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There is maybe another angle we might miss: Who is in control of the police forces in Pennsylvania, the biggest mail-in ballot stuffing prepared state?

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I was being facetious .....

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Thank you. You are confirming my point.

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Mathematically, he forgot to take the Coriolis effect into account ... Therefor it is not a pro but a lone wolf and perfectly deniable.

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Are you using this phrase as a thought stopper?

  1. I am alive by the grace of God.
  2. Some people were killed by the same Grace.

See, it answers nothing and makes you stop thinking. Seriously, you want to go down that path?

Consider: freethought and thinking for yourself in the Q-posts.

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And the woman who was with him all the time just so happen to be an older Caroline. Coincidences till mathematically impossible.

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And .... A name change also means, the old one is done, died.

So, yes, Q was right from a certain point of view. However, RFK was asked in the chat during an interview to touch his nose if JFK is still alive.

You could see the shock of reading that question and the glee to secretly make this known.

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The idea discussed on Megyn Kelly was about the polls that would come out.

If i were to wager a guess, I should wager that the polls will be even more abysmal for Biden.

They really want to get rid of Biden.

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Archive off-line!

Not just links. ....Otherwise, we end up with the same thing as with Tulsi' s membership of the CFR:

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The premise is to relate it to the election. I don' t think so. At least not in the way it is thought. Of course their will be the sympathy vote. So, yes: landslide incoming ...3...2...1...

But let' s think about it for a moment. First from a perspective of moves and counter moves, zugzwang.

This puts the onus squarely on the DS to do something to stop Trump, otherwise they will all hang from nooses, just to quote Hillaryous.

Does this look like a powerful DS move to you? Think about it. Amateur hour is even better.

The question becomes: is this really what it is said to be? If so, then the DS is in deep doodoo, and only reinforces the fear the people who WISH Trump dead. After all they've done so far, all they have are incompetent, fucking up operatives who could not tie their shoelaces

This brings on another question: being unassailable in many ways, how do you demoralize large swatches of the competition? How do you put the knife in an already PANIC IN DC - movie?

Another anomaly to think about:

Trump is rushed of the podium, yes?

Of course he is rushed of the podium, yes? And while being rushed off (movement) he signals with a first in the air: fight! fight! fight! (heroic scene).

If you belief to have seen that, you are dead wrong. There was no rushing off stage. 20 SS could not even move Trump for one single inch. And while being still that way, he formed a perfect target.

Do you think this is standard operating procedure in a, let' s assume, unknown situation where an active shooting incident is taking place, and the CIC is physically harmed?

What good is a ring of bodies, if your head is sticking out of the crowd, while being stationary. Isn't that exactly what not to do in a spontaneously occurring live-shooting incident? Or was the signal already passed: situation under control, sniper neutralized?

Again, Q mentioned: Sum of all fears. A scene of rushing off is shown. Compare.

And this circles us back to the main issue. What was the object of the incident?

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I am wondering about this.

10-15 cm off center? At that distance? They could not find a better shot with that caliber? Is this all they could muster?

If so, then the DS is in a really bad shape.

On the other hand, what if the object was indeed to "miss".

Given the objectives, it is quite clear return fire is to be expected. Going up on such a mission is a suicide mission. So, maybe indeed, there is just not much choice in shooters, if it was about killing.

What if it is about something else with an added bonus?

To put a brief summary of what it reminds me off, is the TV series: Favorite Son.

Have a look see at this video: https://greatawakening.win/p/17teEUqs9g/harpo-marx/c/

Note where Trumps head is sticking out. How many seconds? Target moving? Is his the way it is done? To rugby up on a man, and leave him there? For a political statement?

If so, for one: it shows how present of mind Trump actually is on a platform of bravado.

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You see, when the Dutch lived in their land, they gained most of it from the see.

The first piece of Dutchland in the Americas: Manhattan, was not stolen but bought from the Indians in that area.

I guess there were thoughts on the stupidity of the part of the Dutch to pay for something that is in their minds incapable of being owned by anyone, but there you have it.

Enlargement of the Dutch colony was due to fights with the Swedes, Danes and what have you. And since it did not yield enough, it was sold to the British.

Then of course, there is the Louisiana Purchase. And not to forget: the Alaska Purchase.

So, I am not totally sold on stolen. Perhaps a better word would be: taken possession of and in a number of cases: chasing the earlier inhabitants away.

But, it all depends on the concept of allod (Saxon word, Dog latin: allodium): freehold title to land.

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She was there 5.6 years ago, top of the list: https://archive.searchvoat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2868176/15178213

If you want to die on that hill, fren, that is your choice. Of course, any person can have a change of heart, and steer again in the right direction.

However, for those having followed events over time, like death bed confessions, especially for those working in the Psyop department, best to allow time to see where these people end up.

O no, Tulsi = Q! ( hahahahaha, pulling your leg!).

The twists and turns in politics, combined with a changing heart regarding certain matters, is not unheard of.

