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Q: Keystone.

Over on Voat, we figured it to be SES. https://archive.searchvoat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2995953 https://archive.searchvoat.co/v/GreatAwakening/3485194

Now, on the top mentioned website, goto: Bookmark: #ses-table; point 67.

It details the relationships with all kinds of shady organizations like Council on Foreign Relations, Atlantic Council, But ls how transmissions e.g. information plays into this.

All interesting names. The table there will be quite revealing. No wonder they think of Trump as an outsider. He really is.

Think about the Impeachment caused by the perfect Phone call ....Who came out of the woodwork ..... as just one example.

It is a pity qagg.news is no longer on, as it contained a long list of players with their mugshots ...

@mods: qagg.news can be downloaded as an offline browser site. The regular localqagg.zip file gives you all the post. Search function for post number: e.g. ##312 works.

There is a help-file containing all the search options.

And the images can be added. Though, I am not quite certain that it works correctly, as of the 32mb files only 1 mb was downloaded. https://web.archive.org/web/20220928084942/https://qagg.news/downloads2.php

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But eh ..... when I over estimate my equity in possession by a factor of 500 - 1000, and I have paid my taxes ... will I now get a refund?

Fraudulent, indeed.

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-What Storm, mr President?

  • You'll find out.
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Every thought is energy formed into a non-tangible item. People can lend their energy to a thought after hearing of it. Hearing a thought is still non-tangible.

The response to a thought makes the thought more tangible. The response is always energetic, reinforced by emotions to that thought.

Thoughts spread through language, both in audible form, and written form. We now live in a time where both forms are pervasive, because most people here are hooked up on social media. We take note of what he says, she says.

So when for instance a failed operating system owner comes along to burn down all the trees to fight climate change, people respond to it. Whether this response is fear, disgust, or hail, it does not matter. The thought is put out there. And it becomes something people care about.

This hooks into the first law of Nature: mentalism.Or, as some paleo-Hebrew scholars have it on Gen 1: 1: in the head are created the powers, heaven and earth. (based on the notion that all letters in paleo Hebrew are written connected and not like we do: with spaces and grammar)

Once this has been established, the other laws of nature kick in. For instance: most people have forgotten they are creators. instead they act on the plane of consequence, as they are bearing the brunt of what others create. By allowing the thoughts of other people to become the basis of our response, we not only get programmed, but we also surrender our own authority to be creators, and start harmonizing ourselves, or responding to what others create. This response is always energetic, hence based on frequency, charge, etc.

This is the essence of what Paul wrote about in terms of what is to be in the mind/head: that which is honorable, virtuous, or despicable. In another place he wrote about the reason for strife and war amongst Christians, and he pointed to the reason: the desire to fulfill fleshly desires. He added: those who live according to spirit will not fulfill fleshly desires. In another place he writes about the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace as the main states, what follows are merely circumstantial expression of the first 3.

Peter is more practical, when he exhorted to be conscious about the spiritual life-style.

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

5 For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; 6 and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; 7 and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. 8 For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins.

When comparing all these things, including what Plotinus and others have written from observation, it becomes clear that what we think, how we respond and to what is very important.

These Bad People know how it works. And whether one is a Christian, or not, matters not. The process is the same. We have been given short cuts to the exercise of our God given power to create.

The question merely is: what world do we want? What world do we really want, and care enough about to start creating it?

It could be argued, that what these Bad People do, is merely a distraction, a seduction by an opponent and antagonist, basically: satanic.

By the same token, we can create thoughts that are diminutive to their efforts.

Simply look carefully at the three temptations of Christ.

  1. Makes these stones bread. The thought is a physical state of hunger. Response: a man lives of every divine utterance

  2. Jump down these walls and show THEM who you are. Christ's response: do not tempt

  3. Here are all the Kingsdoms of the world. Worship me! Christ: only to God.

Do you see what Christ did here? The took the thought and changed it, from water to wine, you could say. This is what memes can do. But what is most obvious is that to be successful in this spiritual battle, it is not about re-sistence, but in-sistence. It has to be very clear in our minds what we are FOR.

Peter, develops the description of the road based on something. Did you catch that?

