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It is so glaringly obvious:

article 1:

His Brittanic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and independent states, that he treats with them as such, and for himself, his heirs, and successors, relinquishes all claims to the government, propriety, and territorial rights of the same and every part thereof.

In this sense the sentence:

It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch- treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America, to forget all past misunderstandings....

In international law (Vattel) reconciliation is everything. As Baca recounts regarding international law sovereignty can be lost in several ways: alienation, acknowledgement, prescription.

Makes much more sense when we simply discard the titles:

It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the [...] Prince George the Third, [...] etc, and of the United States of America, to forget all past misunderstandings.

That most elusive of grammar issues: the comma.
For if the claim of being prince of America really would have held true, there are two observations to be made:

  1. The actual title would then have been arch-treasurer and prince elector of the United States. This is a title Georgy never held.
  2. Who is the counter party in the treaty? Nobody?

When a research article on the subject of Cabal (note C. A. B. A. L. as in the 5 ministers of the privy council of Charles the II first letter of their last names, also know as Cabal Cabinet) makes glaring mistakes like this, parroting internet first rate punk idiocies, it does not bode well for the quality of more poignant issues.

As they say: credit comes on foot, goes out by horseback.

When you read the text of the treaty more closely, you will find that the conclusion of the settlement of the war debts was at issue.

An interesting view on this particular issue can be found in this book: A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind by Stephen Mitford Goodson Page 48.

In 1786 Prime Minister William PiTT the Younger tried to abolish the national debt with a sinking fund which generated interest of £1 million pounds per annum to repay the debt.[58] This scheme was soon abandoned because of the enormous increase in loans incurred to finance the war against Napoléon.

The main actors were the Bank of England in the City of London.

After the American War of Independence (1775-83), which had been fought after the colonists had been forced to replace their debt – and largely interest-free colonial scrip with English money and had resulted in 50% unemployment, the national debt soared to £176 million. (from 50 million!!!! my comment)

So, basically, George was not that potent a Prince after all and tried to safe his ass and throne from the Jewish vulture fraudsters. Deals had to be made. Not only with the English Crown, but also with other royal houses. The effect was both freedom republics: the United States and the Dutch Republic of the 7 Provinces were de facto enslaved to the money master. Hence I mentioned: enter Hamilton, a Rothschild puppet.

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Dune 2021 is not the best one. Emotional impact reigns supreme.

The 1984 one, I feel, is still the best.

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To negate this was the Treaty of 1783 declaring independence from Great Britain. However, this Treaty identifies the King/Queen of England as the Prince of the United States

This is pure bullshit.

A simple text analysis will show that. Especially, when one would take into consideration certain title conventions. (See Entitlement to rule by Stephen Baca) The peace treaty of Paris, finalized in 1789 was a reconciliation where the independence was acknowledged, but eh .... unfortunately, the operations from the City of London in relation to the revolutionary debt were already in operation. Enter: Hamilton.

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transitory was the strategically dropped word. Temporary is usually a matter of perspective, but transitory? from a to what exactly?

I guess it is meant to be taken as from a to after the Great Reset build back better?

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7.59/ 1.16 = 6.54 Euro per gallon => 6.54/4.54609 = 1.44 € per liter. Well, you are still well off. We are paying 1.90 per liter or $8.64 per gallon.

Bulgaria is 1.16. Luxemburg is 1.426, probably cheaper at ARAL near the border with France. However, The Netherlands even surpassed France, which is traditionally expensive, and it tops now with increase in price over the last three months with 8%, 5% and 2.3%.

In the early days we would hear about the development of the Dollar/ Florin as a reason to up the price, but what I also noticed, when the dollar fell in value against the florin, the price never came down as hard as it rose.

source: www.fuel-prices.eu

Gleichschaltung is a bitch.

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Yeah ... that's what you get when huge amounts of haitian imports are reverting back to take what you can, give nothing back.

Big round of applause for the lefties in destroying a well on it's way country. But what is new? Same playbook, different country.

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You are making a correct observation and I do not dispute that. Far from it.

