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Here's another iteration of Trump's pre-recorded statements to the American People. He brilliantly addresses the FBI's coordination with Big Tech and the importance of Twitter Files.

But what interests me, is this recording was done at the same time as the recording released on 12/15/22, and they held onto it until now.

Suggesting they have a premeditated timeline, that coincides with the Twitter Files.

Meaning Trump has a plan, and Elon is likely in on it.


  1. Here is the video from 12/15/22.


Trump snuck this video between truths about his superhero NFTs, largely burying this huge announcement.

But you'll notice it's the same outfit, same breast pin, same studio, same makeup, the same production. It was filmed on the same day. We were told they were filmed on the same day.

Meaning Trump has a bunch of these already recorded, about different topics, to be released at later dates.

Suggesting a high level of coordination and foresight.

  1. Essentially, Trump knows what's coming and already pre-recorded all of his public addresses for what's coming.

This gives validity to my original hypothesis, that Elon and Trump are working together.

Trump and Elon have done a great job maintaining the illusion of distance, but their actions suggest coordination.

-Trump pays Elon tens of billions in government contracts

-Elon uses billions to take Deep State asset Twitter

-Elon exposes Deep State corruption

-Trump wins


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