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The irony that the bottom horse looks like a dude in a wig with lipstick.

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I'm disappointed Ahlan Musk didn't make an appearance like MTG's speech.

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Can you imagine entering a business relationship with a vaxxie? I wouldn't want any directors or managers to be max vaxxed because I can't trust them to make rational decisions in times of adversity.

by BQnita
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Just enough for a moderate vaxxie circle jerk. By making it socially acceptable to refuse a Bivalent dose, they can pretend to be independent thinkers that weren't socially pressured into the first three. They are just "following the science". Time to shame vaxxies for not getting their boosters.

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Regardless, he is right. They'll ignore it. 90% of people won't even hear about it.

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They don't give a fuck. Dependant on the government cheese. Don't have kids to be murdered and raped; probably dream about Tyrone's BBC anyway. And wouldn't be drafted into WW3 anyway.

This demographic will do anything Biden asks. They are, in general, a cancer on this planet. Only way this gets fixed is economic collapse.

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Use a legible text colour please.

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Won't public funds for private schooling just turn private schools into public schools?

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Rats. I rather enjoyed complaining about stolen elections.

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