But that is not what I am pointing towards. This is not about differences in valuation.

What I am pointing at is the movements within the asset-classes I mentioned in my post. They are chained up. This begs the question: How compromised is bitcoin?

For those who are avid believers and downvote-kneejerkers who are butt-hurt for even my daring to question what is going on in this day and age:

I am not discounting the value for market of a crypto/ blockchain system. I am hoping to evoke your thinking ability and interest to look deeper into the ecosystem of finance and ask yourself: why does this happen? What is the circuitry? How is liquidity moving through the asset classes? And when I say ecosystem, you have to look at the whole damn picture: commerce, trade, fiscal, banking, regulatory.

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Checked the boards today ... Interesting how EUR/USD is now up to 1.165 and Gold and silver in both currencies were moving in almost the % up.

And bitcoin lost 2K.

This begs the question, does it not?

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Why you think CCP is lobbying WHO to get into control of the global v passport admin?

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Until you realize that the battle was won but the war was lost. Why? Finances.

And in came Hamilton, Rothschild boy. 1789 may not be what you think it is. Debts to settle with no money?

It was not British rule, as well as City of London Rule. The B's were just the lobster-puppets.

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That is exactly the presumption of the courts and most people play along nicely. What a game!

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Glenn was already bought and sold back in 08. It is amazing how certain people, like Ron Paul, influence those TV celebs.

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Well it depends on your worldview I guess.

For those believing in reincarnation, consider then given the karma this neocon rino has built up over his lifetime, he may come back in the form of a lower consciousness, like a lab-rat, or a mosquito, or as kryll, trapped in the wheel of incarnation for failing the enlightenment test ...

Anyway, since he is not a muslim, he is in hell.

And since he is not a catholic, he is in hell.

So, whatever it is, he is removed from the equation and his deeds speak volumes to his debased nature. A whipping boy puppet on a string par exellance.


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That is because your point of view about time is young. And potentially, having skin in the game, it provides its own rational. Meaning, you don't want to lose that. Which means: fear.

On a different note, there are two types of talk: implicit and explicit. The more explicit the words used, the clearer the message. Implicit language is often used to guide people. It is all about how you read into those words meaning. Meaning then can differ from person to person depending on their own make-up.

Take out the implicit language and consider what really is explicit. That is what you can really work with.

I am aware that these words implicit and explicit are used in a different way these days. Especially, explicit, to denote language that is gross and images that are disturbing in nature. It is a means to hide reality. Basically, to lead you astray because explicit may hurt your feelings. And now we are very close to ideas as bordering offensive and other political-correct talk.

Who does what when where how against which costs and profit?

What is the document-[e]vidence (forensics) of the question-1?

What is the method to curate costs, profit, forensics?

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Sure. And you are absolutely right.

In that regard, there are levels of appropriation to hide the real meaning. There is always the esoteric hidden underneath of layers exoteric. That is what occult means. What is esoteric is what you cannot rationalize.

The masons have degrees beyond the 33rd to divulge all kinds of hidden meanings.

The same goes for the Christian faith. It is called a holy secret carefully hidden in Christ. (St. Paul)

Runes are used for writing, but also convey a deep esoteric meaning. However, some people use it for divination. The fact that they do, does not mean runes are bad, or have a bad influence by themselves.

Phi is mathematically 1.6 something. Yet to the beholder knowing how to apply it, it means much more. The richness of meaning when studying nature and finding this ratio in many things existing and living may have a profound influence when seeing the symbol for phi.

The same goes for any other symbol. Tracking down it's meaning down the ages and how it has been usurped, appropriated and it's meaning waterdown and even diverted ( perverted) yeah ... it happens a lot.

And I belief this also to be a part of the greatawakening, as part of discovering a new WHO and WHAT we are individually and as a people in the aggregate.

So, here we have a flag, called stars and stripes, a Title 4 flag. What does it really mean? What does it really stand for? And how has that meaning been altered over time? What is the law of the flag? How does that relate to everyday life?

