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When has any of mikes multitude of promises EVER turned out as he asserted they would?

There is always a reason why it’s not his fault.

Remember frank speech was gonna dethrone Twitter, YouTube, and amazon? Tell me, when’s the last time anyone has been able to login or even actually create an account? How about the SIMPosium? Remember the mock up election he was gonna hold? On actual dominion machines? Yeah that never happened either during his SIMPosium all he did was talk over the experts trying to explain things reciting the same talking points he has spouted since he started this. What about his “actual vote numbers” he kept flashing on the screen? Remember the packet captures had yet to be seen, so where did his magic numbers come from?

The story of a “poison pill” is completely unbelievable to anyone that’s ever worked in IT. MIKE IS THE POISON PILL. Everything he does draws attention and conservative support only to fail EPICLY & PUBLICLY.

I used to have trust in mike. Then his promises kept stacking up in the fishy column. How many times does a person have to lie until one realizes they are full of shit?

He’s the perfect front operation. Self funding with a nearly Attack proof backstory.

What happened to discernment? It seems to disappear as soon as he flashes his crucifix necklace.

Mike is at best an idiot that refuses to see the truth as it surrounds him. He is, at worst, the perfect DS carrot dangling pied piper.

Better go buy more towels, the scotus case is right around the corner. Mikes got packet captures to pay for.

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Duck duck go has been pulling from the same hiring pool of trans-faggots that big tech uses.

It’s only a matter of time till it starts to show.

I’ve been using iseek.com for search. It’s AI not algorithm driven. So it behaves more like a true search engine. It’s still not perfect but, it’s way better than most search engines.

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This list of "illegal" words has not yet been revealed. These are called "Keyword Warrants". With "Keyword Warrants" the FBI is now actively targeting "thought crime" in the truest Stasi fashion. Trawling through Google's search history database enables FBI to identify people merely based on what they might have been thinking about said Jennifer Granick of the ACLU. This never-before-possible technique destroys the bill of rights and will inevitably sweep up innocent people, especially if the keyword terms are not unique and the time frame not precise. To make things worse, FBI are doing this in secret, which insulates them from oversight. There are currently several known instances where this has happened, and the scope on each was quite broad. We've entered a new reality in America: Thought Crime.

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I have seen it pop up every now and again on telegram. From people referencing it. It’s a mastodon instance. Just like quodverum is. Nothing spectacular. Well notwithstanding the absence of Saul. Lmfao.

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You guys still trust mike, 🤦

by Quelle
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I was being treated at the Mayo clinic for multiple sclerosis. They diagnosed me. Then, during my treatment consultation the neurologist asked about my vaccination status. I told him I would wait until studies specifically pertaining to auto immune diseases and the vaccines were completed before I would make a decision on getting vaccinated or not. We didn’t make it to the fucking parking lot before I got a message through the web portal that they were putting me on a permanent waiting list and had canceled all my following appointments. Cuz They are there to help right? They sure as shit didn’t have any problems using my insurance company for a quarter million dollars to diagnose me. But when it came to treatment, ahhh I could go fuck myself….

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Can confirm. I was there too. They were unloading from the vans before Trump was even on stage speaking. We were late getting to the National mall. We got off the subway right by the Capitol. There were MULTIPLE vans dumping black clad operatives half a block east of the Capitol. Then later, we saw multiple guys changing clothes by the bushes on the south west corner of the Capitol. Then after the speech, once the bulk of the speech crowd arrived at the steps, the cops threw the doors open and started blasting teargas canisters indiscriminately into the throng. While on the west steps with my party, someone about 10 ft behind me shot off what I initially thought to be a firework. Thought to myself, “that’s an antifa[aggot] move. We don’t use fireworks”. After it hung in the are and sizzled, I realized it was a SIGNAL FLARE. Just then, teams of guys dressed in tactical gear began streaming, single file with a hand on the shoulder in front of them, through the crowd and up the steps. Disappearing towards the doors.

The whole thing was a fucking setup. They will never release the videos. They can’t. They killed a girl on the steps. Ashlii wasn’t the only patriot murdered by the cops that day. Cops are not our friends. They honor their pensions above their oaths to the constitution.

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Back the blue?

The same blue that indiscriminately kill twice as many white people per year as Black people, even though they have 70 times more interactions with black people?

The same blue that doesn’t even have to give a statement for 10 days after they KILL AN UNARMED PERSON?

The same blue that arrests gym owners for exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to operate a business?

The same blue that arrests a man for jogging ALONE on a beach?

The same blue that will pepper spray a CHILD in the face while they sit in protest?

They are the brown shirts…

Nah, FUCK the blue.

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That is because he is of a class that is MOST despised by the democrats.

A brown dude that does NOT have his mouth around the Democrat entitlement cock…..

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“Interesting that everyone is quitting at Homeland Security. They know what a mess our Border is, and they will never be able to fix it. All they had to do is “go to the beach” and leave it alone—it was so good—the best in history!” - **President Donald J. Trump **

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Either that or timpo is drunk on all that fear porn YT cash.

I’m suspect of everyone that’s still monetized on YT.

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Mike…that professional carrot dangler.


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POSO is an intelligence operative.

Not sure if C_A or mossad.

But i don’t trust him. Or bannon. Or Lindell. Or dr frank. Or the professor. Etc…..etc….etc…..

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