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  1. We've all expected mass arrests. But the military said they will not interfere with an election. This is extremely important because PRECEDENT is not good. Pence throwing out EC votes is NOT good. This election must be Certified before any action is to be taken so that when the military does intervene, it is NOT an election intervention.

  2. Theory: SCOTUS may be working with Trump to push date after the inauguration. With inauguration done, all the fraud states essentially submitted waivers for not submitting information because they're stupid and incompetent. Assuming SCOTUS is working with Trump, this IS KEY.

  3. Fact: (MonkeyWerx) No TFR over Mar A Lago. Trump is NOT in Florida. He's being protected. As Q said, this is a military operation.

  4. Theory: Christopher Wray is a sleeper. What's not apparent is which team he is swinging. Proving electoral fraud during Trump's term would look like political execution. Pushing him to be inactive during Trump's term, having Biden keep him, and having him activate while Biden kept him, would be devastating for Biden. Now, it's not a Trump appointee who's overturning Biden, but Biden's own staff disavowing him. There are a few videos of Wray's work against CCP spying and they are VERY convincing as a man of conviction and patriotism. I do not believe him to be Deep State.

  5. Theory: Enter Durham, whom, if activated would implicate the entire deep state. All of them have committed treason, conspiracy to overthrow government, sedition and treachery. Since he also took over Huber, the Clinton Foundation will implicate US, Canada and several other countries as well, doing a Deep Clean of US as well as many other countries. We continue to witness corrupt governments stepping down these last two weeks and days. Why?

  6. Fact: Now, Eric Swallow-well is involved in spying. There are other congress members involved as well. These information have been well-presented and implicate people like Pelosi and Schiff. Pelosi is already in some sort of trouble (there's a video floating around with her being disrespectfully taken to the side by some sort of law enforcement). We can assume there are others who are play acting as well. This will take down all the spies and much of the DNC.

  7. However, the real enemy is the CCP. Note that we've been on a rotating roster with allied nations placing mlitary assets in South China seas. This is causing the CCP to burn massive amount of cash to sustain their military presence - Cash that they desperately do not have. With seizures of their overseas assets, they're even more dire. With Biden in power, they have to bleed money into the US for congressmen and senate to remove Trump EOs that target them. Chinese food prices have skyrocketed in the last 4 months due to inflation, and they are blaming COVID on foreign imports (USD shortage). Oil price is also rising. China is bleeding cash and soon won't be able to afford a war with US.

  8. If all of the above conditions are met, this will be the hardest counter-punch in the history of American politics. The US military can now make arrests (Which is why the National Guard are going to be in DC until end of March), in which they will not be interfering with an election but instead enforcing law and treating these people as enemy combatants.

  9. Mass awakening. Destruction of MSM. Destruction of questionable Big Tech.

Trump will be inaugurated in March.