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Trust me, I get that part of it, but I was replying to what p8riot said about trusting no politicians that said to take the injection.

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I don't know anything about it, but there's laser therapy and other out of the box treatments for pain that I hear good things about. Just an idea. I will pray for you. Long term pain is not fun to deal with. I wish you the best.

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You are correct as far as everything I've read on the subject.

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Certain places will be more legitimate than last time around, but in other places they will definitely be stealing seats.

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There are people who follow around certain users on here and down vote every comment. There are also people who will make a comment and then down vote all the other comments in an effort to get their own comment to move up the thread.

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I don't want Biden gone. I want Papa Trump back at the helm.

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Breaking breaking: Ron Johnson has killed himself. He was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the back of his head.

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Like Trump? I mean, he did say to take it, many times.

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There was a clip of him defending beastiality. I don't recall exactly what he said, but it sounded like he has experience.

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Well, it's not good to live where there's voter fraud, but lots of states have that problem.

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It's on qagg but I don't see it on truth social

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It's Adam Schiff as an infant

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Followed not long after by EXECUTED

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