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It was done in Rural Groningen at Ter Apel Kanaal, The Netherlands. The whole area has been bombarded with rapefugees: raping the little supermarkets, People living there not used to locking up their shit, all lock up. And the laid back attitude and living is gone.

It happens everywhere.

When travel through places like these, I am facing the question: what good is it to be confronted with these cultures. If I want to enjoy them, I will visit their country as a tourist without raping and pillaging.

Not only that, this artificially inflating of the population does a couple of things:


Water, waste, energy, roads, medical infrastructure, schooling infrastructure, work infrastructure, housing infrastructure, all is being overwhelmed by the willful policies of those we trusted the most to protect us and to keep us out of harms way.

Net-congestion is the magic word of the day.


Radical changes in the make-up of the population changes the political dynamic, changes the language, changes the fabric of society and the way people treat each other.

Rape, theft, murder, drug-abuse, arson, pillaging: it is all here.

The Vile stench of the rotten corpse of popular government is rising.

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When we went to Pyongyang, and we talked about missiles, we talked about MIAs and POWs, we talked about home, we talked about a number of subjects.

Interesting way of phrasing, regression. Basically: upside down. Totally, illogical.

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The other perspective is: would you prohibit elm trees? Why not? The real reason is: prohibiting taking advantage of what God has provided is the problem, not what God has provided.

See also: prohibition in the amendments. It never works, but caters to temporary political gain and destroys virtue.

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Interesting how these people meet with Trump, like he is still the COC. Or, they know something we still have to await for: 2024 election is in the Trump bag.

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Nice. but here is the thing with this patriot professor. He acquired the language of the dems. This is the key to thinking and acting.

So, what exactly is an-archo-tyranny? An oxymoron. There is only the Marxist tyranny of the proletariat or rather: the proletariat being tyrannized. And in order to do so, all natural relationships must be upended, and destroyed.

By the same token, many legal scholars have bought into the idea, that a state of laws must be there in order to ensure the "con-vivention within society as the indispensable guardian issuing slaps on the wrist or worse, kidnapping, or providing diapers and food through the welfare system as a parent.

Once it is comprehended that the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness precludes many if not the majority of rules imposed upon man and to limit man, it becomes quite clear that this system is built upon a mis-take of what man is:

  1. keep them in a diminutive state.
  2. man cannot govern himself, so he must be governed by man.

Talk about de-ranged.

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Something we still haven' t figured out? Or it must be nicotine itself, and the war also rages against those nic-pils. If not, it maybe something else. ......entirely.

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What do you think happened with Impeachment no1 and Impeachment no2 in Trumps' s case?

I don't like it either, that Mayorkas is going of "scott-free". But this is just how politics work, especially when controlled by the Israel-lobby. They have to protect their own.

To create a group of people untouchable (it used to mean: integer before the law) is the main purpose.

What does that remind you of?

Divine right of kings. These people also were untouchable. And it is a standing project to subvert popular governments and guide it towards the one answer: return of the God-King and neo feudalism.

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Ah ... this is typical EU shit. UK just happens to be the first. This policy is discussed everywhere.

It would be fun to see: smoke free prisons. But you can identify as a female .... These people are so .... eh .... unhinged.

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Wait till your traffic light disables the electric vehicles for the driver not having been vaxxed .....

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But now an “emergency late-night ruling” from a top Belgian court says socialist Mayor Emir Kir acted unconstitutionally,

Green-Red alliance .... brought to you by The Mogh inc.

See: https://www.yaacovapelbaum.com/2019/08/16/the-red-green-alliance-and-the-real-devil-of-mogadishu/

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Which even Russia would not even do.

That in and of itself is a feat for the history books to be remembered and celebrated!

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Good question. Try: jurisdiction holy Roman Empire, and see what comes up. Jstor might be a place to start. Or oxford: The Holy Roman Empire as a Legal System

Just remember, this is not an appearance like the United States or the Dutch Republic by an act of the People, but rather a behemoth that appeared over time through conquest, tribute, a complex patchwork of city-states,Hanse-cities where the Emperor could not enter without permission despite the name Imperial city (like Nijmegen)

What you will learn is the view the Founding -fathers took was quite apt. You might also consult: Law of Nations by Vattel, writings of Hugo Grotius.

