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I will try to summarize as short as I can, since this is just a sideshow.

The last election here was insanely even, as usual. To my surprise the right won after a few days of counting votes. Some belive they are controlled opposition, but things keep happening that make me think they really try to make things right.

The left can’t really accept that they lost and the MSM inform us that the new government is an utter failure, and that the Social Democrats are more popular than ever.

The gang violence is now blamed on the new government so the MSM are now reporting on it more.

People weren’t that easily fooled, and many realised that this is a shitshow we maybe won’t survive as a nation. So who’s fault is it, people asked themselves. More likely the old guys, rather than the new.

The Social Democrats didn’t value merit as much as the right opinons when putting people in power, their team is driven by emotions and can’t really debate, they never really had to. If the lost they would just call you a nazi.

The right wing government have put a number of smart people on different positions, too smart for the left to debate, so they do what they can to have them removed. It has always worked in the past.

Ok, here comes the part that is too good to be true, it has to be scripted. After the terrorist attack in Belgium, where two Swedes were killed just because they wore supporter clothes for the Swedish footballteam, Jessica Stegrud top politician in the Sweden Democrats (the pariah party whose support the new government need) wrote an unfortunate tweet.

The former Prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has now something to do with the football team and was at the match, and it seemed like he had bodyguards. He probably needs them. He is right wing, but made a deal with the devil, and opened the border on us.

He is not the only one to blame, but being right wing, people take it harder. Shouldn’t he have to walk home alone like all the Swedes at the game, Stegrud asked.

The left instantly read that as if she wanted him killed in a terrorist attack, so she deleted it and explained her very reasonable take. The left ignored this part and spent the day demanding that she resigned. Some were so taken by this they claimed not knowing what to do with themselves if she hadn’t resigned by five o’clock.

Now here comes the boomerang. One hour after the attack on the hospital in Gaza, former Prime minister Magdalena Andersson (Social Democrat) took to Twitter to express her disgust with the Israelian attack.

She was already in hot water after disawoving Hamas. A large part of their voters are muslims, many of them Hamas supporters. Another large part is the elderly swedes, and it was for them she had to disawov them. Also loads of women vote for them, I guess for them it’s 50-50. Good luck making all of them happy.

The hospital tweet aged badly and she defended herself with that she hadn’t done what she did. Both tweets had comments turned off, both tweets got community notes.

WE know that the bomb was from Hamas, WE know the hospital still stand, WE know no 500 babies died. I am not so sure the muslims in the outskirts of our three big citys know, or care if they know. It is a dangerous rhetoric for real to blame Israel based on a rumour. If a violent attack happens because of her tweet is she then responsible?

Shouldn’t she resign based on the logic they used all day yesterday?

Swedes may seem like we are all gay to you guys, I don’t blame you. We don’t like it when people raise their voice and get angry, we try to get along. We try to find out what most people think and then we adopt it as group think.

It may seem like these ideas can’t be changed since they can’t be questioned, but when the group change their minds, everyone change theirs as well. It’s fascinating to watch and it is happening right now. The Social Democrats may well collapse from this.