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I've been talking about solar cycles changing earths climate for decades and everyone thought that I was crazy.

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The satanic cabal banned pot because it caused awakenings in the early 1900's.

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This IS indoctrination of them attempting to make pedophilia normalized. It's fucking disgusting.

Any parent and participant who supports this madness is a perpetrator of child sex abuse, PERIOD.

Brothers and sisters, please for the love of god HOMESCHOOL your kids.

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I find that it's easier to understand people when they utilize the logical side of their brain, setting aside the emotions for proper discourse that others could potentially learn from.

Emotions running one's mouth will shift a possibly smart discussion topic into weird directions.

Slinging insults at people to get a point across while also failing to discuss the matter with people of differing opinions is asinine. Generalizing people into a group for an opinion because of a disagreement with that opinion is an emotional discharge at best and fails to bring any meaningful insight to the table.

People sometimes need a nudge to use logic more often around here.

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Can we get someone with market skills in this thread to debate?

While people may agree/disagree with @rageous statement, I think a well thought out discussion about it is appropriate.

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Maybe, depends on what the objective is.

You could also look at this with the angle that those members of his family being double agents. Or, they were placed into that position to expose other things, who knows really. Keep in mind that the level of corruption that the US is involved in goes pretty damn deep, anything is possible.

It seems like most doomers only look at stuff from a single perspective and argue from that single perspective because wrapping their mind around any other possibilities is too much for them to ascertain.

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The aspect of them disabling it after mandating, sure that makes sense.

Disabling it BEFORE upgrading all of their apps that require such protocols, does not make sense.

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I'll debate it, every family has ignorant and naïve people within them. We've seen plenty of folks get on here and talk about how their siblings are blinded by stupidity.

Just because Mary Trump and Ivanka Trump are possibly ignorant, does NOT mean that the rest of them are inherently ignorant.

Keep your friends close, enemies closer.

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Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

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We've found that if TLS 1.1 and 1.2 is disabled, anything M365 will run erratically, which is kind of funny because Windows will install with these options disabled by default.

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The conservative bot narrative that they pushed back in 2017-2020 was a p r o j e c t i o n of their own meddling with actual bots.

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This is a very interesting poll for me. As a software architect who works in big tech, what I find the most fascinating is that most of the core component/backend developers tend to lean conservative or non-political, whilst the front-end developers tend to lean more left.

Now, this is not to say that all front-end developers are liberal and all back-end are conservative, but with nearly 20 years of experience in this field, it has been my experience to find them coalesced in separate groups like this at larger companies.

Here is a very high level summary of what frontend/backend consist of:

Backend: Things like network transport layers, container orchestration, kernel development, core database development, things that are written in assembly, C or C++. The foundation or infrastructure of things so-to-speak.

Frontend: Web languages like HTML, Javascript, UI, API things, elevated languages such as C#, Python, etc.

It makes sense that Oracle, being a huge database and core development platform, and with a large emphasis in direct hardware programming (think Sun Microsystems acquisition), has such a large base of conservatives in comparison to everything else out there in the big tech world. Also, willing to bet that most of the 8.3% of conservatives that work at Microsoft are mostly in kernel, cloud and operating system development.

To build something complex requires thinking outside of the box, something that the left seemingly has a hard time doing. I find my more liberal leaning colleagues copying and pasting code from stack exchange, albeit slightly modified to fit whatever project they are working on and calling it a day a good chunk of the time (in most cases, it doesn't work as they had confusingly intended and requires intervention on the commit, hence the common stereotypical jokes with regard to stack exchange).

They also ask the most questions directed to backend things that have been answered before numerous times, as if it didn't "click", when pressed as to why their push to production didn't execute as flawlessly as they had intended. Commonly blaming the infrastructure, or the OS, or anything else they deem as problematic, rather than looking to themselves as the problem.

The conservatives are the "Atlas" holding up the world, if Atlas shrugs, everything else falls apart.

Very interesting poll indeed.

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Elon admitted that he was for socialist healthcare, but freedom loving capitalist for everything else on the particular subjects of trade and healthcare. While the two are currently one, he appears to be more split on the matter of being partial with constitutional freedom of trade and socialistic healthcare. I would say it's more akin to being agnostic - sitting on the fence.

He reminds me more of a centrist John Jacob Astor IV than a Nikola Tesla (The two being significant friends).

Edit - Adding sources for Elon's comments on this matter:

Nitter: https://nitter.net/elonmusk/status/1008438394559451136#m

Twitter: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1008438394559451136

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I have all of you now, consider that a net increase.

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DeSantis passing anti-pedophile laws for the classroom just so happens to have affected Disney, though, Disney wasn't the direct target.

