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Just because it smells like bullshit doesn't mean a cow dropped a turd... Maybe someone has been fertilizing the lawn... Things grow on bullshit. Good things can come from seemingly BS happenings.

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It doesn't matter. Black lives don't matter. White lives don't matter. No lives matter. Nothing matters.

Party on my nihilistic fren. It's okay to feel down. Tomorrow is a new day, and it may not matter either but then again it might.

So, don't deny yourself the black pill. SOMETIMES, that's just what the doctor ordered. It's like taking thalidomide to cure leprosy. Toxic, but it works. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜•πŸ‘

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I mean, in all fairness that's a pretty legit bandwagon to ride around on. It'll take you pretty dang far!

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They weren't on the docket. Sorry.

P. S. ANFO causes so much collateral damage that it is passe at this point. A potent dose of vitamin B52 does the job for rendition and replacement, while aerosolized carfentanyl derivatives made metabolically volatile take care of anything requiring more permanent solutions, without the risk of injuring the neighborhood kid Timmy next door.

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You make very valid points. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of those like my father, who both watches AND plays golf (and tennis, when he was younger), or my son who even as an adult still plays community soccer but also loves watching games.

For those who just consume, who have no other interest besides "muh team", they could certainly do better things with their time.

And football hooliganism is a whole different kettle of fish. Those guys are crazy.

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It matters not if they own the world, or not even the clothes on their back.

It stays in. It gets them just like anyone else. It doesn't care about ownership. It does its job when we do ours.

All aboard the maglev train, the globalists barely leave a stain.

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HyperINFLAMMATION though... That's caused by some spike proteins! 😏

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She's equally as likely to do porn on stage or murder a fan as she is to tell the deep state to fck off. I don't think she's a good wholesome influence by any means, but I don't think she's controlled either.

She's much less likely to build or bomb a bridge as she is to simply cross one.

Chaotic Neutral really do be like that.

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I find I still make time for the hobbies that are important to me.

Maybe some are just really into football. Like I enjoy photography. Or others their needlepoint, genealogy, woodworking, whatever.

But, to mindlessly watch a football game when it isn't my "thing"? Something I did in the 80s but no time for that now.

It's about perceived value.

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"Let's play Global Thermonuclear War"

"Wouldn't you prefer a good game of chess?"



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War is messy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Teens get drafted. Not every soldier knows the whole story of what goes on at the highest level of government. You could be a member of the national socialists (a political party) and still fight/combat/war honorably.

If they were honoring this guy as a veteran (of war) that's one thing.

If they were honoring him as a nazi, that's quite another.

WWSS? (What Would Sabaton Sing?)

Or FFDP: wrong side of heaven, righteous side of hell.

Or Shinedown: Are your monsters real?

There's truth in music. 5 great non-religious truths: Music, wine, love, death, and children.

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Well, you can "make" gold too (via neutron bombardment) . It's just astronomically cost prohibitive for the amount you get. :)

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Unpopular opinion: Trump, like probably most of us, always does the best be can with the information he has on hand at any given juncture. Is it the best decision, long term? Sure, sometimes. And sometimes not. If he (and we) knew then what we know now, maybe we would have done things different. Maybe not.

For what it's worth, I also think the libs/progressives do the best they can with what they have. What they have is questionable mental faculties and detestable ethics and bizarre moral beliefs, so yeah - a lot of their actions and decisions make us scratch our heads and ask WTF?

Gotta teach 'em.

It's like religion.

If I was born in Saudia Arabia to Muslim parents, chances are I'd be Sunni. Doesn't mean I can't learn a different way.

Those who are awakened and enriched with right knowledge are obligation-bound to spread the "wealth" of their epiphanies with those less fortunate.

Im confident that is what Trump (and us here) have been trying to do since day 1, with varying levels of success.

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I dug a TI-99/4A (with tape drive!) out of a garage sale a few weeks ago. If that isn't a fossil, I dunno what is.

On the up side, it makes for good cybersecurity.

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Yes, it is different this time.

This time we have memes, and they have AI.

The weapons change, but the war and the way remains the same.

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When it is over, I'm going to continue to drink scotch.

I'm going to drink scotch before it's over, also.

But, I'll drink it when it's over, too.

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To the flag.

And the republic which the flag represents.

Do not pledge allegiance lightly.

Aligning yourself with the tangible, visible symbol of our Republic. Our nation.

To put our nation first.

They are words, yet those words hold significant meaning.

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