Egregore, basically means: wakesome, or better said: [con]scious. Primarily it is about knowing. The second step is knowing together. This is what happens when a WAKE is instituted. It also means guarding.

En guarde! Words spoken to entice to a duel. At that point, it is considered good practice to be focused on that particular point in time. Nothing else matters. The world contracts, there is only that one thing.

This is what these Bad People do. But we, in general, have no clue, and run into a ready sword, instead of fencing.

It is all in the language, and therefor in our minds.

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Focus on what we are for, not what we are against.

This is in principle the power of memes. It changes the thought that is being lend energy to, either pro or con. It really doesn't matter.

Think: vaxx reluctant vs ivermectin reluctant. Wef: world economic forum vs world economic freedom!

Cdbd central bank digital currency vs gold /silver.

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Good points.

See also egregore in relation to freemasonry. Indeed, it is a spiritual battle, and one that is being waged subtly.

Today, I received a message about privacy friendly solutions. What the F? I do not want privacy friendly, I want privacy! The hell with their language bastardizations.

Or how about vaxx reluctant ... Note here that the basic premise is vaxx. Nothing else. What would be the opposite to describe their stance? Ivermectine reluctant. Freedom adverse, that kind of stuff.

We can use these tricks on them to create umbrellas of energy to advance what we are for. Insistance!

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Since they love regulation that much: Here is my announcement:

As of 00:00 hours of October the First, all governments will be regulated. Failure to comply by civil servants or politicians will result in arrest, charge and a quick drop and a sudden stop.

See if they like it .... No they will not like it. If you would, you are labeled a domestic terrorist. Well, if it is domestic, than who is the domus? We are looking at something what it always has been: a coup d'etat by the servants against the true Lords and Sovereigns: We, ourselves.

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It may not be published, it sees to me, after speaking to a fellow boater from Germany, they see clearly. I was literally Told: Redtoe, I will be voting AfD because there no longer is any solution. They are forcing us on that road because they intentionally fail our state with the energy transition, mass immigration, and the whole health situation, and the EU.

Of course, there is an even bigger gorilla in the room. One word: Friedensvertrag.

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There is a difference between FED liquidity and the Dollar. Fed Liquidity is called Federal Reserve Note. It is traded on the market AS a USD. It looks like a USD but is not.

The word like is derived from lijk or leiche, which is a dead body, a skeleton if you wish. And that skeleton is in everybodies closet.

Of course, you can think of the FRN being a US issue, but looking at markets, the real issue is not Ststes-side but off-shore called Euro-Dollar. It is an opaque market. And this market is an even bigger shithouse than domestic Federal Reserve Notes.

At any rate, fighting inflation by repatriating the FRN into the FED coffers, like in a CBDC direct debit accounts, basically means restricting the access of a medium of exchange to do business by the people themselves. It simply means an extra measure to prevent you from doing business.

As history has shown, and Patman so eloquently put down in words, first by inflation ( meaning the increase of the money supply, i.e. buying government debt) then by deflation ( restricting the size of the money supply by, for instance, curbing the access of the people to a medium of exchange) Central banks and the companies that grow up around them, will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

This is the game.

However, it also contains the seed of destroying the FED.

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There is a very simple reason ..... The first data point is Romans 13. Relative Authority. Of course there is a personal conscience, and then there is Act, if I remember correctly, chapter 3: We have to obey God before obeying man.

This simple view is against the idea of a priest class as the gatekeepers of the oral law, or however one would label such an institution.

Maarten Luther was put before the inquisition when he argued about Christian freedom.

Anything that is antagonistic to power, be they kings, emperors, dictators or ideologies that purport to elevate the laborer, are simply abhorred by the idea of individual freedom, conscience and worship. And this is always the main driver.

Such clear promulgated ideas are not within other religions. In paganism there was, but not in connection with the gods per sé. The Christian churches were used to eradicate paganism. Now Christian Churches are besieged by Islam.

Islam is about submission, and easily manipulated. See red/green alliance.

Of course, there is a lot that can be said about Druidism, Zoroastrian, etc, but I'd rather keep to the last 2000 years.

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Isn't it interesting to contemplate the statues of say Thomans Jefferson vs Abraham Lincoln.