And Iron Kingdom, as this book describes the uneasy balance between the Holy Roman Empire and Prussia. Prussia itself was outside the HRE, but parts of its lands were inside, and the King IN Prussia was a HRE Prince Elector.

Thus, in terms of learning what it means to be such an elector, this is pure gold.

Then there is a legal concept which protects the person of the Emperor, as he can do no wrong. From this the legal art of reaching the position of sovereignty is born.

Consulting the declaration of Independence, you will note that the effort beyond and above the call of duty to impress upon the person of the King for redress of grievances is clearly delineated. Why?

Once you get this, you start to comprehend what the Holy Roman Empire actually is. And it still is here, not the least the families who rules it, and want it re-emerge as the so called dissolution in 1806 was done under duress. SO, the claims are still made, renewed and valid.

Then consider the secret treaty of Verona. Now you start to see the true masters behind the Covid shit.

I will add one last tidbit, which also subverts the US legal system: UNIDROIT. his UN movement was started by ... drum, drum ... a legal professor in .....drum drum drum ... ROMAN LAW!

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interesting how he corrected himself ......stumbling over words.

  1. he heard talk
  2. he supposes there is talking because of the JFK assassination.
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(see pre-) + caput "head" (from PIE root *kaput- "head")

Or how to dig a hole deep enough to be buried in. This puts: ashes to ashes, dust to dust in some different perspective.

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to renege => renigger.

The meaning "change one's mind, go back on (one's word or promise)" is by 1784. OED identifies this as "orig. and chiefly U.S.," and adds that it is "Now the dominant sense," in the spelling renege. Three of its first four examples of it in this sense spell it renig, renigged. Related: Reneged; reneging.


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From the Video:

Treaty of 1783/1789 of Paris: Prince of the United states. ....

This is a typical matter of not being able to read. Read for yourselves the damn thing: https://www.archives.gov/milestone-documents/treaty-of-paris compare to original: https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse1.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.7VIj_GfqmJDoTYWzP0ELWQHaMF%26pid%3DApi&f=1&ipt=87c9934db5aae60b412e8b4e26dacbd3e0a5d99165c566c51324f6137d5a3056&ipo=images

to wit:

  1. It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the Hearts[...]. Question: is this plural or single?
  2. [..]of the most Serene and most Potent Prince George the Third, [..] we get to the description of the parties. Note the comma.
  3. Note the regression: by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, Arch- Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc.. [..] <=> note the double dots after etc
  4. And of the United States of America

Question: 5.Who' s hearts were move to reconciliation? 6. Do you know what a prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire is? 7. Who was Holy Roman Emperor? Area of jurisdiction? 8. Chosen by whom? 9. What other powers are conferred with this title? Jurisdiction? 10. And how does that relate to the uSA? How is George the Prince Elector of the united States of America?

In other words, these words are usually read and mistaken to mean something that is not there. A Prince Elector has no power in the uSA. And the hearts of George and of the USA are moved to reconciliation (of course by also and most importantly, paying the debt!).

Also see: European treaties bearing on the United States and it's Dependencies by Francis Gardener.

Reading source material is highly recommended!

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Not quite.

There is a difference between reserve money and reserve currency.

For instance: the Silver Rider used to be a full reserve money, on which deposit slips were issued.

Question: Why did the English hunt for Silver during the Silver, Silk, tea, Opium period?

1815 Peace of Vienna is the bankruptcy settlement of the major powers. Only after this period, reserve currencies came into full swing as the major mode of executing debt. before then, there were currencies, but always tied to Gold and Silver. After 1815, the reins were loosened.

Such currency systems live about 70 years.

1813-1815 + 210 (3x70) = 2025: Oh my ... what is happening in Europe? Real reason? rogue system.

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Ah ... if AE, then he probably copied it from Oera Linda Bok of 1876. This idea was already written there and from histography, this document goes in written form back to the 12th century, claiming it to be much older: 2193 BCE.

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