Basically, when she stood her ground on Syria, I commended her for it. That was a good call. What she did with call, and make it into a spit ball against Trump, well, that is a matter of going to far.

But there are some twists and turns that begs the question:

Tulsi endorsing Bernie Sanders: https://vimeo.com/159974506

Whatever game she is playing, I guess her background is very well leveraged.

Nobody understands peace better than those who have experienced the cost of war. That's why I'm endorsing Bernie Sanders...

Note what she is implying about Bernie ..... hahahaha. Subtle, not so, but enough for click baits.

She is a perfect candidate for a pussy vote.

When it comes to VP position, I guess that is Trump's call, and given his record since before 2015, I trust he will pick the right one for the purpose he has in mind. Second point I consider is the fact, I have no way of influencing the decision. Trump is his own man. That' s why we love him, no?

So, instead of dying on this Hill, perhaps your energy is best spent on matters that really have an impact, as this discussion adds nothing of substance and is clearly based on an hypothetical or wishful thinking.

And maybe, your wish will come true. Or not. You just have to wait and see.

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Since when can a British subject, a Kenyan, have a legitimate term of office as POTUS? IS the Kenyan a naturally born citizen? Nope.

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Kinesis is a nice platform and the construction of the system is very nice, indeed.

However, the regulatory framework they have to uphold, also means that they go further than regulation requires to minimize regulator interference.

So, the implementation to set up a bridge between several payment systems, especially fiat to anything else, is fraught with surprises. You could be KYC-ed and move a 100-$, and all of a sudden, their system raises a flag. Combine it with lack of human control, and all you are left with is a drone droning on about your compliance.

Instead of freedom it offers a training in compliance. If a person chooses to go the alternative route, be prepared to also be an ambassador for such a system, to help people make the proper moves to establish that alternative. Think: Bitcoin Jesus.

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There is another consideration that was not yet ripe to throw out here, but since this discussion is ongoing, it helped bringing it to fruition.


We know that Trump previously held that Bitcoin was not currency and the USD was the ticket.

Enter Lowery

There are some interesting things Jason Lowery has to say, take a listen: https://invidious.darkness.services/watch?v=PInd7uRiGjs

This takes some time, but is worth your time.

Basically: the relationship between Bitcoin and national security and soft war.

Trump' s move

And now we have Trump speaking at BTC event after assuring us that BTC is safe.

This signals to me, that the theater is changing and moves are made to shore up the crypto sphere. It means: money making opportunities. It means I am moving with this flow, and added several coins to my portfolio, including BTC. .

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From a risk perspective, of course, there is reason to consider such a question, then it is imperative to investigate and assess the situation.

Have you do so, or are you blowing out of your ass?

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Then you still fail to comprehend what it is.

To shut it down, you need mankind back into the stone age without recourse. AS soon as there is only one node, the coins can be reseeded.

However, the question is correct. What happens then. Simply said, you go to the next point of access.

Better said: you get your hands on Starlink and move happily ever after. To every risk, their is a mitigation strategy.

The real question is whether you really want to be robbed blind by so called upstanding banks, or,that you are ready to take matters under control.

I grant you, the system plays heavy at this point, moving billions around, influencing the price. So, in terms of the Bitcoin promises, it failed. Yet, still a ton of money can be made with it.

There are other options, besides bitcoin, more stable, faster, private and even anonymous.

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I agree with you, It is worthless. A medium of exchange is only valuable as long as there is a taker, being a fool or a smart man, depending on the price.

Everything is a ponzi scheme. The visibility of duration, conveying the idea of stability, is fiction. So, there is always someone holding the bag.

That said:

I have detailed a couple of point in which specifically Bitcoin is totally dispractical.


SSD prohibitive: bitcoin raw: close to 600Tb and exponentially growing.
Syncing first time takes an awful amount of time
Avg mining difficulty in not even 4 years from 17T tot 85T makes it cost intensive.
Hence, co-opted by just a couple of miners, 2 have 52% of the capacity, defeating the purpose of the coin.
It is expensive in execution.
It is slow in execution.
It is totally open.
It is co-opted by the system. Wait till the full force of paper shit bears down on it. See Gold/Silver. 68 billion volume = 15 billion in derivatives.
Exchanges are fucking you whenever they can: AML + ATF, KYC, and what not.
It is a speculative volatile asset with 1 use case: get shafted.
Added on services to achieve privacy make it complex and expensive.

However, there is tons of money to be made with it. Of course, after it is exchanged for other assets ....Like XRM, lead, gold, silver, real estate, production capacities, consumables.

I'll add one more: Brics crypto. So no, BTC will not be a GLOBAL reserve currency, perhaps a regional (not necessarily geographical) one at best.

That said: we are in a transition period, and perhaps the one can for the time coexist next to the other.

The question is always: who controls the money supply. And the system in place right now, is built on the exploitation of those not knowing what they are doing, or should be doing.

A world: upside down, Davy Jones locker.

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IVM and CBD oil ... however ... God made CBD ...Who do you trust?


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