What does the Lincolm memorial make you think off?

In my view, it is a testament to the almost religious veneration of tirany. A Lincoln Temple would be a more apt description.

I am not saying to remove it. Statues are evidence of places in our history where we have taken an exit to a different avenue. Sometimes these avenues are a turn for the wrong. Other times , for the best.

Being conscious of our past, contemplating it, by means of statues, may help in evading the worst.

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Crimes against humanity on both counts, as it has two meanings.

Under the guise of inclusion we are confronted with dehumanization. The first step in enslavement, untill you give up and yield.

Of.course, this is not what we are going to do. Yet, this is the game they are playing, and Tucker puts the finger on the proverbial pain spot.

I have written about this before, and I will keep writing and saying it: we are in favor of our God given rights and to live to their fullest potential. Anything less is a crime against humanity.

And these governments now are a de jure criminal Enterprise deeply engaged in RICO.

See also 18 USC 241/242.

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Ockham's razor indeed suggests a solution to a mystery having the least number of assumptions and, this is important, the smallest number of entities in the hypothesis.

And you are right.

If indeed they could kill those vaxxed with a 5g signal, then it would not be necessary to fear the Trump Card for one bit.

Although, there are probably more Dems voting people vaxxed than maga people. Hence, you see an election issue appearing that cannot be solved by letting dead people vote.

What studies have shown is that behavior can be controlled by inducing the sensation of being uncomfortable in a certain location.

One might call it crowd control. Or maybe, one could go one step further. Being at a organic farm buying healthy food may make you unconformstble. Hence, no longer you go there if you feel happy as a lark with a bag of GMO patota chips.

15 minute cities. Invisible boundaries can be erected that way. Society will be arranged around a different nucleus. No longer the natural family and relative units at the initial stage, but 15 minutes and the people living there.

Hollywood uses such devices to show horror spectacles. It provides an egregore that harvests your energy to support their idea. Whether that energy is positively of negatively charged towards their idea, is of no importance. The idea is planted, disseminated, and can now grow.

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People who are programmed will always judge the cover of a book and it's contents will be left by the wayside.

The reason is simple: it challenges their worldview.

One of the hookpoints is to recognize were these people were 10 years ago. Where they, for instance, in the belief that government would never do a certain thing, like, locking everybody in their house, or mandate a transfection that turn anyone into a spike producer. Or even, the FBI would never meddle in: whatever their theme.

The trick is to take people one step further. Not 20 steps. The device I use is question. Depending on the person, I use a closed line of questions (3) before throwing in the kicker. And before I do, I usually say something like: let's look at this together.

It is simply a.matter of overcoming resistance. This method is something different than dropping links and memes. It is quite time.consuming.

A judgement about what I have to show then only possible in relation to knowledge based on proof.

I am also conscious about the fact, that I do not have to convert them. Only to find the hook and hang something on that hook. The burden what to do with it, is theirs.

Q wrote: the choice to know has always been yours.

Aan honest person, who is cpable of looking at himself/herself in the.mirror, to reflect on themselves, will change his ways. Those not there yet, will face a tougher situation. That is simply the way nature works.

Trump once called truth a force of nature. And yes, truth has a habit of being found in every nook and cranny. That is the beauty of nature. It is what it is.

Realism, the habit of recognizing what is real, or in accordance with nature. Is simply that. It is not judgemental, it just points out what is.

The beauty of it could be described as follows: it makes clear the emotional make-up of everyone confronted with truth.

So, I often ask: what is below this? What fear are you now becoming aware of?

This is the point where there is a shut down, or an opening up. Either way, it is their choice. I have given them an easier way out.

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Yeah ,well, their business model doesn't work, so they change it.

As a matter of fact, first they lure you in with high ideas and promises, while later on reneging on the deal they struck ....

You do not need them, at all. For 1200 bucks a year, you can have more storage and access then you'll ever need, if you put the effort in. As a huge advantage, your data then remains yours ...

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His Donors want him there, quacking ....and shuffling like a duck.

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we define as dangerous, or followed them.

Yes, it is dangerous to them. And typically, guilty by association. Never about content.

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