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Our laws in the state are such that We can’t recall them or hold a snap election. Unfortunately

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Or a cartoon with a masked person sitting in a swimming pool on the left of frame with someone standing on the pool deck right of frame, back to the audience, pissing in the swimming pool with all the text you recommended…

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Agreed. I’ve subscribed since I new they existed. 2.5 yrs ish. Top notch paper. Their EpochTV is good too.

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Not a YUGE fan of TimToastIRL since his buddy’s “CUCK” incident BUT, he does have a point with this. There’s a reason they NEED to shut Rogan down. He has a greater reach than any corporate press entity in America.

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I was agreeing with that notion.

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Mirrors aren’t just left to right / horizontal.

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But first we gotta remove their vocal cords. Can’t be letting their screeching harsh our mellow…

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We need an edit button of the digging posts themselves.

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Mike has done more to make us look like conspiracy theorist nut jobs than anybody.

Except for maybe Lin.

Confirmation bias is a mother fucker.

The left seems to embrace theirs and run with it. The right refuses to acknowledge that they have any….

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While I agree, all eighty need the boot, This was NOT about a vax mandate.

This was about a vax database.

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His thorough data presentation leaves MUCH to be desired. I had complete faith in mikes promises. he HAS BROKEN EVERY SINGLE ONE. providing only paper thin excuses that simply just don’t pass the smell test.

The things he “attempts” to accomplish don’t just explode, they explode into a mushroom cloud of BULLSHIT flavored excuses.

He’s a fraud. Discernment finally won out.


Confirmation bias is rampant on both sides.

The left seems to embrace and utilize theirs, The right refuses to accept that they’re even afflicted by it…. 🤦

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I can’t believe some of you are still buying th horse shit that Lindell is peddling.

Wake TF UP guys!!!! He’s a conman. Sent to divide and confuse, and keep us busy runnin in circles.

Mike and EVERYONE(influencer wise) that sings his praises ARE GLOWBIE FRAUDS.

How many broken promises until you realize you’ve been had?

When has ANYTHING mike ever asserted, actually turned out even remotely as promised without excuses?

What happened to discernment?

Confirmation bias is a mutha fucka. Both sides are eat up with it. Difference is: The left embraces/ignores theirs. The right refuses to believe they even have any.

Wake. The. Fuck. UP!!!!!

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