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Get in talks with a lawyer. Let him know this is coming. I already spoken with one and he said he and another lawyer would be in it to represent me.

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Actually, how about this... Teachers should be interviewed every year by the parents. The parents should have a say on who teaches their kids.

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Sorry for your loss, I can't begin to imagine what you are experiencing. My brother also took it. So, I also fear for him. Your family are in my prayers.

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Yeah that's what our founding fathers said... "we could use an honest lawfag right now"

Our court system is compromised.

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I don't know why anyone is downvoting this, because it is factually correct.

Toyota towing: 8,800 to 10,200 lbs., Chevy towing: 13,400 lbs

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Which came from wikileaks....

I started to question things after 9/11, things didn't make sense.....

But wikileaks was the red pill that woke me up. After that it was all downhill I been following q since 4 chan..

Its a wild ride. Sometimes I lose hope, sometimes a big hopium happens.

Now I am waiting to see what happens with the recount....

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This painting is real but made in 2020 and never been to Denver airport.

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This one is not real.. that painting is real but it was made in 2020 and never been to that airport.

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If Fauci is the 1st arrest.. it would be glorious. Shocking to the world...

And with Trump out of the picture this would really mess with peoples minds. He is highly trusted by the liberals.

But then again... we still wait.... for ANY arrests.

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But Liberal cities in Florida are behind Texas. lol

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Depends.. in Liberal Cities like Miami...

I was told to put on a mask to go to the bank...

I put on the mask... under my nose and under my mouth... basically covering my chin. lol

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Just confirmed it.. the USA one is just as cringe as you can image.. the Russia one is cool as all hell.

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How much you want to bed they don't even know who that is.

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I woke up around 9/11 but still thought that the Republicans (McCain and Mitt) where better than Obama. Now I know they were all the same and we haven't had a choice since Trump.

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This exactly

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Show her stuff like this man. Plenty of reasons not to take it... for example:


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I tried as hard to get my family not to take this stupid vaccine...

They did. Both my parents and my brother.

I pray nothing happens to them and I am really sorry for the lost of that family.

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I bought most at 5k .... tried to pull a fast one around 15k and sold about half....

expecting it to keep going down...

never did.

Had to jump on it much later on...

Not playing with bitcoin anymore... JUST HODL!!!!

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