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If she lays down on the sidewalk and closes her eyes, she'd be perfectly camouflaged in her district of San Francisco.

by IAmOne
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The fact that it was that close has me hoping the fraud was unfathomable, which I believe it was. Otherwise, the alternative is that we're surrounded by retards.

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Nelk boys are popular Canadian prankster transplants living in the US. They have a huge following of teens and twenty something's. 3.2M views 15 hours in, if we trust YouTube's numbers. Younger folks get to see how impossibly cool the man is and most importantly hear the truth.

A lot of their material is obnoxious lifestyle stuff, but they can be likeable at times. Their old hockey chirping videos are legitimately funny.

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865K in four hours. She's climbing.

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It blends the metaphysical reptilian people with a possible ministry of truth erased gap is history in such a way that you feel like you can put your finger on what's happening today.

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Right on. Thanks for the take. I'm a fan, too. Incorrect predictions aside, I've seen no grifter cracks. His love for knowledge is contagious.

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He's going to do the Nadler Shuffle leaving the podium.

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Oh, she's a fluffer alright.

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His programming is crashing hard. Don Lemon & crew need to hurry up with the upgrade.

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That's now 8 million people who will depend on big daddy government. This means big daddy government needs to get bigger to stand up programs to assist the disenfranchised. In order for big daddy government to grow, the rich must pay more taxes. Notice that the middle class is gone, which makes you now rich, so this means you.

All the meanwhile, can you imagine what the 8 million poor will do for a little extra bread to make big daddy government happy?

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