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Love me some Tedley!

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My husband cured his gout with a shot of ACV, mixed with a shot of tart cherry juice every morning. Took about a week. I also did the shot, and felt a lot better in general.

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Heard the latest most ridiculous excuse (but not surprising) on the Chris Plante radio show.

It'S tHe AnTi-VaXxErs!! REEEEEE!

By spreading "misinformation" about the clot shots, we cause undue stress in those who choose to get jabbed. And all that stress, you know, causes heart attacks. KEK.

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sigh I so miss Rush. What he would be saying today with this clown show going on.

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Didn't Michael O. ban chocolate milk in schools because "healthy" or something?

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Another "study" brought to you by the Office of Statistical Distortion.

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So interesting. I followed him as soon as I heard (here of course) he is reinstated. Today, I had to click follow AGAIN, like I hadn't already done so. Very fishy.

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