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Post it with some extra text around the relevant paragraph and disguise the URL like nihDOTgov.

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Same here, not tested once.

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Attack starts at around 1:00, before that he says that basic civil rights shall not be infringed. The police forces attacking him are from a different state, which is common when they are used against the local people.

Sorry for the FB link.

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I am using Dissenter an Linux. Your OS is also very important, do not use Windows or Mac OS. Brave should be fine, too. FF and Chromium (not Chrome) should also be OK with addons like uBlock Origin.

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It's The Plan ;) the executed parts :D

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If the Maricopa County audit reveals a Trump win (less than 11,000 votes) in Arizona...

I think many are underestimating the massive powder keg moment that will ensue in America.

Every state will be under pressure as media creates new crises to distract.

Brace yourselves.

The shit is going to hit the fan in Maricopa County....mark my words... if you don't think this audit won't find 11,000 fraudulent ballots.... you must be a Democrat.


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and his Hoodie reads "Cabala's" :)

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Actually the biggest issue is that FB filters these kind of news and won't display them much to others.

More effective might be commenting posts from NPCs

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With exception to Yellow Fever, when arriving from an infected region, there are almost no mandatory vaccinations required for travelling (PASSPORT).



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