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I would expect that out of someone about to walk to a Prius.

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Are we even going to make it to the polls?

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It definitely depended on what walmart. I never masked, stopped at a walmart on my way home from a friends, I was the only one without a muzzle in the sardine-packed place. A manager even tracked me down at the back of the store and to tell me I had to wear one. I told them no, that my health information was none of their business, and just continued shopping as they tried to argue. Everyone was staring at me, and I just laughed, I couldn't fathom their compliance, I still don't.

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Thanks for your input. A friend of mine and myself have recently caught on the SGanon. Neither of us are sure. Figured a little insite from you guys would go a long ways.

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Farmers aren't growing much food anyway. Just grains too high in mycotoxins for human consumption. Most grain grown in U.S. is shipped overseas. If you want real food grow it yourself.

by jb12458
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If you're looking for work and want to learn mechanics I'm looking for a guy to train. Just saying.

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Everyone knows that whole thing floats.

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She's no journalist. That is certain.

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Unless this whole thing is over with and the real news is finally coming out I cant buy into this.

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When it all comes out we will see how much dark money laundering has been done using Bitcoin. How much adrenochrome has been purchased with it, and how many lives bought and sold. Of course the want to try to tie Bitcoin to Q right now. A ton of information for Q comes from Bitcoin. That's the only good thing coming out of Bitcoin in my opinion. Tie Bitcoin to Q and guess who gets the most discredit.

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Have you ever seen a Bitcoin mining facility? The town I live near just had to add a substation for a mining facility no bigger than a trailer house.

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