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Or were they brought in for a specific event.

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Same here. December 2019 I was brutally sick on and off for a month. Cough lasted several months. I refused to get jabbed and haven’t even had a cold since then. I believe that natural Immunity is the best protection.

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That’s coming. In the omnibus budget money is set aside to track every firearm in the US and share that information with foreign nations(the UN).

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If they were working in concert with or at the direction of the government to violate civil rights or any law for that matter. They would be considered “state actors” and criminally as well as civilly liable. On there own , there is probably no liability.

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There is no law against political bias. What would he be charged with?

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He’s still responsible. He could have reversed all that was done.

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Elon Musk is deep with China(CCP) . I fear that this is controlled opposition mop up not unlike the Ghisllaine Maxwell case and the Durham investigation. Also a way to convert from a communist propaganda platform to a conventional business model.

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I’ve always believed that most entertainers and Company heads are CIA /FBI plants. Entire company’s are just fronts.

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Don’t let your guard down. They will fight until their last breath.

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I’m going to do it with you👍I don’t need alcohol.

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