The short answer is this: Anything having to do with Disney or it's screams for defense in these matters, ignore them. Disney is merely a pawn of the puppet masters (and has been since it's inception).

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Add CIA Director William Burns to the WuFlu list? Maybe not as a puppet, but a proxy puppet master?

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I think that we are going to be revealing all of the ratlines/players funding sources running dry.

Here's a few things that caught my eye:

Higher the altitude, the greater risk of conspiracy; Many cannot/will not swallow - The public would not believe how crazy/dark the remaining classified information truthfully is. (Q later flies up to 40k ft. again for a few drops and returns back down at drop 189.)

"Disney is a distraction" line - Ignore all of the alien/UFO, illuminati, Disney currently hitting the headlines, focus on the Senate & Congress power shift going on right now.

Russia Ruble getting backed by gold, ruble rebounded - The week this is referencing in square brackets: SA funding sources get cut/wealth running out, remaining sides of the pyramid/triangle removed (possible kickoff of the fall of the central banking system, end of SA$$$)?

Iron Eagle - Germany/EU event? Maybe related to AZOV?

Godfather III - Vatican?

CNN Sale - Recent Discovery purchase of CNN?

Sarah A. C attacked (hacked?) - Uranium One?

What co’s rec large cash injections by Clowns In America (public)?; Think social media platforms - Elon musk buying into twitter, Meta/Facebook legal and stock issues?

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Since this video was removed from rumble, I had to find it. He says something about the gov creating AIDS here, being a component of genetic warfare testing: https://www.bitchute.com/video/url0CPkwAFZw/

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Tartaria I think makes a lot more sense when you inject historical accounts of scenery, environments and gods into the mix.

Nephilim, giants that were born of angels and humans procreating, existed both before and after the flood. But, a key takeaway from this is the sheer size of buildings, doorways and windows both in and on the Tartarian buildings. Tie in Nephilim and Gods, it then makes sense.

The historical accounts of environments within ancient Egyptian texts, Greek "Mythology", the Bible and the Apocrypha make Tartaria appear to be a very real thing. We still cannot emulate the architecture to this day with modern machinery, mostly because the way Tartarian structures were created isn't truthfully depicted by false historians, the modern methods of subtractive manufacturing. The stone instead was cast with other methods (e.g. melting stone and pouring the molten material into molds, or alchemic transmutation with sound/light). The freemasons invented the idea that stone was chiseled away, and kept the original creation method a secret.

Enoch, the great grandfather of Noah, also known as Hermes and Thoth, I believe lived through the time that Tartaria peaked, based on his recorded accounts of events, a time when angels lived with humans on earth as "gods". Highly recommend reading into them more!

Erasing the history of Tartaria was paramount to hiding the truth of our world and allowing evil entities to control it.

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When the economy crashes, digital won't exist.

In the event that the global networks failed because the economy could no longer support the tech fags, all of the band-aids we tech fags apply to keep people happy on the internet every day would begin to fail. Not to mention electricity.

The entire digital world is extremely fragile and not nearly as robust as it may appear. If you require a recent small example of this, look up "AWS outage" on google. Economy crashes, employers fail to pay checks, shit shuts down.

Digital will not be the devils currency anytime soon, not until we've found a way to automate everything with an abundance of energy that requires no human input.

On the topic of automation, today's AI is also extremely infantile. The artificial intelligence that you see presented on the internet may look cool or menacing, but all of that is a cheap trick. Ten years ago, a group of scientists made statements that we could simulate a human brain within a decade. Today's AI still lacks the ability to repeat existing miniscule behaviors, we lack the processing technology to emulate less than 1% of the human brain.

Estimate 80+ years before processing tech is powerful enough to process the number of algo's our natural god given brain's do within nanoseconds for basic decisions.

The biggest hurdle we have with digital currency, namely crypto, is redundancy. If the power goes out, digital wallets become useless.

-Source: I design and engineer algorithms on large visual datasets for a living.

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Correct. Public media releases are meant to red-pill normies still stuck in clown world. My response to the now deleted comment is to help facilitate this endeavor.

Jumping directly into the 5-D chess, Q infosec and clocks for some isn't going to be an easy truth to swallow from the onset and we all know this.

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Common sense. Mexico was paying for it indirectly through the USMCA agreement, Biden halted the federal side of the wall construction. Texas took it upon themselves to handle the situation created by our current idiot in office.

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Wait wait, something doesn't add up here.

Gavin Newsome hasn't been seen since the election was stolen for him and he supposedly caught COVID, is this Mexico story just a convenience to continue hiding or was he arrested? I could have sworn that I saw multiple articles about Gavin missing for a long period of time.

Then another article came out saying that he was recovering, but I don't think I have seen anything about him or seen him since the stolen election.

If he has been seen since the stolen election, please correct me.

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