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I highly recommend Russian. I’m in my late forties and have found that it has reactivated my brain. Even helped me remember some Spanish from years ago.

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So he’s calling just for the murders of babies. Got it.

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Something else has occurred to me lately. Ever notice that every single time a move/tv show has little kids in it, they ALWAYS show the child in bed. ALWAYS. I'm not sure if this is pedo programming or something else. But I do find the constant occurrence (or rather scripted occurrence) to be deeply disturbing.

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This drop has made me nervous but I’m hodling the line. Definitely a good time to jump in.

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I have such a hard time being around people who don't get it. It's very disturbing to watch someone you love being victimized by the media over and over again. Likewise, it's just as difficult to not feel angry when said loved one cannot use his/her God-given common sense.

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Had the same conversation with my cleaning lady yesterday. They are waking up.

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Did anyone else notice how Trump kept bringing up the building in Florida that collapsed? Very interesting.

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I somewhat agree; however, words are VERY important. The way we use them can and does affect the spiritual realm. Hence the Word of God.

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Right. And if it were spelled with a “y” it would make an “ooo” sound. Thus, would never work in the word Kiev.

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