeping my project car, unable to handle the weight of my sins, my failures. I was drowning in the water and I wanted to die. I couldn't get drunk enough anymore. The liquor was like drinking milk. It tasted good to me and it didn't bother me, it was my only relief until I couldn't drink enough of it anymore.

Jesus saved me. I repented. I changed my mind. God's grace is bigger than that. It wasn't the mark on the forehead or the hand; it was a vaccine, one they lied to us all about.

With due respect and humility, I caution you to use discernment when deciding whether or not one is or is not an apostate. I myself am fighting a battle against painting with a broad brush. There are revivals breaking out everywhere. The Church is like a hospital for sinners.

God bless you all the same.

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This is okay. They will hate us. That's fine. We must not faint.

  1. Broad is the road that leads to death, And thousands walk together there; But wisdom shows a narrow path, With here and there a traveler.

  2. Deny thyself and take thy cross, Is the Redeemer's great command: Nature must count her gold but dross, If she would gain that heav'nly land.

  3. The fearful soul that tires and faints, And walks the ways of God no more, Is but esteemed almost a saint, And makes his own destruction sure.

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I recently read this. I thought I was doing so good as a Christian. I am actively fighting against and came to his throne for mercy on some items. God is good and I intend to make so definite changes.

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We won't feel the sting of death either way. Jesus is home-run in every at-bat.

If you die before the rapture, it's Jesus who comes to get you. He loves us! Personal rapture is okay with me too!

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They are the saved, those sanctified and washed clean by Christ's blood on Calvary. Those who have accepted Jesus. We don't live by the law and the prophets any longer, but by Faith and Grace; Salvation afforded to us by the one who both made and gave us hope. Jesus!

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Yet a remnant of Israel remained. God reserved 7000 who did not bend the knee to Baal.

Mt. Caramel is one of the best stories in the Bible. The 450 priests of baal vs 1 Prophet, who drenched the wood and surrounded it with a moat of water as runoff.

Ahab had not a choice. God was always God.

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I see it coming like freight train. It's weird to think of my self as one of the elect, that God foreknew me. God is so good. I was a sinful man destined for hell. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving me. I believe in you. I confess with my mouth and for the world to hear; I believe that you are the Son of God, begotten, not made, that all things were created through you, that you died that I could live, thank you Lord!

Those of you who don't know it: Your faith makes you one of the saints. If you are washed clean, and striving for a Christian life, you are being sanctified by what Jesus did on Calvary.

Thank you Jesus! What honor hath he? All of it. He made all, is perfectly patient, is loving all the way, and forgiving. God is good.

They are coming. Do not faint.

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We gotta look at mamaw and papaw for this. They gardened. They canned. They knew hard times. We gotta do the same.

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Here are the best ways to save money.

1: Buy a Deep Freezer!


Beef: Look on craigslist for farmers nearby that quarter out steers. Negotiate and look, as some ranchers want a premium. Your goal is to get around $5 a pound. Things keep going up.

Pork and Chicken:

Go to rural areas to buy chicken and pork. Whole chickens can be purchased frozen for under 10 dollars. They have deals here; buy and freeze. Save a lot, piggly wiggly.

Save chicken bones; make stock; so much protien, minerals and nutrients in the bones, wings and all.

Pork roast and pork butt is a lot cheaper. Soups, roasts, slow cooking, barbeque, smoking; tamales if you want.

Farmers market:

You can negotiate and do deals; as well as bulk deals at your local farmers market on meat. If you buy multiple, people are more apt to do this. Stuff that doesn't look as nice; blemished food stuffs for vegetables.


Deer isn't bad; and it's about 125+lbs of meat all said and done. If you process yourself, this will be harder than taking it to a fella but still a lot cheaper.


Very easy to process follow chicken rules. Look on line get a large pot for scalding.(defeathering)

Gardening: (Easy grow) Potatoes (ace sells starters) Sweet potatoes Green beans Green Onions Squash


Butchers sell trimmings from time to time. You can make stock from this.

Buy white rice in bulk, buy a 20 dollar rice cooker 2:1 (cups of water to rice)

Dry beans if cheap; buy in bulk.


Food pantry. God is good and put servants in this world to try and help folks in trouble. If you think it's the homeless; guess again. People are treading water everywhere. It's your neighbors.

God bless and keep you. Pray to the one who can save. Jesus Christ.

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Go forth and preach the Gospel! God is looking for those he can use! Tell him what your desire is; what you want to do (serve him) and go forward in faith!

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Sometimes it's Jesus Himself who does His enemies in.

Indeed, but it is Lord Jesus who does the judgement. I have struggled extensively with judgement and recently.

What I have come to understand, related to my own struggles, is the difference between discernment and my being judgemental. That being that discernement is sober, it doesn't come from a place that is emotionally motivated. It's not censorius, or fault finding, or from a place where I have assumed to have the moral high-ground. The morality doesn't come from me so how can I be judgmental? I couldn't practice discernment when self-righteous. When I cast judgement; I was assuming the role of God. This is somewhat mirrored in what Lucifer did; in pride. God says that with the same measure we mete out against another we will be judged. So I'm trying to share my struggle with hypocrisy; my struggle with logs in my eyes.

All the best brother. I just want to represent hope for change and restoration, through Christ Jesus. Much love. Take care.

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Earnest question seeking the wisdom of Iron sharpened by Iron. I still have friends that I had previous to salvation, one stays with me, as he is getting reestablished, and doesn't believe. What should I do in this case?

When I became a Christian my wife was an athiest; I had read that I should not put her away; and that was good! After many prayers, God brought her heart out from it's hardened state, she accepted the Gospel and was saved (Praise and Honor to the Lord God!)

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I'm struggling with this anger too brother. My hope is Christ Jesus, Son of God, for mercy through the shedding of his blood on calvary. To be honest with you, I don't deserve to be among any here, to walk among decent people. I am redeemed only through Jesus. Everything about me outside of Jesus is worse than that man's comments. I've wished death on people; punishment on others. I was a liar, an adulterer, my mouth used to be full of evil, and to tell you the truth, I'm fighting it everyday. If it were not for Christ Jesus, and I got what I deserved; I'd burn in hell... 100% knowing it was just end to me.

All I mean to say is to remember our King, Lord Jesus, brother. We're all unrighteous. Some so much more than others, but none good.

Mercy and grace for you, wishing you many blessings and much forebearance. I know it tries the patience with every ounce we got. Bless you brother.

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