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Trump posts the DATE of his ‘arrest’ and for supporters to ‘protest’.

#1. He knows we know better. He knows, we know. He ALSO knows the FEDTARDS are gonna swing at that pitch. They are gonna fill the NY city streets with Fedbois and Antifafags. Just like they did on J6. If you don't know already … STAY THE FUCK AWAY. ‘White hats are gonna be out in force photographing every last one of those piece of shit Communist fukwads.

#2. You can legally say pretty much any despicable thing about a public official … UNTIL they become an ACTUAL defendant in a ACTUAL criminal case. The MINUTE the retards in the MSM (90% of them) call Trump a ‘criminal’, or ‘guilty’, or any other stupid shit while he is under indictment … when he is exonerated … they are liable for slander, obstruction, all other manner or libtard legal dumbfukery (think Kyle Rittenhouse). The DAMAGES will be in the many many many Billions. Its not a stretch to say he could literally bankrupt several of them.

5D Chess moves that will be talked about and studied 2000 years from now.