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Husband. Yeah no. I refuse to allow them to continue to debase the language with their invented claims of matrimony.

Faggot co-conspirator is a more part descriptor.

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There is important context you are missing. Marshall was a deep state puke.

This ruling was actually a coup d'etat, Marshall basically said the words of the Constitution don't matter. But rather, what matters is whether or not a judge feels a law is unconstitutional.

Later in McCullough v Maryland he held that just because the Constitution is silent about the powers doesn't mean the powers don't exist. His ruling is what laid the ground work for wait for it... a government chartered central bank.

If you hate the federal reserve you should despise Marshall.

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Correct. Republicans are total losers. COMPLETE TRAITORS. They love the tax code as it gives them favors to sell. Without the tax code, they don't have favors. Republicans would have no purpose. Yet because they are treasonous losers, they act like they are against the IRS. Ha ha. But the IRS is what makes them!

And the IRS has created a work around to this rule because it is so stupid. That is, the IRS refuses to follow the law!

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Wow. What an incredible foreign entanglement.

IDK...Stealing assets of claimed "bad men" to give them to known corrupt murdering thieves doesn't seem all that MAGA to me.

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We all have been programmed.

Tolerance and understanding for those still programmed is better than screaming.

For me, I must remember that I heard all the truther arguments starting in 2001. But I didn't want to listen to them. Because I wanted vengeance.

Against the wrong people of course.

That is the power of a false flag. It makes you so emotional you get everything 100% backward.

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My point is this. The Founders had a great sales pitch. But even Washington himself was a deep state cuck who secretly pushed the Articles of Confederation (which were fine) aside because he wanted more power. His secret group of Masons attacked the Articles of confederation to force a powerful federal government down our throats.

Washington's first law he signed was the Excise tax of 1791. Which included such a terrifying tax and terrifying enforcement that it lead to the whiskey rebellion. And then Washington invaded Pennsylvania with 12,000 federal troop to enforce a tax far worse than the British ever imagined. Washington was a full blown duplicitous hotheaded asshole. Washington DC is aptly named. And his monument is a masonic joke that he has a big dick.

While we have had good presidents, Jefferson, Jackson, JFK, Nixon, and Trump, they all were incredibly limited or betrayed by a deep state.

Worse, Republicans still consider Lincoln to be good. When he was by far the greatest tyrant we've ever had. Worse than even today.

I would love for America to become the founder's sales pitch. It never has been is my point.

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Peel may not be dealing with a full deck. She is inadvertently correct, however.

Title 26 of the US Code is what claims to be the income tax. It starts right here.


But reading it, it may seem off. And the reason is the tax code doesn't define what an individual is, other giving different tax rates for different marital statuses.

But what is an individual?

What about age? What if they are in utero? what about location? What about if the person is dead? what if they are permanently disabled? What about Puerto Ricans? what about visitors to the US for a week? A month? Six months? A Year? What about people who don't live in the US? What about a solider KIA? MIA? A POW? what about his widow? What about their children? what about someone in Guam? What about servicemen out at sea? What about subject to another country's income tax? What about foreign diplomats? The aides of foreign diplomats? The wife, the children of foreign diplomats? What about federal employees? Federal judges? What is an individual?

Rather, the regulations define what "individuals" are subject to the "Tax Imposed" by Title 26.

So technically Peel is correct. There is no individual income tax law. There are individual income tax regulations. And they are terrifying.

Our overbearing and tyrannical tax regulations could not survive an honest West Virginia v EPA analysis. No one voted for what we got. But boy did we get it.

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This is why I believe thew Holocaust DID happen.

Of course they would execute their own people. False flags are their best weapons. By executing their own people and in a horrific, wholesale manner they created a fictitious moral high-ground that went something like this: "Don't you believe Jews deserve their own homeland?"

There was no compelling emotional reason for a Jewish homeland in 1917.

But my how things changed oh so conveniently.

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Amazing how quick we go to kill kill kill.

Regrettably I was all aboard the let's kill Iraqis because 9/11. The people who missed the greatest terrorist attack somehow became credible experts on yellowcake

Then I realized who actually did 9/11.

Then I realized Iraqis are actually people, not vermin.

And a million were slaughtered during their "liberation."

There needs to be some serious atonement.

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Two viscous examples of cuckservatives in action:

• Instapundit.com

• Ace.mu.nu

These used to be my go to sites. Now I got to wonder if they are just controlled opposition.

Glenn Reynolds did go to Yale and Yale is CIA central. Ace I'm not sure his story, he just cucked out.

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It is still funded. The lack of funding just makes it more arbitrary and punitive for people that get in its crosshairs. Less people are impacted but those who are and don't have a top notch legal team can get blasted into oblivion.

It is cowardly as well. But limiting the IRS's power via legislation would require uniparty to give up its precious. Which it will never.

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Lincoln can be said to be more destructive than Biden. The country was destroyed. He was about to face a reckoning. It wasn't going to go well.

Conveniently, a long gunman was to blame. Meanwhile Secretary of War Edwin Stanton exonerated himself in Lincoln's assassination

Until Lincoln is properly regarded as a top enemy of the people, our Republic is screwed.

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