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If their plan wasn't so rushed, they would be more consistent. As Dave X22 says, they will start to turn on each other.

Wakanda Whitehouse vs CDC

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The American part is usually assumed on this site and just about everywhere else on the internet.

Out of all the American paedophiles, only ones of a certain group get a certain escape plan as provided by another country.

If the comment were aimed at a global audience, maybe the user would say American Jews. But it's an American context.

Maybe this scheme doesn't apply to other dispora, and it's only in America this happens. But I doubt that anti-americanism unless proved otherwise.

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skip to 30m - 42m if you want highlights

mentions vaccines, special forces, government illegitimacy all in the tone of a boring work meeting

Also says the timing for this is sooner rather than later.

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Part 5 isn't about devolution, it's a document heavy way of proving the election oversight committee was run by the same people who stole the election.

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My assumption:

Fraud revealed, massed persuaded

Government refuses to stand down

Cycle repeats, until...

Military step in

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Look into browser extensions that change the words you don't like.

Relying on others to stick to your linguistic or moral codes online is a waste of energy.

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If you're right then Lin Wood's witness is a fake witness.

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Either Pence really is an evil child molester....or Lin Wood is incorrect.

Just don't think Lin Wood was chosen to tell ANY specific "white lies".

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I am as impatient as anyone else. But we have been told 13th August for the audit reveal (maybe).

And late August early September for the regime change.

If no momentum by mid August, then I will start to blow everything up just like the media has been saying.

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  1. Eric Q post is.... summer 2020
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Trump said he will be back by end of august. So did mike lindell.

Only pillow man said this, not Trump.

Trump is in charge of timing. It is going to come sooner or later. But agree with everyone who wants it sooner rather than later. I thought it was "by August" now it seems to be "by the end of August", if we are lucky.

China has to invade Taiwan, and it has to be in the summer. And they aren't waiting until next year. So surely before October it's all said and done.

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they must be climate change deniers

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the piratebay link has been confirmed to be a fake image. "jrlives" is part of a fake image.

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What's more likely, a tech giant sharing his social media password/being hacked, or a deadman's switch?

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