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Well technically speaking if he wins the 2024 election he won’t be inaugurated until Jan 20, 2025

by panamax
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I find it interesting that the Euro almost perfectly mirrors the pattern of the USD. Not sure what it means exactly

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It’s not just the vax he’s been redpilling about. He’s mentioned bio labs in Ukraine, the Biden Admins attempt to crush bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and today blasted Bill Gates exposing him as a crook, among many other things. It really does seem that he is part of the plan. Or maybe he was the plan all along and Trump is a red herring. Something I’ve been contemplating the last couple of days

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Agreed. I’m just curious what form the CBDC will come in. Will they potentially adopt current cryptos or create their own? I could see it going either way

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68-23 mirrored is 3286. Q post 3286 was from March 28th 2019. Almost an exact 4 year delta


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This is wild to me. I’ve been stacking lumens for a while bc I’ve read a lot about them being one of the primary coins for a potential new currency system.

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The countdown constantly being discussed for the last week now lol. It seemed to be counting down to March 30th

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There’s no way this can be real right? It’s not even close to the same person. Has anyone verified that they’re attempting to try to sell us that being Fettermonkey?

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Hmmm Kari is behind Hobbs by how many votes? 17,000 you say? Interesting

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Fox News was saying a few days ago that the secret service was already in talks with NY about how all of this might work. I get the feeling he’ll turn himself in

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That’s not what the post says!!!!! It says first arrest will confirm future direction! First unseal will trigger mass awakening! Just watch the link in the post for crying out loud

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Just make a new account. That’s what I did

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I’m seeing the same thing. I did see one of the mods talking about using chatGPT to help make the site better. I’m confused by that though bc just a few weeks ago chatGPT was a DS tool 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Crypto and CBDC are not the same thing, at all. I think if you did some more research on both you would realize this as well instead of just making blanket statements

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For the time being cash will still be used but it’s hard to imagine a future with it. We are living in the digital age and I think eventually all financial transactions will be digital as well. Regardless I agree that digital assets still need to be backed by physical gold and silver

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I do believe this is the path forward. Crypto is still very misunderstood by a lot of people including in our community here. I don’t pretend to be an expert by any means but it’s very easy to see how crypto gives people control of their own finances and eliminates the need for central banks. Why do you think the government is trying so hard to shut it down? Part of the language in the legislation involving the CBDC is that states who implement will not be able to accept any other type of digital currency. I highly recommend listening to Rugpull radio from Badlands media. It’s opened my eyes even more to how crypto can and should be the way forward.

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Whatever this is looks like complete fabricated bullshit

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