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She votes the way we want her too regardless of having a flawed private life

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Not particularly interested in any of them as VP. Granted it doesn’t really matter I suppose. I just want someone the deep state is terrified of. None of these fit the bill imo

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They screwed all Arizonans because of that …

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There are some things I like about amazon and don’t. I wish they would allow us to filter by country of origin. I would like to keep my dollars stateside for things I can’t find locally.

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Tree shaking. Seeing who will sell. There will be a portion that will, but there is a large contingency that wants to see wallstreet in manacles before they’ll sell. Who knows how much in either camp.

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If you haven’t been, and you’re worried about the current times. I suggest reading 5 psalms a day. You’ll finish in a month and you’ll see that even the blessed King David had many of our own concerns but never stopped crying out to God.

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Nothing is more stupid than this invention. The whole reason you want a gun to be mechanical is because you want it to go bang when you want it to, not when an electronic regulator calculates that you are good to go.

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One thing I’ve learned about meter reads is they will not do them typically they will just estimate favorably for themselves. At least in my case with my gas meter. They say they do reads but the numbers are always way off. Have to keep a log every day too because they don’t do “reads” at the same time of month.

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Charles Schwab reporting issues with trading DJT lol

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