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Well, to paraphrase from the Erin Brockovich movie:

Take a handful of pennies, and throw them into the air and let them land on the ground. Some will come up heads and some will come up tails. Just because some of ones that came up tails are grouped up next to each other doesn't mean anything.

Even statistically improbable events aren't impossible. I think 'Q' should be sufficient proof of that. Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar.

And as Kipling said:

...a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a SMOKE.

I wonder what Rudyard would have scribed about all things transgender?

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In old soviet Russia, curve flatten YOU!

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Except those of us who plan to take off from the planet and keep going. Don't need to worry about earth orbit if you don't plan to come back.

Dodging space junk on the way out gives our pilots necessary training to prepare them for the asteroid belt!

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They want to turn America into something like a pedophilic South Africa

Before Little Saint Janes (Epstein Island) there was Bird Island, in Algoa Bay.

Not to be too depressing, but they have kinda turned the USA into that already.

I have a 'niece' (through marriage, not blood... Very very extended family) that just turned 17 and is about ready to give birth. Sexually active since she was 13, pregnant at 16. Baby daddy is 26yo cousin. And niece's mom thinks 'NO BIG DEAL', just normal human behavior. Like WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

This isn't in the backcountry hills of the incestuous deep south, like the Media loves to portray. No, they live in a large, overly liberal and democrat run US city.

I'm just about done with humanity.

The only saving grace is they didn't abort.

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I never thought of that. They'd just be making it even harder for themselves to invade and hold, in the long run.


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Thanks, I should have copy/pasted it. I forget about pay walls! 😒

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I'm sure the rubber squeegees growing in their veins and arteries from the jab had nothing to do with it.

It's allergies and asthma. We all know how bad arizona is for those.

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Ever wonder if we're just reverse engineering our... "own technology"?

Not every patent is accepted and then immediately classified.

Some ideas and tech are immediately 'procured' without ever making it to a patent office.

If you have the help/cooperation of the research teams, scientists, engineers, and/or inventors, it's smooth sailing.

And if they don't feel helpful for some reason like money, politics, idealogy, forced rendition, or their untimely demise?

Well, we've got guys and gals who love figuring stuff out. Hell, we watch them from the time they show promise school STEM programs and science fairs. Gotta get to them young, to help their worldview align with ours.

Some days, I don't know if it's something to be proud of, or horrified by. But it brings about more good than harm.

Peace and wellbeing, friend.

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Joseph's coat of many colors was actually a Nephilim artifact known as the "Nibiru Jacket of Chromatic Displacement +5".

J/K... Lol

Seriously though.. Where do you think DARPA got the designs for the "Pantyhose of dermoptic camo"? Reverse engineering! The hosen is coated with a metamaterial made of synthetic chromatophores, that have a high negative refractive index, surrounding a 6500k TFOLED. This allows the upper and lower portions of the operator to appear as... Pretty much anything. Accident victim. Man in a wheelchair. Etc. They give them to nekkid female operatives, and next thing you know, you're seeing a mermaid or succubus.

Rorschach's mask was fact before it was fiction.

Now ask yourself, what it was reverse engineered FROM. Wasnt a Chinese weather balloon.

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To bad Hillary doesn't have 420. Might just mellow out the old bitch a little...

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If you aren't careful with your hopium, it's very easy to build up a tolerance.

Try staying clean for a few days, or even a week. Then mainline that shit - just try not to OD.

Also, if you really need to get off of it, you and your doctor should consider titration of your hopium doses. Thing is, they'll probably want to jab you too so watch out for that. Gotta find a doc that understands our need to find the next fix. Either way, going without hopium cold turkey is a recipe for disaster.

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Q is currently quantum tunneling to a more stable energy state. In the midst of tunneling, is Q 'here' or 'there'?

That's the best part: neither here nor there, and both here and there simultaneously.

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People are arrested every day. - - shrug - -

Some of the best people I know have been arrested.

Some of then weren't guilty of anything.

Some of them were 'guilty' but in the right.

If you've never been arrested, detained, or interrogated, you're missing out on half the fun!

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Agent orange with fruit of the loom, When he walks its boom, boom, boom! On secret missions from the Cia, Exposing fraudulent dossier!

"ain't we a pear" he says, tormenting Enemies scowling and fermenting, "he's just a fruit!" they frown and harumph, But he's secret agent to Donald Trump.

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I have a question, and I'm not trying to be contrary.

So for the sake of argument, if there were no cabal, no deepstate, no one who is going to 'perfect their own', etc.

Why, if deposits are insured up to a set amount (whether 250k, millions/billions, or even only $100), should the fed protect uninsured deposits anyway? Isn't the whole point of the FDIC to insure "up to x" amount? Beyond that, it shouldn't matter who you are. Uninsured is uninsured, right? Wanting the fed to assist or cover loss when there's a lack of insurance (whether deposit insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc) just screams liberal/progressive, welfare, and "muh gibs".

If I'm wrong or not understanding, I'm willing to be schooled.

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Maybe they had "other plans" for the children and now Russia/Putin has fucked it all up!

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Well, Russia isn't in Texas so they don't benefit from stand your ground laws...

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