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Penta- gram is just that. a 5 pointed star. Don't get your panties in a twist every time you see something like that. It is a mathematical symbol.

You will find mathematics, astrology, alchemy, music, numerology, grammar, logic, rhetoric, all have something in common. It is very much expressed in architecture.

Read something about virtue and start with the trivium and follow it up with the quadrivium.

I do admit, though, it is often is what Paul wrote: what you are unknowingly venerating, I am preaching to you (Acts 17). There is a difference between nescience and ignorance.

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So, if municipal gov took on that much debt: Where did the money come from and where did it go? And how much more can they accommodate to keep the ponzi going?

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There existed in every country the Jew Question.

In the course of time several solutions were considered. In Russia there was the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. Western views centered around Madagascar.

Hertzl, the zionist spokesperson, saw a Jewish State in Palestine/ TransJordan.

This is what was agreed to during the Versailles Peace Treaty. And Brittain was charged with executing it. They didn't.

The deal was to embed the Jewish State into the Arab League. Nice idea, but Hussein thought it best to setup shop as the King of Jordan, effectively destroying the whole idea. UK thought it best to renegotiate the terms and together with France came up with a nice solution. A Jewish State in Palestine only. However, over the course of several years, the boundaries shrunk and shrunk.

Then Hitler came to power. Judeans declared war on Germany, but, thousands of Jews could emigrate into Palestine by signing up to the emigration plan, called Haavara transfer agreement.

That did not sit well with the British Jews, and subsequently, UK stopped issuing immigration visa's, leaving hundreds in limbo while in transit.

Meanwhile the Poles were pushed to war with Germany, which would give the UK pretext to declare war on Germany. AS can be gleaned from the rejection of all the peace proposals, it was not about peace, but total annihilation of the German State. (for whatever reason)

So, what to do with all these chaps on their way out of German society? Let them work. For all intends and purposes, the organization and elements of living are quite consistent with this viewpoint.

After 1943, when the war turned sour for the Germans, unable to secure a decisive win on the eastern front (secure oil + gateway into Palestine = Stalingrad demise + battle of Kursk) the diverting of all assets into the war effort, lead to shortages on food, transport, etc. The bombing-raids totally annihilated transport capability. Meaning, food, medical supplies were not only in short supply, they became rare.

In the fall of 44 there was a choice before SHAEF: to allow Patton to push forward into Germany, or allow Montgomery a play for Arnhem during Operation Market Garden. A never before tried over valued gambit to secure access into Germany, while under-estimating the other parties .... eh .. 5:1 fighting force. It was a mess. And as a well deserved thank you, the allies bombed the place to shit.

For the allied forces, supplies were short, and it gave the Germans the time to mount a final assault through the Ardennes.

That winter was a terrible time. Everyone was hungry, as food and supplies could not reach destination. Guess what happened to those caught up in camps? Ah, and of course, the propaganda machine of the Soviets, very well was capable of reading into things which were not present, and even perpetrating outright fraud.

And since there was supposed to be only one guilty party ( See Declaration of St.James Palace and Atlantic Charter) it should not be a surprise to note that when it comes to this topic: religious observance and deference to the narrative is superimposed and enforced as many have already experienced.

Did anyone of you knew that in 1944, a lien was put on Germany? That is the reason for the still existing SHAEF occupation of the country? The so called unification is unlawful as neither the FRG or the DDR had any sovereign power to negotiate.

So, for Germany this is partly good news, as all German lawyers, judges, politicians, notaries, anyone in government service needs clear authorization by SHAEF to do anything. So anyone who has been foreclosed upon, or is paying taxes ..... Find your local SHAEF - CID. Some people are able to look forward to the firing-squad. (Hello Angela)

This puts Trump's remark about NATO in quite a particular light, does it not?


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Because he changed his name to hide his parentage .... so you would be in limbo about something else.


Bigger than you can imagine. As Q said: Subgroup? Think mirror. Top dogs.

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A scarf to hang themselves, or a $1 piece of rope to be hanged.

The advantage of the $1 rope is, they can be used several times.

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