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Empty words are the top export of the Republican party.

Also, his ugly wife works for Goldman Sachs.

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Correct. They are a cornerstone of Deep State faggotry.

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As a super handsome Gen Xr, it's hard not to see Mockingbird's concerted efforts over the decades to destroy God and thus, family.. They in fact had me believing it is the naive who believe in God. That is, Jesus is fairy tale the weak-minded hide behind.

And I guess that could have worked. But they got too desperate to hang on and exposed themselves as the total faggots they are. Consider, an unindicted JFK assassination co-conspirator by the name of George H.W. Bush was the Director of the CIA, ffs. After his father, Prescott Bush's failed coup in 1934! Would this faggot not be the worst direcotr of the CIA imaginable? He comes from a family of shadowy tyrants and bankers. It is obvious where these lizard and lizard children slithered away to. They are the foundation of the deep state that wishes to control us.

Joe Kennedy Jr. died in mysterious circumstances in WWII. Very mysterious - looks like the work of the CIA-precursor, the OSS faggots. Yet George H.W. Bush crash landed his plane safely away from the action on Iwo Jima to appear like a war hero. With his Avenger at the bottom of the sea, there is no evidence he was every shot at other than the words that come out of his faggot mouth. As bankers like Bush only got richer and richer from the bloodbath they created.

The Bushes are a menace to the world. I don't know what was exactly in the letters they got at McShitty's funeral. But I think I could sense the jist.

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Yep. But even beautiful women who aren't lib get convinced to fall for the whole anti-depressant/anti-anxiety subscription model that excels at creating patients, not cures. Sad.

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There are merits, it wouldn't have gotten this far without any.

Nope. You're wrong.

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9:30 Monday? Nope! I already know! ZERO CHANCE!

This Brunson thing diminishes the whole board. Dunning Kruger. You guys know nothing of actual legal procedure but opine like sages.

Cut the shit. It is a LOSER. Pray on something else.

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Robert Barnes is a bit of showman but his analysis on why this case has no fucking chance is spot on. If you have hopes they will be dashed. Focus on other things. Speaker battle is more promising.

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Sometimes a beaver is just a beaver. Sometimes a 17 is just a 17.

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Maybe bs. I hope he makes a 100% recovery. He is more powerful alive.

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Yeah they never closed like this before. Appeals is so backed up they like to kick causes out on technicalities after waiting over a year for a response.

Yeah... I am sooooooooo internet famous in the tax world. It's the best. I get my privacy because I'm still a nobody, but then I get to think of myself as famous.

So..dangerous to ask. Ginger powers are dicey. Can work out but man, when it goes wrong, it's ginger wrong. Which is sooo wrong. LOL.

Are you a preparer? Looking for remote work?

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I am a tax attorney who specializes in resolving IRS issues. I'm actually youtube famous. YES!!!

Why are you getting into an IA for a debt you don't owe? You sound to be a million miles away from anything detrimental happen. I'd wait for those morons to sort it out. I think you may be wasting your $250 on account of IRS incompetence. That will just create another complication those morons can't handle.

As long as you pay all the taxes you owe for 22 by April 17th, you won't be penalized. DM me if you need help.

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Or human DNA expels viruses as viruses are the result of and not the cause of disease.

I remember when this board had a serious problems with germ theory and the propaganda behind it. And that lasted 4 days. Is this board controlled opposition or just populated with the most distracted people ever?


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IDK ...maybe she is a moron but she does say that they should be tested to determine what they are. She goes on to speculate a bit. But she seems to understand she is talking theoretical, not observed.

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Fagboi Hebert Walker was first in line. What a coincidence.

The CIA killed Reagan's legacy with Iran Contra.

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A DC grand jury of Deep State faggots likely already indicted him.

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Far more people are dying in today's genocide. So yes, I notice how they need to keep the focus on what happened 80 years ago.

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