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I remember when a tranny was appointed as a mod on r/cringeanarchy, xe was bullied to oblivion kek

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It looks a lot more like the Falangist yoke and arrows than the Rothschild symbol, you can tell by the bottoms of the arrows https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a2/Yoke_and_Arrows.svg/800px-Yoke_and_Arrows.svg.png

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Leningrad became St. Petersburg in September 1991, which was nine years before Putin became president

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Is there a way to add a tag or something to a post you make like research, meme, etc. and then you can filter out other posts to show only posts with a specific tag?

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Don’t worry, August is gonna be a hot month!!!

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Brandon’s boot that he only wore for a few days after “fracturing his ankle”

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The link is to communities.win/c/greatawakening but you are probably on greatawakening.win. They’re the same thing but sometimes they have problems with synching

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Shinzo Abe is from the LDP, it seems like a based party

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He resigned over a year ago because of his ulcerative colitis

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